The government are the pedophiles, not just their apologists.

‘Huge sums of taxpayers’ cash were handed to child-sex perverts by Home Office officials , according to shock new claims revealed by the Sunday People.
A total of £70,000 is said to have been given to the Paedophile Information Exchange ­between 1977 and 1980 under Labour and then Margaret Thatcher’s first Tory government.
That’s worth more than £400,000 in today’s money. At the time PIE was pushing for the age of consent to be cut to FOUR.’

Paedophile Rings … And 10 Downing Street by David Icke

‘Savile was extremely close to the British royal family to whom he was introduced by the late Lord Louis Mountbatten, a paedophile himself, and he went on to have a close relationship with Prince Philip and Prince Charles – so much so that he acted as a ‘go-between’ during Charles’ bust-ups with Princess Diana.
It would be inexplicable that this very strange aging disc jockey would be so unbelievably close to the royal family – right in the inner sanctum – unless you knew what he really did for a living and that was procure children. The same is true of his equally close relationship with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher with whom he claims to have spent many Christmas dinners during her years in office.
It just so happens that the Thatcher government and Conservative Party in the 1980s was alive with paedophilia as will be the present Conservative administration because they always are. The same applies to the Labour and Liberal Democrat parties and their like around the world, including, no, especially, the Republicans and Democrats in the United States.’
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I was a town counsellor and we kept wondering how Peter Tatchell was getting money for gay marches
    and parades while those who wanted christian marches or hetersexual exhibitions in libraries, were told if you do we will prosecute you under racist ruling, Peter Tatchel is a vile evil man

  2. Anonymous says:

    The David Icke article claims that Jimmy Saville raped young girls, if you look at all the complaints the number of comlaints by boys is slightly ahead, but the number of compaints accepted, is almost all girls why ? dont boys count ?
    The israeli leader Menachem Begin i heard on conspiracy hour, was alsoa pedohile who had many small arab boys kidnapped raped and killed, it is known from the many leters found in all Jimmy savilles homes that he was a cxlose freind of Begin

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