Putin the Illuminati puppet who threw out his masters. Amnesty hoaxes used as excuses for wars.

Hi Tap, I have been taking advantage of the weather, & been doing some gardening, as I expect many others have so I haven’t had much time for Blogging. I have however started  the Post that will shelve this nonsense about the Jews Controlling The Vatican, any thing based on biblical references, can have a duality of interpretations, just like the prophases of Nostradamus,  covers all contingencies, but some will always be right, Any Jews that are involved will be Jesuit Jews.

What are we made of
There is only one thing that everything is composed of’, & that is Energy, which no one can dispute, though some have tried!
I own, & have read many books on The Occult, I have always found it a fascinating subject, & I have been interested in the various aspects, related to the Occult for many years. It gives an insight into the latent power which is available, that like most things may be used for Good or Evil Purposes. 
I have also studied Thought Form Energies, which took me into Synchronicity, & Carl Gustav Jung’s stuff, encompassing Synchronicity, & archetypes. I have also been interested in Parallel Universe Theories, & Time Travel.  Anyone with a technical background, couldn’t help but be interested in these aspects. In my opinion there is a Coalescence of Science, & Religion, when considering many of these aspects
I have never found these to be at odds with Theism, & my view of ‘G’ as the highest thing imaginable, which can only be Energy.
Everyone has heard of Pauli, so this might interest you.
As Pauli once stated Language is not suited for discussing such things
Pauli perhaps it is not so well known was closely associated with Jung
Wolfgang Pauli’s name appears repeatedly in the history of modern physics. His
name, attached to the exclusion principle, permeates texts in chemistry and atomic
physics. His principle also has a mysterious air, coming seemingly out of nowhere to
explain atomic phenomena with little further call for justification. How did it arise?
Where in a rational trail of history does it fit? What were the circumstances that led Pauli
to discover it?
Names of the founders of matrix quantum mechanics are mentioned, Werner Heisenberg,
Max Born, and Niels Bohr come to mind with an associated accomplishment.
Heisenberg created matrix mechanics, Born refined matrix mathematics and proposed a
statistical interpretation of quantum mechanics, and Bohr argued for his philosophical
perspective of complementarity. Pauli’s name, by contrast, is inseparable from the
history of matrix mechanics, but no clearly unique role for Pauli comes easily to mind
beyond that of his confusing exclusion principle.
Outside of modern physics, Wolfgang Pauli’s name appears again, this time in
discussions of the mystical psychology of Carl Jung. Pauli later was a colleague of
Jung’s in Zurich. When did this relationship start? What was the nature of their
collaboration? How did the highly rational physicist Pauli come to be associated with the
mystical psychologist Jung? Can one see in Pauli’s physics any relationship to Jung’s
psychology? Did Jung influence Pauli’s physics, and if so what are examples of that
influence? Why do physicists seem not to know much about Pauli’s relationship to Jung?
However, getting back to the more basic stuff, I thought perhaps this stuff would be of interest
It might not be what you think, I told you that Nuland was a Coadjutor

, A Mrs FIXIT, Female Warmonger

  quite recently but no one appeared to understand at the time, the links were there tying it all in The Jesuits Re-establish The Holy Roman Empire In Europe

                                    Who was it who said “WE ARE ALL JESUITS?”

                                     USA Caught Trying To Place Puppet Government in Ukraine with UN/EU Help

I have also stated in previous Posts that Putin kicked the Illuminati out, The Puppet who became the Puppet Master.

If he issues his own Money, then we know that the conflict is between The Vatican and The Orthodox Church, as I stated.
it does appear to be that way

(TAP – he hasn’t issued his own money yet, has he Wasp?  Even if he does, how do you know which is the feint and which is the main thrust?  Power games like wars are won by deception.)

Everyone appeared to think it was all about Stalin and Ivan The Terrible. why do I use the term “BRAIN DEAD” ?
If  anyone has to ask that question, then they will have given themselves the answer!
Biden, Kerry & Mc.Cain are JESUITS

Western donors firmly believe only democracies are capable of implementing the socioeconomic reforms necessary for development. In a guest opinion for the Council on Foreign Relations, retired Kettering Foundation program officer Julie Fisher discusses how NGOs can help democracy take root abroad, overcoming many challenges like the recent crackdowns in Egypt and Russia.

Although democracy brings no guarantees, there is growing global awareness that repressive systems of government are incapable of implementing the socioeconomic and environmental changes essential for the survival of humanity. Fortunately, frustrated citizens around the world are taking to the streets and demanding more honest, accountable, and democratic governance.

NGO documents plan Ukraine war (E35)

ownload video

 (94.76 MB)

NGOs caught forging documents for war, insider warns all NGOs infiltrated; ‘Independent military observers’ for EU-based group OSCE again turned away in Crimea, OSCE branded one more ‘vulgar instrument’ for foreign interests; and CNN buys the latest State Department hoax.
Seek truth from facts with Illinois University Professor of International Law and former Amnesty board member Francis Boyle; Infowars Editor Paul Joseph Watson; Eric Draitser of Boiling Frogs Post; Ron Paul Institute Executive Director Daniel McAdams; Ukraine protest organizers; Sliman Bouchuiguir, whose NGO fabricated the claims against Libya; and Asst. Secretary of State Vic Nuland.
Larry Diamond’s “National Endowment for Democracy” is funding at least dozens of Ukrainian groups they simply dub “pro-democracy”, and “human rights”. In fact, these groups’ websites call for assassination of political opponents. As one headline reads “He needs to be killed”.
Rioters have been handed out these instructions by a State Department-funded NGO called Canvas. Canvas made identical flyers in Arabic for US-backed protests in Egypt.
In fact, instructions with the NGO’s fist logo have been distributed wherever countries resist takeover by Wall Street.
F. William Engdahl, author of Myths, Lies and Oil Wars: They are going in every place since the end of the Cold War to destabilize regimes which offer resistance to this larger agenda, the globalization agenda, as Washington defines it.
RT: NGOs pay protesters $35 to turn up, notes the Foreign Policy journal, rising to hundreds for violence.
This protest organizer admitted how much US NGOs paid him, and their real target.
‘Dmytro’, protest promoter: 1 million bucks.
Interviewer: 1 million dollars?
Dmytro: Yes. Some smaller country like Belarus for instance, or Ukraine, and then we can get Russia.
When they seized power last week they began spraying swastikas and defacing synagogues with the words Death To The Jews, but using a more offensive word than Jews.
The book Ideal Illusions: How the U.S. Government Co-opted Human Rights found a State Department meeting chose the terms “human rights” and “democracy” as its perfect foil. Such broad terms could justify attacking anyone while Hollywood and media paint US as the model – despite by far the world’s largest prison population and far and away the world’s most appalling war crimes including the murder of millions in Iraq. Real or invented offences in target nations would be presented as symptomatic and requiring regime change, whereas far worse American violations are just, quote, “mistakes”.
In fact, the very term “human rights group”, notes the site Global Research, couldn’t be more false. Each US bombing campaign’s not just supported by NGOs. They have been the very instigators of the scams that push decision-makers to destroy human rights, and human lives, around the world.
Over 70 leading NGOs claimed Gaddafi had murdered 6,000 in Benghazi, the claim on which the UN approved intervention. After the war, where NATO killed even more people than the claimed attack, NGOs admitted it wasn’t true.

One of those signatories was Human Rights Watch, which told Obama to continue rendition, the practice of flying people to third-party states to strip them of rights.

The group claims the UN blamed the Ghouta chemical attack on Syria’s government – it was not even in the UN mandate to apport blame. And also regrets the US hasn’t bombed Damascus, on the grounds that it, quote, “fails to ensure justice”.

“Justice”, for Human Rights Watch notes the Ron Paul Institute’s Daniel McAdams, means NATO killing far more people than even the alleged attack.

Daniel joins us, great to see you. Why are “human rights groups” behaving like this?
Daniel McAdams, Executive Director, Ron Paul Institute: Well, you know what Human Rights Watch is kind of a pseudo-private intelligence agency. They often have people on the ground first and they are able to dominate the media coverage of an event they can inflate figures, they can deflate figures, depending on the position of US foreign policy.
This human rights organization that issued a report about Gaddafi was using jet planes to kill people and he’d killed 6,000, it was repeated the same way as gospel. As gospel. And then a very good French filmmaker named Julien Teil made a film where he interviewed the individual who was responsible for writing that report, a Libyan citizen, and he asked him where is the proof for your assertions, and he just looked at the camera, and said, “there is no proof.”
Sliman Bouchuiguir, Head of NGO responsible for UN resolution on Libya:

RT: In what Human Rights Investigations called a scandal of the first order the State Official who took NGOs’ Libyan hoax to the UN was rewarded with the chair of Amnesty USA.

Suzanne Nossel promptly made one of Amnesty’s big four campaigns a celebration of NATO bombing Afghanistan with the catchphrase: “NATO, Keep The Progress Going!” 12 years of Afghan war’s been a disaster, the UN’s relief chief warns increasingly men and women can’t even feed themselves let alone any other rights.

Political activist Eric Draitser joins us, great to speak to you. What’s going on?

Eric Draitser, writer, Boiling Frogs Post: Look at some of America’s wars to understand the way in which Amnesty International functions as a propaganda mouthpiece. If you look at the Amnesty International campaign with regard to Afghanistan, what do they put front and center – the “rights of women”. By putting it out there in that fashion they are acting to sell the war, the continued occupation of Afghanistan, to the American people, using the face of young Afghan women to justify what is a nakedly imperial war. This is the sad truth of what Amnesty International does. That Amnesty International, like the other NGOs, act as an appendage of United States foreign policy, they act as an appendage of finance capital.
RT: Congress authorized the First Gulf War by just five votes. Four of those members said they backed it due to an Amnesty report rushed through just before, that claimed Iraq soldiers were pulling babies off life support machines. Once war had been approved, Amnesty admitted it was a lie.
The resulting invasion was, quote, “indiscriminate” massacre of hundreds of thousands of civilians and soldiers, including a four-hour slaughter of thousands of defenseless fleeing people, one US pilot admitted, was like “shooting fish in a barrel.”
Amnesty board member Francis Boyle resigned after hitting a wall of silence on any approach to US, UK or Israeli war crimes; he joins us now, great to see you, can you give us a view from inside the organization?
Francis Boyle, Professor of International Law, former Amnesty board member: I was involved in trying to prevent their publication of the dead babies report on Iraq that was so warmongering. I couldn’t do it. Certainly, Amnesty works as an adjunct to the State Department.

Francis Boyle, Professor of International Law, former Amnesty board member: I was involved in trying to prevent their publication of the dead babies report on Iraq that was so warmongering. I couldn’t do it. Certainly, Amnesty works as an adjunct to the State Department.

The International Committee of the Red Cross, which tries to make it appear as if they’re the “high holy priesthood” of human rights movements – the ex-CIA agent Ralph McGehee he established they were penetrated by the CIA, I myself found them ferrying guerrillas in then-south Sudan to work against the government of Sudan. I sent them a demarche, they never bothered to respond.Likewise,Médecins Sans Frontières, again Ralph McGehee proving that they were penetrated by French intelligence agents. So I think it’s fair to say that that’s true for all of them.

RT: So what can nations do when they’re targeted by these NGOs?

Boyle: They should be expelled, yes, because they’re basically an arm of the United States government. So NED should be expelled, and the Republican Institute, which is also the Republican Party, they should be expelled too you can’t have agents of foreign governments running around promoting coup d’états and things of that nature. And the same with USAID they should be thrown out too we would never tolerate it here in the United States, except when it comes to the Israel lobby.
RT: When the State Department came up with its plan for “human rights” NGOs in the ’80s, historian James Peck notes the idea was they’d occasionally offer some toothless criticism of US policy, so the public would think they’re fair. Today they’ve given up any pretence of balance, cheering on violent neo-Nazis in Ukraine while simply fabricating lies and false provocations against US targets.
If history is any guide NGOs will do everything to turn Ukraine into international war. When the organizations tasked with preventing conflict are the ones provoking it, the world is in a dangerous place.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    back to common sense now.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Remember wasp we brain dead only have the mental capacity of amoeba.
    Your articles are far too long for us.

  3. Anonymous says:

    wasp is a one trick pony, no one reads his stuff becuase its all the same vatican catholicism jesuits etc yawn,
    Trollers are usually excluded and i have seen wasp voted off the site, yet he still gets on , how ?
    anyway, the government allows all these illegal immigrants to come in, them says ok landlords you are responsbile and we will fine you 1000 quid per go,
    how is that right or legal ?
    the government should stop them at source, it would save much crime and resources

  4. John Bull says:

    I reckon WASP is Benjamin Fulford in drag. LOL

    Seriously, though, when one attempts to read his diatribes one is asleep after two or three sentences they are that convincing.

  5. Nollidge says:

    Leave WASP alone!.He’s happy here.You don’t have to read him.And besides,he’s right on the matter of internationally acting bodies of all kinds being started/infiltrated/taken over by secret services of all the major countries.
    As far back as WW1,the Red Cross was used to ship money to the Bolsheviks.Amnesty are rarely,if ever,critical of Israel-I wonder why.

  6. Nollidge says:

    I just picked this up from


    Well worth reading.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Good article Wasp, thank you.

    Tap here are a couple of links that may interest you on …

    illuminati fulfilling biblical prophesy and the their next major plan


    Also …
    The illuminati protocols of Zion and the plot against Israel


    They are long documentaries but well worth the time.
    Each has several parts that are also available from those links

  8. wasp says:

    One Trick Pony: I think not!
    If you are capable of using Search Facilities, you will be aware I have contributed a great deal of information on a great deal of subjects that interest me, & I have retentive abilities that far exceed those, of a Gerbil with a Lemming Mentality.

    Your very statement shows you have a very limited perspective, & don’t possess, the intellect to understand the sort of subjects I give information on.

    Those who would label it diatribe, merely show their ignorance, To hide ignorance people try to make Smart Arse Comments. If you read the information you will see that there is far more in it than that related to Jesuits & Jews.

    This particular Video NGO’s for FREEDOM Went Viral. but in addition to that, the fact that Wolfgang Pauli, one of the most important Physicists, related to Quantum Theory, had a close working association with Carl Gustav Jung, should be of great interest, & further shows the coalescence, between Quantum Physics & Psychology, exemplifying what Feynman stated, “THERE ARE NO BOUNDARIES IN NATURE, PARAMETERS ARE MAN MADE.

    The fact then that in addition to Wolfgang Pauli, the names of Werner Heisenberg, Max Born, Niels Bohr, & Paul Dirac, are referred to in the content of the Letter, is sufficient to include it as a serious document.

    It is always much wiser not to show you are a Vacant Vessel.

    The the mixed content, of this Post, does, however, appear not to have fallen entirely on Stoney Ground!


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    Keep us informed Nollidge, with your University education you may be able to make sense of the information.
    We are only empty vessels full of nothing.
    That’s not logical is it, we must have some nollige, that’s not right either, my amoeba brain is tired.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I’m with Wasp on this one.

    Non governmental Organisations (NGO’s)being displaced in countries all over the world. 27 countries freedoms have declined in the past year alone due to the crackdown on these kind of organisations. We are one of them.
    The dictators are covertly taking over

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    I had a gerbil once, it was always finding holes to crawl into, more often than not it was under the floorboards.
    I suppose it was a one trick gerbil similar to wasp.
    In the end I got rid of it, everybody gets fed up of one trick tricksters.

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