Project Camelot digs out more detail on MH370 disappeared engineers

Plane had been detained in an underground base, and was on its way back to China.

Was there an inter-company dispute going on over crucial patents? The engineers on board actually owned the patents. Was this a way to stop the patents getting into the hands of the Chinese? Who owns Freescale – formerly Motorola? This interviewee mentions the Rothschilds.

 Motorola (Freescale) had already sold a lot of technology to China.

Somehow Israel is involved, yet there is nothing in the news about that.

Appalling quality of sound from the interviewee.  His kit must be very elementary which is a shame for such an important interview.  Why didn’t they check out the settings?  I’m in a room with TV watched by kids and wife cleaning up around me. Almost impossible to hear the detail.  maybe I’ll try later.  Leave comments if you get some juicy details after listening.  Thanks.

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3 Responses to “Project Camelot digs out more detail on MH370 disappeared engineers”

  1. Anonymous says:

    i used to follow project camelot but then there was a lot of spam emails saying they were liars communists and fakes
    i have not watched them since, was i right ? i am still not sure
    Brenda Collins

  2. Anonymous says:

    Come on. All they have to is ask Snowden what happened to the flight. He knows everything that happens on planet earth.
    This incident has all the characteristics of another psyop. And speaking of Snowden, are there no photographers in Russia? Odd how he has never been photographed going about his daily routines.

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