Paedophile MPs get away with it again

Paedophile MPs are mocking British law

AS a supporter of anti-child abuse initiatives, including calling for a full investigation into institutional paedophilia over the past four decades, I have been particularly interested in the events of the past week.

INSIDIOUS Parliament is encircled by paedophile rings influencing our societyINSIDIOUS: Parliament is ‘encircled by paedophile rings’ influencing our society [PA]
To recap: ­Labour Party members Harriet Harman, her husband Jack Dromey and their  colleague Patricia Hewitt have been at  the centre of a media frenzy for their alleged links to the Paedophile Information Exchange, which campaigned to legalise sex with children in the Seventies.

Naturally, I found their reported connections to PIE disturbing when I first happened upon this information, which is why I wrote about it in the Sunday Express last May.

The reason I did, and why I will now return to the subject, is simple.

In October 2012, MP Tom Watson stood up in the Commons and addressed the Prime Minister. He told David Cameron that he had become aware of rumours of paedophile rings which “encircled parliament” and had done so for decades and he then asked for this to be investigated.

The Prime Minister agreed and Operation Fairbank (later evolving into Operation Fernbridge) was duly launched.

Since Mr Watson’s pronouncement, we have witnessed the arrest of a Catholic priest, two unnamed workers associated with a children’s care home and a sorry display of Seventies light entertainers and present-day soap stars who have been ­paraded before the public and the courts to answer varying charges of abuse from paedophilia to groping.

Most of the charges have been dismissed due to lack of evidence that comes when reporting historic abuse. There have been scant convictions save for the former TV presenter Stuart Hall.

However what we have failed to see, and they have been glaring by omission, are any arrests pertaining to parliamentary paedophiles.

For this reason I have been perturbed by the recent focus on Ms Harman et al by the media, including the BBC, which continues to insist that this issue is about one newpaper’s battle with the Labour Party.

It was no more acceptable to support “paedophile rights” in the Seventies than it is now, even though apologists keep ­suggesting it was part of the “liberated landscape”.

The truth is, there is a bigger issue within the Establishment. Over the past 17 months I have interviewed many survivors of child abuse.

I have heard stories of satanic ritual abuse, a significant factor in many paedophile rings, at the hands of household-name parliamentarians past and present
I have recorded ­testimonies from a number of adults who have implicated former MPs, from all parties, as their abusers.

I have heard stories of satanic ritual abuse, a significant factor in many paedophile rings, at the hands of household-name parliamentarians past and present.

I have listened to claims of acts so obscene, so grotesque, borne out by the physical as well as mental scars many of these survivors carry, that to hear them relay their experience has left an indelible image in my mind and no attempt to erase the details has been successful.

One problem of a Parliament dogged with paedophiles and their sympathisers is that those MPs my interviewees have named are attempting to foist their warped ideology on our society.

In their roles as representatives of our nation, they continue to align themselves with focus groups and ­individuals who want to significantly lower the age of sex­ual consent, just as Ms Harman apparently did decades ago with the National Council of Civil Liberties and PIE.

I know about these supporters because I have publicly taken to task a number of them over the past year or so in print and on TV and radio.

They include academics and lawyers and they have forcefully joined the call to legalise child sex.

Far from “protecting children who wish to explore”, as these apologists claim, it would make youngsters more vulnerable to the advances of predatory paedophiles who wish to satiate their desires while ­escaping scot-free because if it is legal to have sex with a child, then there will be no abuse case to answer to, will there?

The truth is, paedophilia is not a political issue but a moral one. It has no affiliations based on gender, background, cultural inheritance, wealth and religious or political persuasions.

It permeates every area of our society and not just the preserve of stereotypical dirty old men in raincoats.

After the Kirkwood Report was published in February 1993 into the management of children homes and Frank Beck’s child abuse, Leicestershire Council gave their response. . 

Primarily the childrens homes involved with Beck were Ratcliffe Road, Leicester; The Poplars, Market Harborough; The Beeches, Leicester Forest East; and Rosehill 

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9 Responses to “Paedophile MPs get away with it again”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dont Forget Esther Rantzen wa srunning child line and scores of complaints went in to child line
    and Jimmy Saville and others and these were just ignored, some even complained direct to Allan Yentob still nothing done, Margaret Hodge was closely allied to PIE and with Pat Hewitt and harriet harman and she was in childrens minister and nothing, Peter mandelson was director of the NSPCC and would not answer mail on the subject, now every single one of these was jewish which is why people keep saying
    jews should not be in positions of trust,

  2. Anonymous says:

    Simon Cowell gave 50 grand to defend each of the jewish abusers of boys,jonathan king publicy acknowledged this, the only jew not covered with defence was paul gadd ( Gary Glitter )who went for girls.
    in jewish law its not wrong to abuse kids especially boys

  3. Anonymous says:

    I nsee Peter Tachell has denied he benefitted personally to the money flooding in to PIE, then he admits hes lived with a 16 year old boy.
    When Dennis Nilsen the mass murderer was caught he had pamphlets on PIE and photos of boys at his home,he also belonged to the same political left wing group as Tatchell and one wonders how well he knew this vile creature Peter Tatchell.

  4. sovereigntea says:

    Simon Cowell was given a job by his dad as an A&R man at EMI run by “their satanic majesties”. Consider the time frames Max Clifford, Jimmy so vile,Johnathon King, Stringfellows and who supplied some of the show biz party guests although specific mention was made in the media that no drugs or underage people were supplied. Consider the body language of Cowell when he is around women does he look comfortable ?

  5. sovereigntea says:

    Husband of Hodge also PIE connected. Harman who is a lawyer by trade and thus well aware of the precise meaning of words at best ignored the stated intent of PIE. The clue is in the name. Harman is guilty as charged anyone protecting her or the others bears equal guilt. PIE and its apologists are aware of the use of kiddy fiddling to psychologically demoralise, dominate and reframe “values” as part of a covert military attack on the psyche of the British people. See them for what they are traitors the enemy within.

    Tavistock !

  6. sovereigntea says:

    The Tavistock Agenda?

    Emery elaborated these concepts in his 1976 article in Tavistock’s magazine Human Relations, entitled, “The Next Thirty Years: Concepts, Methods, and Anticipations” and in his 1975 book “Futures We Are In”. In the latter he outlined three stages of a process:

    1) People would “lose their moral judgment”
    2 ) next, ” segmentation ” – societal disintegration – would begin, in which the individual’s focus moves from the regard for the nation-state to a preoccupation with the local community or family; and finally,
    3) “disassociation” would set in, “a world in which fantasy and reality are indistinguishable”, in which the individual becomes the mere ‘societal unit’. Emery called this final result “Clockwork Orange” after the Anthony Burgess novel, in which habitual, random violence by gangs of youth is the order of the day, while adults retreat to their television sets and other forms of “virtual reality”.

    A Retreat From Reality?

    For example: What level of public reaction involving parents of young children, occurred when the ‘discussion’ paper “Sexual Offences Against The Person” prepared by the Model Criminal Code Officers Committee of the Standing Committee of Federal, State, and Territory Attorneys General proposed to lower the age of sexual consent to the age of ten, and to “allow” incest involving children above the age of 10? So far hardly a ripple, have these young parents also retreated before the onslaught?

    Is Tavistock Over-Confident?

    In 1980, Trist looked back at the last two decades of the assassinations of the Kennedys, Martin Luther King, the Vietnam War, the Oil shocks, the Iranian hostage crisis, etc. and announced that the process that Tavistock had predicted, had indeed begun, and would now accelerate.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Well we now know the real truth behind the “flowery/trendy” arguments in favour of freer controls or removal of controls relating to almost every aspect of our lives. It began when the cinema censor (trevelyyan) was axed in the interest of progressivism with the subsequent and ever degenerating levels of porn being available to almost anyone of any age. The music industry and movies as a result of the “flower power” revolution and every other supposedly progressive course we have accepted and which collectively have systematically corrupted and dumbed many of us to the point that people have become inured to the sight of violence and brutality, smug in relation to the suffering of others and worst of all we have continued accepting the deceptions our “ruling class” have practiced upon us for generations.

    These cover-ups need to be increasingly and very vocally confronted and exposed along with those we know to have been guilty.

    Why is no-one willing to ask why the likes of greville janner, leon brittan, (and too many to mention here) are not in custody today. We the people cannot be fooled any longer and all the blazing show trials and media fanfare relating to a few jaded, past sell-by-date dj’s and other minor showbiz ppl will not suffice. We want the politicians and judges, the bent coppers and free masons and oh yes those “royal” fiddlers as well!!

    twine the ropes and sharpen the pitchforks for the days of accountability are coming!


  8. Anonymous says:

    Read Lynnett Barrows ..The Rainbow connexion …………….Oxford press .was 17years ago i read this and if you can find it its very interesting …Oh and true…..

  9. Anonymous says:

    Oh, excuse me, I doubt anything Ms Andrea Davison should be regarded as factual. The interview with Sonia Poulton named not one person and Davison only dribbled on about archived and historical press released evidence.

    However, the facts are, Davison fled the UK because since 1991 to 2012 she and her cohorts in Bangor, London, Thailand, Cyprus and Panama were running a massive Fake Document boiler room Factory for fraud and DIRECTLY linked to the George Abrue Spanish boiler room gang and convicted fraudster GRAHAM MILLS running with other criminals in THAILAND who then set up web sites for ANDREA DAVISON who then fronted fake companies to launder the stolen WONGA.
    PRINT FACTS not tales of NARNIA

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