Nigel Farage – There’s a chance for peace

Farage standing against endless wars.  The EU used to claim it was designed to bring peace. Now look at them, all out for war.  ‘There’s a chance for peace,’ he says.

I love the bit ‘ why don’t you shut up?’ to the former PM of Belgium.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Tap – we know you are going to vote for UKIP. Quit the party politic propaganda. Farage is in BED WITH MURDOCH. Look at all his appearances on FOX News in the USA.

    From the Huffington Post

    Nigel Farage told Rupert Murdoch at a private London dinner he would form an electoral pact with the Conservative Party if David Cameron quit as prime minister, it has been reported.

    According to the Daily Telegraph, the Ukip leader met the News International chairman for a “secret” meal on Tuesday, the pair’s first meeting, in the wake of the Eastleigh by-election which saw Farage’s eurosceptic party push the Tories into third place.

    The newspaper reports that Farage told Murdoch he would work with the Tories to defeat Labour in 2015, as long as the prime minister was no longer the party’s leader.

  2. Tapestry says:

    I haven’t voted since 2001 actually when I stood for UKIP and made leaflets and posters for Nigel Farage. Partly as I’ve been out of the UK.

    Murdoch is the governor of Britain. Farage will not stand a chance unless he talks to the cabal that runs the world. He stood against war in Syria and paid a heavy price in the media as a result. It is great to hear him attacking the endless war-making in the EU Parliament. It could all be false theatricals to win votes, as was Cameron. How will we know? What other course of action is available to us? It’s taken 20 years for UKIP to come from nothing to 12-18%. There’s a chance of some progress. UKIP could well be penetrated by MI5 as well. Despite all the negatives, there might be some progress.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The level of debate re-Syria was degenerate. Aside from Farage, who is intelligent enough to question the official baloney re-Assad using chemical weapons the MEPs seem appallingly ill-informed.

    The idea of the Baroness Ashton woman “sitting pretty” is a tad difficult to imagine it has to be said. This preposterous woman was later lauded to the skies by the mainstream media for brokering a peace deal in Syria…

    Anyone who doubts that Ashton and the rest of the MEPs are anything other than Zionist sock-puppets needs their heads examined!

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