Music at 432 Herz. Can you feel the difference?

The music industry stopped publishing music at 432 hertz, the previous standard which is a clean multiple of 8 hertz, the frequency that human beings function at.

The conversion to 440 hertz was intended to make music less able to cure and destress us.  See here the effect of the two wavelengths on water chrystals, the main component of the human body –

UPDATE – Beware!  I sat and listened to 432 Hz music for one hour.  I felt gentle tingling in my feet and fingers and head throughout the session, starting on the left side in the foot, and spreading from there.  I then collapsed into a long daytime sleep.  It might be best not to try this out in a car or before going to work!  The effects can clearly be very powerful.  (after flying 16 hours I should add – and having peripheral neuropathy, maybe my reaction to healing music is not typical!)

Here’s what we’re all missing. Can you feel the difference? Your subconscious mind will be able to, even if your conscious awareness is for some reason not instantly seduced by these sounds.

Why do the world’s controllers not want us to connect with each other via music, at the wavelengths we will most enjoy?  I think we know the answer to that question, or at least we are getting closer to being able to answer it.  Music is their weapon of control over us, not a device for making us more able to be what we are capable of being.  432 herz is a harmonic of our own rhythms.   440 hertz is a discord that jars, and doesn’t allow us to fully relax.

If this music isn’t your cup of tea, search the internet for music at 432 herz.   Listen only to that in future, and find a new calmness you couldn’t attain beforehand.

Targeted wavelengths are being broadcast secretly to stir up negative emotions where governments desire to create warfare, depression or panic.  This is one way you can fight back against the control system.  Once you understand the extent to which human emotion can be manipulated using subliminal electromagnetic broadcasts, you will be able to lessen their effects, and rise above the levels they want us driven down to.


COMMENT – (one or two interesting ones)

I highly recommend this album:
Very calming and healing.

Thanks, Tim.  Shame about the Saturnic emblem on the album’s front cover, and the claim to be copying religious music i.e. Saturnic/Archontic control systems.  For what it’s worth

Why not try this one instead…..

To receive music free of control influences, I’d make your own selections and use your own judgement, not buy packages.  Nothing is to be trusted any more, except your own powerful instincts.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    it should be 432 Hz . . . not MHz . . which is UHF – was changed from 432 to 440 some time back to suppress the beneficial effect of solfeggio tones on the human body . . . somes cathedral organs remain tuned to that but modern instruments are not . . .

  2. Anonymous says:

    if you would like to easily hear the 440 or 432Hz tone goto:-

    folk can only hear between 20 to 20,000 Hz


  3. Anonymous says:

    I run we are aware of the effects of music and play the positive and uplifting kind all the time.we dont play anything with negative lyrics and have been complimented by musicians. we believe in building up peoples lives not tearing them down the world is full of that already.Dj Expat

  4. Anonymous says:


    I highly recommend this album:

    Very calming and healing.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Ever since the 1917 communist takeover in Russia, Britain was known as the main adversary
    it was the top target for a communist takeover for breaking up the UK filling with immigrants and massive asset stripping.
    After W W 2 the main adversary was the USA because Britain was deemed finished, as Lord Rothschild led his traitors to fight Germany and asset strip and destroy both both England and Germany, for communism and the bankers.
    So for Britian W W 2 was a grave mistake, our real enemies all along were the Russian jew/communists.
    The most popular prime minister ever Neville Chamberlain knew we should not be fighting our fellow Anglo Saxon brothers and after a 4 year secret study of Third Reich aims and goals declared he did not want another Churchill war with them, So churchill had him murdered, along with intelligence chief Vernon Kell and George VI who said he would not allow his people to be taken in to another war, Edward VIII was slid out of favour under the Mrs Simpson affair, that he had relations with several married women before did not matter, mrs Simpson was the excuse to be rid of a peacemaker.
    Recent releases of several highly secret papers show that Britain was hijacked by Churchill and the jews and led into another war,
    because although initially Adolf Hitler was the golden boy and was was prepared to stand up against the march of communism,
    when Hitler took back the economy from the jewbankers, the bankers then Bribed Churchill for 150,000 pounds and Roosevelt 3 million dollars to take us to war on a pack of lies, to justify what we did and the Holocaust story was then imposed on the people.
    It has only just come to light with these new documents just how many people hated Churchill and were opposed to a war on Germany, and how the British Government ruthlessly tackled this problem.
    Those people who wanted to keep the old British culture and British ways and not enter a war were known as the resistance, and if we look at what the Churchill jewbankers have done to the country since W W 2 we can see they were right, this resistance to
    communism still shows in groups like the National Front and slightly in UKIP.
    The one thing that Rothchild and his evil cohorts did not want in Britain is what happened in Germany, the government printing its own money, without payment to Rothschild and his jewbankers, so this must be our first step, to reclaim our finances, re print the Bradbury pound, then re-take our borders, then re take our country, piece by piece, the English resistance is coming of age, wait for it
    because we want our country back.

  6. Tapestry says:

    Bahamas Soul, why don’t you get a converter and alter the music, the majority of which is recorded in 440 Hz and send it out in 432 Hz. the effects of your good work would get a lift.

  7. Anonymous says:

    who wrote that fabulous piece about the british resistance ?
    that just about sums it up dont it boys ?
    Brian P

  8. Anonymous says:

    The 6 Tones of Creation
    Gods Healing Frequencies

    These are the sounds of the 6 tones (solfeggio) of nature…
    396 hz
    417 hz
    528 hz
    639 hz
    741 hz
    852 hz

  9. Anonymous says:

    Music and the entertainment industry are two of the most important tools the Illuminati use against humans. 440 HZ is the militarization of music. Now of course, they are using cell phone towers to send out brain altering frequencies, like 110 HZ which cause the intellectual side of the brain to give way to the emotional side, which makes the masses better slaves.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Anon 3.46…
    Good point but there is also a positive side to this..
    When the elites have managed to mind alter the masses onto the yoga mats we will all be in a mental state of complete bliss and acceptance while the elites continue to fight over land and blow each other to smitherines.
    Seeing as the masses will be all slaves there will be no need for money so wealth will be measured by land and power and seeing as under a OWG there will be only one leader over all the countries his only opponents he will have to fight off will be his own fellow men “Elites”.
    Thereby – greed ends up destroying itself.
    Assuming of course that they are wearing protective brain gear to prevent themselves being hit by mind altering waves , if not, they too will be on the yoga mats with the rest of us)

  11. Nollidge says:

    This changeover from 432hz to 440hz was instituted just before the outbreak of WW2.As I recall,the Rockefellers and/or their foundation had a hand in it.

  12. Anonymous says:

    listen to the early Beatles, they recorded in 432hz! No wonder they were/are popular.

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