MH370. Circumstances prove the Maldives sighting legit. Pilot had Diego Garcia programmed into his simulator.


stedra rulz said…
I don’t like the description of the Maldives plane. It should be white and grey with a red stripe on the fuselage. There is no mention, it would seem, of the colour blue.

Also, Did they see red stripes forward of the engine nacelles? That is the Malaysian flag painted on the fuselage.

Nollidge said – 

Stedra:- the airplane was flying at night.Balieve it or not,visual observance at night is quite difficult.& the Maldive islanders don’t go to classes in aircraft recognition.They have other things to concentrate on.


March 19 2014


Here is the main argument against, and it’s dirt simple to skewer.

The prevailing argument against the Maldives sighting is the fact that the Maldives are slightly off course for Diego Garcia. But there is an enormous hole in that argument –
The reason why the plane was taken over the Maldives is because Iran, Russia, India, and many other nations have warships occasionally frequent the Indian Ocean, and there are also many oil tankers and other shipping vessels. Flying over one of those would be far worse than flying over the Maldives, where people are simple, sparse and isolated from the rest of the world.
ALL COMMERCIAL AND ALL MILITARY SHIPS ARE EQUIPPED WITH RADAR. The radars are more limited than ground based radars, but the ships still have them. On top of this, ships are going to be staffed with people more capable of making observations. The path flight 370 took would have been a tradeoff of distance and risk of being seen and recognized. So the Maldives was the obvious best choice of routes.

I see the Maldives route as absolute proof of a U.S. military hijacking of flight 370 for the forementioned reason, and another huge one, which is –

Eyewitnesses said the plane was LOUD, and they were able to get out of their homes and see it before it was gone. There’s a huge problem with that – to meet airport regulations, 777 aircraft, which are modern, are also very quiet. But fighter jets are extremely loud. They are not quiet because they go supersonic, and even at subsonic speeds, any airplane that can fly at supersonic speeds cannot be quiet.

Subsonic planes which can be quiet, such as the 777 use an airfoil shaped wing to stay aloft. An airfoil produces a negative pressure on the top of the wing, and the plane literally gets pulled into the sky by vacuum pressure built up on the top of the wing. But as soon as supersonic speeds are approached, an airfoil won’t work because the vacuum pressure region moves towards the back of the wing, and at too high a speed the wing no longer generates lift and the plane will drop like a rock.
Supersonic planes use pressure on the bottom of the wing to generate lift, and if they also need to have performance, there is no way a plane of this design can ever be quiet. Rather than lift their way into the sky, they punch their way into the sky and the engines have to be very powerful and be revved hard for enough force to be generated to keep them aloft even at subsonic speeds. This along with size to performance considerations makes them very loud.
Even if flight 370 had been loud, it likely would have been there and gone before anyone got out of their house to see it. But if a cloaked fighter jet was in front of it as an escort, and a cloaked fighter jet was behind it, the people would have heard them and been out of their homes on time to see only what was not visibly cloaked – flight 370. And since flight 370 would have been the only thing visible to simple people, all noises would get blamed on it regardless of where they originated in the sky.
The extremely loud noise basically check mates the sighting, it’s legit. Flight 370 was electronically hijacked and flown over the Maldives to avoid being sighted by whoever was out on the ocean and received escort from two or more visibly cloaked fighter jets.

THAT is my FINAL ANSWER with regard to the Maldives sighting.

Troy sent:

This is becoming almost a cartoon. Does anyone need any more convincing? Fake pics, lame stories, bodgy interviews, the whole world’s airforces looking for a plane, or a wreckage (I bet they’re not. If anything is found, this will only be in accordance with the plot). Now the profile of the pilot. What a caricature! First, his morals are brought into question, then we find he’s a political Islamist, who left his wife a day before the disappearance. Now we see him in a T-shirt with “Democracy is dead” emblazoned across the front. I wonder what it will be when they “confiscate” his home computers. Whatever it is, we’ll bloody hear about it and it will confirm what they want us to believe. As for the Iranian link – it comes through Islam. They will probably link the pilots to the two Iranians on false passports – you know, the guys with the same legs.

It’s funny how you can trawl the mainstream media and all their knowledgeable speculation doesn’t even mention the isle of Diego Garcia – the British-owned isle that serves as a US military base. Not only does it fit the purpose, it’s well within the flight circumference of the plane, and it was where the plane was headed when they picked up those final beeps. Yet in the “alternative” media, everyone’s asking why they don’t search that island. They have hangars there, and they have all the tools necessary to whatever they want to that plane – dismantle it, load it up, re-direct it to a target – you name it.
Oh, right – that’s probably why it hasn’t rated a mention in the mainstream media.
My comment: The plane was probably re-fueled, given the peacetime transponder signal of a U.S. military cargo plane, painted green and flown out of Diego Garcia the same day. It’s not there any more, and is likely to re-appear as a brightly painted lone charter plane from “Allahu Akbar” airlines with their maiden destination being the Sears tower or Petronas towers. And what about that nuclear conference at the Hague? Another good target.
March 18 2014

Longsoon Hijack


I have no doubt that America intentionally stole Chinese engineers and technology via the theft of flight 370 as a precursor to World War 3. And I think the U.S. was in Ukraine to secure that territory as a precursor as well, and Russia did not play as nice as the cabal thought they would. But the theft of flight 370 indicates to me that they are going to proceed as planned despite Russia’s reaction, with whatever they have.

Events leading up to World War 3 are playing out. Flight MH370 was a major piece of the puzzle in this, but more importantly what is going on in Ukraine may be the trigger.
I see the American invasion of Ukraine as a finishing and very blatant step towards getting a strong pro-western presense there for the purpose of staging a war with Russia. Prior to the CIA running it’s psy ops, Ukraine was solidly pro Russian, with over 70 percent of the population of Ukraine supporting re-annexation to Russia and the numbers remain overwhelmingly in favor of Russia. This was strongly reflected in the 95 plus percent vote in Crimea in favor of re-annexing with Russia. These people were around in the Soviet era, which means that Russia could not possibly have been as bad to them in recent times as we have been led to believe (though the now long gone Bolsheviks murdered up to 70 million people there).
It is my belief that this swing of Ukranian opinion back in favor of Russia has been caused by three main factors, which are 911 and the wide spread knowledge among thinking people that the Bush/Israel clan in fact did it, the NSA ripping it’s way into everything private everywhere in the world (the people of Ukraine are no doubt upset and concerned about this) and the now well known meme of false flag terror really being done by the CIA and Mossad. America now is obviously to the world the great evil empire that stops at nothing to get it’s way, in a way far worse than the world EVER had to deal with from the former Communist bloc. This no doubt turned eyes in a favorable direction towards Russia, and it has reflected strongly in the polls.

American aggression in Ukraine has not done much for American image either. The people of Ukraine are none too happy with the stooge government that was ushered in as a result. Re-joining Russia would go a long way towards fixing that problem.
It is well known now that the CIA and Blackwater had snipers and other “soldiers of fortune” in Russia killing people on both sides of the issue, to make them fight each other and allow an American sponsored government to rise in the wake and take Ukraine over. And neither Russia nor the Ukranian people are happy about that. Russia definitely belongs there, defending it’s door step from obvious aggression and only the American sponsored government wants them out. It would bode well for Ukraine to have the Russian military throw the stooges out.
As a surprise to me, (and I really did find it surprising,) America responded to Russia doing what was obviously right with threats of escalation and war. Arrogance has no bounds I guess. Thus far the arrogance has resulted in only sanctions. Perhaps because Russian media got fairly bold and began talking about how Russia could turn America into radioactive ash.
How much will American sanctions affect Russia?

Perhaps not as much as Russian and Chinese sanctions would affect America. Russia and China do not need the American dollar to stay afloat. They have their own currencies and a good enough alliance to keep life pretty much normal without America even existing.But if Russia and China and the rest of the BRICS nations dump the dollar, America’s “dollar,” the private banker dollar, could well end up crashing. And a crashed bankers have a favorite way of fixing problems – huge wars.

And this is where flight MH370 enters the picture

Long ago, China knew America was into hacking everything, and one outcome of this was the Longsoon Yeelong laptop, which ran a Chinese operating system on a Chinese processor. China knew so well that the NSA had back doors into everthing long before Snowden that they copied an American processor and tried to produce it sans back doors. And it all worked and ran quite well and securely. I had a chance to buy a new one in 2012 but at the time did not know what it was so I passed it up. Too bad. But because I actually saw one I now know China has secure and fairly modern computing that the NSA would love to blow a few back doors into. In this area China probably beats Russia.

The hijacked plane had more than just 20 freescale employees, it had many other Chinese experts aboard and now that everything is washed out, the kidnapped engineers worked data security and little else. Since the U.S. does practically nothing militarily without first getting absolute information superiority, they nailed that plane which was unusually full of key people for the sole purpose of getting the NSA back into a position of completely raping Chinese data and regaining total information superiority. This would be badly “needed” before kicking off world war 3 with China being a key “threat” (a little inverted there), and the window of opportunity is short. They have got to quickly extract information from the engineers and launch their war before China can plug any holes that get opened. THAT is why the disappearance of flight 370 is so important, and why Diego Garcia is NEVER EVER MENTIONED in the MSM.
I believe there is a war on the horizon. Russia has thus far shown an even temper (too much so) and China is saying nothing. How long will that last? Well, a search for a “missing” plane is a great opportunity to stage all your military assets for battle is it not? A great reason to send various nation’s militaries to what could soon be a conflict zone, is it not? Consider that.

Take a look at this cute little Iframe. This was so good I embedded it. FLIGHT 370 WAS SPOTTED BY RESIDENTS OF THE MALDIVES ISLANDS ON THE WAY TO DIEGO GARCIA.

Mark Wrote:

So let me get this straight. A fly by wire capable jet goes missing. It is on one course, turns and goes in almost the opposite direction on a heading which would take it to the US base at Diego Garcia. The plane has 20 technology nerds aboard who happen to work for China designing “classified” leading edge computer/internet control software and are carrying the matching hardware with them on the plane. They are heading to Beijing with all the others. We are shown pictures of muslim looking men as if they are on the plane….setting up the expectation that the plane has been hijacked. Convenient story line so far.

While we are down the rabbit hole this far, lets go all the way. The jet lands by wire at Diego Garcia, the appropriate hardware and software is offloaded as are the nerds. Interrogation proceeds and all the “secrets” you would want to gain from this “intervention” are gleaned from the assets. You now load everyone back on board the plane and have it take off headed back to where it was supposed to go and at 35,000 ft altitude it implodes/explodes and the debris field is now found. How they missed it in the beginning is a mystery. But the western mindset is already prepared to believe that all things eastern and “Malaysian/Indonesian/Muslim” are barely able to tie shoelaces let alone search an ocean.
So what do you think so far? “Am I right or am I right” spoken in the voice of the nerdy insurance salesman “Ned” in Groundhog Day.
America/Obama gets the information that they want, who cares if a bunch of innocent people have to die (Obama -“I am pretty good at killing people.”) and more lies per minute have to fly to cover this huge piece of cow manure over.
My response:
Yep, that pretty much sums it up. And the lies include it did not happen, it flew to Viet Nam, It got shot down by the Navy, it got abducted by aliens, it flew into another Bermuda triangle, ANYTHING BUT America stole some Chinese engineers to extract sensitive secrets, the real truth, and will probably use a conveniently acquired plane in an upcoming terror attack, perhaps by the story line in this little tidbit from Paul:

Nuclear summit at the Hague

Paul wrote:
I have a theory that this is a possible target. I have no solid proof except that its a high probability motive. This summit is on next Monday 24th and Tue 25th at The Hague. There’ll be 58 world leaders there including Obama, Putin and Jinping. Knock them out and the Zionist banksters proceed to install their puppet leaders plus establish the perfect case to present to the world for a war against Iran. The new Russian leader sides with Iran and the new US leader sides with Israel and we have a perfect setup for war in the Middle East, ultimately leading to WW3, with the NWO emerging from the ashes.
The timing of all this fits too. There will have been just over 2 weeks from when the flight disappeared to when this summit kicks off. Enough time to modify the plane for remote control operation and install the mini nuke or whatever other hideous weapon they have in mind. The direction the aircraft flew also makes sense as it situates the aircraft within striking distance of Europe.
My response
You are right, that would be a prime target. However, the prediction game is a risky one so I rarely get into it. I have no doubt that a fair number of terror attacks have been stopped by people publishing what they think will happen, perhaps this will be one. But you can’t survive making predictions and being right, thereby causing nothing to happen when you work to inform the public, because it all looks stupid after a while of nothing happening even if you are completely right. Your mail will suffice for this, thanks!

BLOCKBUSTER: Pilot had Diego Garcia programmed into his simulator

We are most likely looking at pilot cooperation to get this plane to Diego Garcia. The pilots may not have resisted. READ THIS LINK,the guy needs credit for this. I will cache this article on this web site later.

Ha ha ha – NSA recorded ALL CALLS from one nation, and can retrieve them from a month back? REALITY: The NSA has every call in America permanently stached on ultra high density digital magnetic tape and can recall anything back to 2003. It’s so densely stored that tens of millions of calls can fit on a single 50 pound tape and just be filed in a giant room with hundreds of thousands of reels. Yes, the NSA still uses tape, it’s still the best for ultra cheap storage.

Remember the Boston bomber? the patsy? Remember that? Here’s proof of what I am telling you – they were able to recall ALL PHONE CALLS MADE BY EVEN HIS WIFE going back 3 years that they admitted to and he was never suspected of anything beforehand. A MONTH? are you KIDDING? on a SINGLE country? The latest from Snowden was a pile of B.S. the size of Mount Everest.

And about magnetic tape – how big are the platters on your hard drive? Three inches across, and there is usually only one or two. What about a giant NSA magnetic tape? It’s two inches across and usually 15 miles long or more. How much can THAT store, especially when digitally compressed? And what if since I have been there they came up with something better? what they had was already good enough to do it ALL. The only problem with magnetic tape is it is sequential access only, meaning that you may have to wind through 10 miles of tape to get what you want. But they have time for that . . . the machines use 3 2 horsepower motors (2 reel and 1 capstan) for a total of six horsepower and are actually quite fast at getting through a 50 pound reel. An operator could spend a lifetime listening through only one tape. God forbid them anything better.
The “latest” from Snowden was a psy op. Next thing they will say is they can only do a few million people and go back a week, after that a few thousand and a day. FOR THE RECORD: The NSA has everything on EVERYONE for a FULL DECADE and NOTHING LESS, PERIOD END OF DISCUSSION.

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10 Responses to “MH370. Circumstances prove the Maldives sighting legit. Pilot had Diego Garcia programmed into his simulator.”

  1. stedra rulz says:

    I don’t like the description of the Maldives plane. It should be white and grey with a red stripe on the fuselage. There is no mention, it would seem, of the colour blue.

    Also, Did they see red stripes forward of the engine nacelles? That is the Malaysian flag painted on the fuselage.

  2. Anonymous says:

    God… I can just imagine the crew and passengers of that plane being held in some dungeon on Diego Garcia, each day hearing the screams of their companions as information is tortured out of them.

    Bless them wherever they be.

  3. Nollidge says:

    Stedra:- the airplane was flying at night.Balieve it or not,visual observance at night is quite difficult.& the Maldive islanders don’t go to classes in aircraft recognition.They have other things to concentrate on.

  4. stedra rulz says:


    Did they see lights on this plane? Did see if any cabin windows were lit? If it was at night, or maybe before dawn, how did they see the colour of the plane or whether it had red stripes on the fuselage?

    I’d like more detail.

  5. Nollidge says:

    Sorry Stedra,but from Maldive villagers you get what you get.They simply reported what they saw,without realising that westerners like yourself would require so much so much more sophistication.

  6. shirlz007 says:

    Im not taking the piss here… this might one of the most serious comments I’ve ever made! (I posted it to Aangirfan… whether they publish it or not is obviously their choice)

    ‘Psychics’ making rather silly predictions about what happened to MH370! (alternate dimensions, whatever LSD shit they wanna babble)

    Why anyone who claims to be psychic would want to state such a scenario is beyond me!
    OK… the human mind is capable of things yet to be explained, I think many psychic experiences can be attributed to unconscious information articulating itself in a way the conscious mind can comprehend.

    May I have a go at ‘tuning in to my psychic abilities’ (most of this is actually based on the evidence presented, the most likely scenario I can personally imagine… and a bit of old fashioned ‘detectives hunch’)

    – I can see the pilots making an announcement to the passengers about a diversion needed to be made (I think at least one pilot, if not both, may have been a part of this now).
    – I think the disappearance from radar was both cockpit AND US Air Force AWACS diverting the flight, and landing at Diego Garcia.
    – I can see a lot of confused and angry passengers being told it’s a US military operation, and to follow strict procedures. I can see a few of these passengers realising whats actually happening, and realising their the targets of the op.
    – I see a number of passengers being taken aside and placed in military custody… the rest taken away and ‘disappeared’ (to put it nicely)
    – I see the remaining passengers 20+ ALL Chinese (Five in particular for some reason) being secretly flown back to US, after initial debriefing, and being threatened (both for their lives and that of their loved ones at home)
    – I see at least two of passengers/flight staff (probably at least one of the pilots) being a part of the operation, and being given new identities and a lot of money.
    – I see a plan to distribute ‘wreckage’ by air, over an area of Sea that has so far been overlooked by all search parties (off coast of South West Australia?)

    Im not taking the mick! Truthfully, if I was to make some sort of ‘psychic’ reading… I can see international relations between many countries (not just East/West) degenerating rapidly in 2014. I can see war coming to Europe (Ukraine will be a civil war)… I think the disappearance of MH370 is part of something much bigger between US and China.
    (Russia has been extremely quiet)

    Truthfully… for the past few weeks, Ive seen, what I can only interpret as a possible nuclear detonation occurring (a purposely detonated nuclear weapon) and many, many people losing their lives and many more suffering the aftermath.

    IF it ever does come to a nuclear attack, I can see two ways it could go…
    a) The world is so outraged and horrified that a nuclear weapon has been used, world leaders are forced to put their differences aside and make a pledge to eradicate nuclear weapons within ten years (though a few would probably slip through the net!)
    b)… the opposite

  7. sovereigntea says:

    people are jumpy

    Comment below by Editor of Veteranstoday on PressTV

    Jim W. Deanin reply to an enlightened
    3/20/2014 4:05:00 PM
    The military will move if the ‘you know who’ try another major terror attack like the last one. Actually they are watching for clues all the time, as are we at VT. It’s kind of a number one priority.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The plane is not at diego garcia. I belive it was shot down on its way to blow up diego garcia. No diego garcia, no missile defense. The bs on cnn is because they are cleaning it up. Too bad they missed that fire suppression bottle that floated to maldive beach. 50 tickets were not sold because cargo was too heavy. Can u say dirty bomb? There was a story somewhere about ten or so sea planes refueling multiple times and going back to the same spot close to maldives.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I believe the silence is deafening!
    We have to belive the public when news is so shady. What happened to real investigative reporting?

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