Just arrived Manila

As David Icke says, ‘It’s all a load of bollocks.’  This is fancy dress, not real.  Are we living in 1814, 1914 or 2014?  The pedophile Satanists (Saturnists) are all mind-controlled ritual and hierarchy, with no intuitive dimension.  If they had any, would they be happy standing around in costume, posturing like robots for the media, playing their part in the game of deception.  Photo of St Patricks Day parade. 
(See below for context)


The traffic and pollution are no better of course.  A few more building projects are shooting up skywards.  Many bad things that you can see, but it’s still nice to be back after quite a long time in the UK.  I’ll recover from travel and get back to blogging in due course.  I read David Icke on the plane most of the way here – The Perception Deception.  It’s very good – 900 pages in total.  I’ve only read 300 so far!

I can see a few other books I’ll need to buy to check out his sources.  The brutal, Satanic, pedophile nature of the world conspiracy is far deeper than even Tap Blog readers could imagine.  The explanation of how Satanic influences reach us on earth from the Planet Saturn are fascinating, and Icke’s idea that that is where the Annunaki come from, not some daft planet called Nibiru that cycles every 3500 years round the sun.

They broadcast from Saturn – see The Ringmakers of Satan on Tap Blog search.  The broadcast is picked up, intensified and rediffused by their agents on the Moon, which is not an entirely natural entity.  They worship Satan, the demiurge, who is only a few frequencies away from the ones that are detectable by humanity’s five senses.  Occasionally the entities that embody evil become visible to us, for example during Satanic rituals which assist them to show themselves into our wavelength.

See the faces in the clouds of dust during 911.  See some of Icke’s own photographs on South America when he drove a demon out of someone possessed, and a cloud appeared overhead with a similar evil visage.

Satanic human sacrifice rituals were no doubt in process during 911, near the Towers and timed to enable Satanic entities to manifest during the event.  We always wondered why Samantha Cameron was in NY on the day, Sarah Ferguson and a number of others.  You can be sure they weren’t all there coincidentally for the shopping.

The entities have their genetic bloodlines living on earth in an apparently human form, but it’s only a front.  The ‘off planet’ entitles can control us using these ‘people’, as no one realises what is going on.  This is surely the ultimate conspiracy book.  Any part time blogger such as myself just has to read it.  It’s surprisingly liberating to find that all the things you fear the most are totally real, and we’re not wasting our time by digging into who or what is ruining the quality of our lives, and why they are doing it.

I don’t understand all that Icke writes – about the holographic nature of the universe, for instance – but I relate well to his idea that life is a vibration and human beings have powerful intuition that the Satanic entities don’t possess.  The Archontics are all structure and ritual and systems.  They’ve tied us all up in knots, placing us into separate compartments, which we need to break out of urgently.

As Icke says, it’s all ‘bollocks’!!

It’s time to give up on their military and royal nonsense, and get a life.  If you don’t, prepare to lose it, or at least any life that might have been worth having.  Icke has many suggestions as to how you might achieve a better outlook, and arrest some of the evil being rolled out to destroy the liberty and quality of our lives.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Tap – now let’s get back to Earth. Have you got your ticket for the Chatham House event with Nigel Farage & Nick Clegg. You know Chatham House – all the usual criminal suspects.

    UKIP, the Radical Right and the European Parliament Elections
    Monday 31 March 2014 13:00 to 14:00 BST
    Chatham House, London
    Nigel Farage, Leader, UK Independence Party (UKIP)
    Dr Matthew Goodwin, Associate Fellow, Europe, Chatham House; Co-author, Revolt on the Right: Explaining Support for the Radical Right in Britain
    Rt Hon Peter Hain MP
    Joe Twyman, Director of Political Research, EMEA, YouGov

    book online Add to my Calendar Type: Members Events

    Falling between the two debates between UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg on the issue of Britain’s membership of the EU, the panel will discuss public support for Euroscepticism in Britain and beyond and consider the broader impact of parties such as UKIP at the upcoming European Parliament elections in May. They will examine who is supporting parties like UKIP, why, and what the emergence of these radical right parties tells us about broader changes in Western societies.


  2. Anonymous says:

    david icke book good but too many pages my only criticism if any ! think he gets some of ideas from gnosticism, all interesting stuff but not widely known about!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Get some rest Tap, try and separate fact from fiction.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Not week ago someone told me police in SW London found sack full of 70 dead rotten cats. Some sinister followers had sacrifice them perhaps. And the thing about why they like to discrediting the believer of intuition, and faithful followers of transcendence philosopher because they have none but their materialistic and rubbishing science bs.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This I had cut from the RT News comment regarding to the missing Malaysia plane
    So there are some who is the subscriber of the masters who are thousand of light years away.

    Warmonger 19.03.2014 11:58

    This maybe a preplanned actions to destroy China by internal turmoil because Chinese leadership could not do a thing and to show the power of the masters thousands of light years away. All civilian and military radars were jammed that no one seen anything on their screens, that all satellites were blocked, no one can tell the exact path the plan travel. A well plan coordination by many masters that China should not sleep too well at night.

  6. Anonymous says:

    If Spitfires and Dornier’s were tracked by radar in 1945, I’m sure 70 years later a great whopping Airliner can be.
    Without a doubt the City of London and SERCO will be involved.
    If CSI can track a mobile phone to a garage, then a box a mobiles on the flight 370 is no trouble.
    Just sayin ?

  7. Tapestry says:

    Icke’s stuff on Saturn is backed up with Voyager and Hubble photos analyzed by Norman Bergrun, framer NASA scientist. Until you go off planet you will never understand life on earth.

    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

      Hi your quote from above is interesting ”The brutal, Satanic, pedophile nature of the world conspiracy is far deeper than even Tap Blog readers could imagine. The explanation of how Satanic influences reach us on earth from the Planet Saturn are fascinating, and Icke’s idea that that is where the Annunaki come from, not some daft planet called Nibiru that cycles every 3500 years round the sun.”

      This is very interesting Tap as I reconsider again the ringmakers of Saturn, having forgotton all about it, I dismissed it 18 months ago as a likely hoax but it is a mindblowing thought, machines manufacturing the rings measuring 3000 miles long or even more.

      Im all for Nibiru being a daft hoax idea every 3500 yrs when the the real place is Saturn they come from.

      But again, the Hopi Red kachina and Winged Destroyer in other ancient prophecy and inscriptions, as well as the Second Sun in dec 2015 seen here https://dublinsmick.wordpress.com/2016/04/03/unrivaled-nibiru-video-footage-cannot-be-challenged-filmed-december-20-2015-in-california/ have to be acknowledged. I hope youll disagree with me I don’t want to be right.

      Saying all that, Saturn obviously has very important significance to us, our lives, and to earth.

      And again if some other civilisation , separate from us as Norman Bergram shows, has gigantic machines replenishing Saturns rings, broadcasting satanic frequencies to us. If this is true.

      Why cant a benevolent galactic confederation of star nations with 1000 mile wide motherships that are trying to help us also be true?

      So that and the other points ive made recently give me some reason for optimism…..when I gaze at that Second Sun video and am not sure what I feel inside when I see it

  8. Anonymous says:

    This country is under Jesuit control. Almost everyone wants to go to Ateneo to study and be a Loyolan. They (most of them) end up to become corrupt puppets of Wash DC.

    I was watching James Arribito on Youtube. His research on the Jesuits and Ignatius is eye-opening and fascinating. I was surprised that he found that the “rapture” concept protestant churches here believe in is a pakawala (literally: “let loose”) idea seeded by two jesuit infiltrators released into Luther’s ranks.

    Maybe you should write your thoughts about Manila and the Philippines Tap. Strange to some people when I consider the Phils. as a prototype for fascist control.

    You familiar with the WHO building here on-of all places aptly named-the UN Avenue? Its very highly fortified and looks strictly off limits. I wonder what goes on in there? Maybe it has a lab where they genetically treat viruses. Ever heard of Chikungaya? I haven’t until now. News say it killed a lot of people here last year.

    I wonder why there were no jets scrambled for hot pursuit of the plane the moment it was realized it was missing.

    Maybe they’re all in on it. Looks pretty Hegelian to me.

  9. Tapestry says:

    Most people recover 100% from that one. Not all as with dengue. No doubt the UN is progressing its Agenda 21 depopulation program by experimenting with viruses. In fact we know they are doing so. First thing I saw at the airport arrivals – a big bank ad with Freemason George Washington’s face peering out at me. Yes the Philippines is a colony of the World Government like everywhere else. Yet the control methods are different here to the ones in use in Europe and in my case Britain. It’s slower here and it gives you a rest from one environment to go and suffer in another! For example there are less chemtrails here and more traffic pollution. The food is tastier and fresher. There is more time.

  10. Anonymous says:

    About chemtrails here…I saw three or four in the recent past. Maybe they’re stepping it up. Lucky maybe because the budget to chemtrail us is small or unlucky because we here are too dumb to be fumigated much. I saw two over fort Bonifacio a few months ago, then one over mental hospital and one going to Bulacan some weeks back. I keep thinking that our airspace is frequently violated by foreign military aircraft flying at high altitude (Chinese, American, Chinese-American, who knows). i notice them in the dead of the morning when everyone’s in bed or too drunk to notice.

    Mindanao rebels also shouting secession sometimes. We’re all like Ukraine now. Maybe our advantage is all here are dull and obedient sheep that’s why they don’t kill us more.

    By the way your study about Jesuits are spot on. People power here is a Jesuit spurred revolution spearheaded among others by constitutionalist priest Joaquin Bernas, with a dash of CIA.

    I follow Canspeccy, Aangirfan and Tap. From time to time I read henry makow (some people call him a shill) The synchronicity blogs are hard for my head (they’re just deja vu to me)

    You write more, I’ll read more. I hope these blogs I mentioned reach more people here, but i guess some would rather be sleeping. Its hard to wake up people who are pretending to be asleep. Thanks.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I’ll have to see that George washington ad you mentioned.

    If they start painting the airports here like the murals in Denver I guess we should start to get worried.

  12. Anonymous says:

    About myself. I became aware about these things in 2008-2009. I got tamiflu shots for three years. They gave me a mild stroke (transient ischemic attack) which gave way to depression. Psychiatrist put me on depakote, after two weeks I quit. I learned to use the net and found that this serotonin reuptake inhibitor gave me thoughts of suicide, so I quit and instead treated myself by herbs and exercise. That’s about the time I learned about thimerosal in vaccines. I got drunk while on medication (I swear by Acantus wine) and that purged my body of the mercury and rejuventated me. I found that pharmacologia was mostly about poison and not cure, that freud and psychiatry was quack and that there are people out there who would really be happy to see me dead. Bogus websites led me to find better and I stumbled onto Tap via Aangirfan. In the same span of time I met an accident, broke my windshield with my forehead (seatbelts are good) then went groundhog for a week or two (wakefulness made me too aware of doors closing and opening and the events are like a broken record).

    That piece on the titanic? people here laugh when i told them about the olympic and it’s about insurance and murder. They’d rather have the De Caprio version. More romantic.

    People think I’m a little off. I don’t care. I think i know better than most. Thanks

  13. JKIck says:

    Hi Tap

    The picture of the ‘royal couple’ at St. Patricks day parade look to have a high probrability of being fabricated.

    They appear to be figures cut and pasted onto a background. Use FotoForensics.com tool, while not conclusive, it adds weight to the idea of fabrication of these images.

    If the images are fabricated what does that say about the story?

    A story as been defined as a narrative, either true or fictitious, in prose or verse, designed to interest, amuse, or instruct the hearer or reader.

    Another story whose authenticity is in question The Madeleine McCann narrative, a series of events surrounding a missing child. A tale laced with insinuations of paedophilia , soft porn, and child neglect.

    I have posted observations, on a David Icke forum thread (Maddie McCann – operation grange in child abuse section) that many of the images, put out by the mainstream media regarding the characters involved in the story, have been fabricated.

    There already has been much debate, around the authenticity of the ‘poolside picture’, and Tennis image regarding the character that is ‘Maddie’.

    However, I have gone a step further, and put forward that many of the images of the actual parents, and friends of the parents, have been fabricated also.

    It also has been demonstrated how good they (spooks?) are at convincing folks as to the validity off the characters, that are the McCanns and co. They create a character, Tony Bennett, who puts the main chararacters in a bad light, he adds realism to the narrative by conveying to the reader that there is actually a body, and a crime has been committed.

    In a ‘who dunnit’ fashion, he received letter from libel lawyers Carter-Ruck dated 27 August 2009, Bennett gave an undertaking”

    “Not to repeat allegations that the McCanns are guilty of, or are to be suspected of, causing the death of their daughter Madeleine McCann, and/or of disposing of her body, and/or lying about what happened and/or seeking to cover up what they had done”

    ‘Boo Boo’, ‘hiss hiss’, is many a reaction to this junction of the story.

    However, when various images put out by MSM, of the character that is Tony Bennett, are scrutinised closely, they do not match up.

    Now, another reason most folk beleive in these characters, is because ‘they seen them on teevee’.

    However, when stills are examined, it can be seen that heads have been added to bodies. While I not 100% as to how they put these chats shows together, maybe they cut and paste on every still, and let it role.

    What about the Police, surely they would know about the story? is a question many folk ask.

    If you are allocated £13m for an operation , looking into an event that highly likely didn’t occur, would you rock the boat?

    Finally, as I have been requesting on the above mentioned thread, if this event did occur, and is not a fabrication then produce images, of the characters involved, that are not sourced from MSM. We can then scientifically analsye the images for there validity. Then it can deduced if the story is fact or fiction.

    This request cannot be hard, these folk are high profile. They must go out some time. Unless, maybe, they read they script, found out they about to be suicided, and gone into hiding.

    Btw tap,

    Thing I find odd, is that while I been posting evidence to the fabrication of these images, and there’s a fair bit, there as been a surprising lack of comment to my observations, on the thread (over 100,00 views). Not even derogatory ones, for example asking ‘if i’m on medications / drugs?’ which one would have expected, in a cybersphere frequented by shills and trolls.

    rgds JKick

    • Anonymous says:

      you take no notice of others …Keep digging …Don’t forget Margaret Hodge nephew was also so staying at that place and checked out early ..umm was he tipped off oh ya and he had taken pictures off his boys and maddie was n the BGround ..He left on that Friday ..ummm Look at daddy Mccan ..Andrew Browns friend brother off Gordon Brown….

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