Israel closing all its Embassies and Consulates around the world. Trouble.

By Susan Duclos

In the video below as well as some articles around the internet we see that for the first time in history, Israel is closing all it’s embassies and consulates worldwide. I agree with DAHBOO here, the timing, the events going on across the globe, the missing Malaysia flight and the potential for this plane that is missing since March 9th possibly being used in a terrorist attack, all indicate that Israel is bringing their people back home where they can be protected, no matter what they claim is the “official” reason.

Israel recently threatened to “destroy” those that would attack them and a move like this, a historical move, could very well mean that Israel expects World War III to break out and is acting accordingly.

Something huge is coming… be prepared.

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7 Responses to “Israel closing all its Embassies and Consulates around the world. Trouble.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The Global Elite have their under ground cities well stocked. Recently the news of 90 million pounds of beef being recalled was rumored to actually be heading below ground.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Th old testament tales of Armegeddon are now very clos, the jews say that their new temple cannot be built in the soming world capital of jerusalem, until the world has been destroyed, which is wht the jews are anxious to get W W 3 underway

  3. Nollidge says:

    @ Anon 2.10:-
    Beef you’ll notice – NO PORK.Hmmm,I wonder why no pork?.

  4. Anonymous says:

    there has been wispers in the pentagon for some while that if the USA did not attack Iran there would be huge nuke explosions all over the USA as israel seeks revenge, we are expecting a statement from obama that no war will be forthcoming on iran in the near future
    so maybe…

  5. sovereigntea says:

    Does anyone know if the US Army finished building the bunker complex for the Zios ? American media has just discovered its government is helping Israel build a “secret” underground bunker. “Site 911” will be equipped with aluminum-encased mezuzot.

    The tender for the construction project – a “Request for Proposals” in U.S. parlance – is worth about $100 million,

  6. Anonymous says:

    well in the UK everyone you speaks to is on the side of Iran and hope the chinese and russians will help them, no one wants israel to come out from this after all it has done to the world and the latest is that they may be suinf Belguim for millions of dollars as the train seats in the french trains that took jews to the work camps were made in belguim.
    how sick are these jews ?

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