Is Putin another illegitimate Rothschild?

The Mysterious Genealogy of Russian President Putin

Vladimir Putin is a relative of all royal families of Europe
Russian president Vladimir Putin was a mystery almost for everyone during the moment of his election.  He seemed to be a man with no past, inspired with the symbol of the new epoch, but deprived of historic roots. The research, which was conducted by journalists from the Russian city of Tver, became a sensation. As it became known,  the parents of the Russian president came from the Kalininsky area of the Tver region.
The president’s family tree  is not traced after Putin’s grandfather Spiridon Putin, who left the Tver governor for St.Petersburg at the age of 15.  Vladimir Putin’s grandfather was a serious, reserved man of immaculate honesty. Spiridon Putin  became a good cook. He worked in fancy restaurants in St.Petersburg before the revolution of 1917. Later,  he was invited to cook for Lenin himself.  When Lenin passed away, Spiridon Putin started working at one of Stalin’s dachas.  Putin’s grandfather  managed to survive the horrid period of the Soviet history. When he retired, he was living and cooking at a holiday camp of the Communist Party. Vladimir Putin tells about his grandfather (below) that he was a man, who liked being silent most of his time.

The researchers did not manage to trace the origin of this last name – Putin. The world-wide web knows only one Putin – Vladimir Vladimirovich.  So, using online search engines  is absolutely not good for that. No other scientists of history, no dictionary mentions anything about the name Putin amid  tens of thousands of other names.

This name has appeared recently, somewhere in the middle of the 19th century. All Putins originally came from the clan of Putins from the Tver region. Illegitimate offsprings of noble families were often given cut names. For example,  Russian writer Pnin was an illegitimate son  of Field Marshal Repnin. There were lots of other occasions like that – Betskoy instead of Trubetskoy, Gribov instead of Griboyedov. The new names of unofficial clan branches were formed by means of deduction: a syllable was simply taken out of it.
On the other hand,  there has been recently a surprising fact discovered. Vladimir Putin looks like Prince Mikhail Tverskoy. They both are not tall, with little hair and similar noses. Is Putin an offspring of the Tver prince? This hypothesis was getting more and more real. The name Putin is not mentioned amid the Russian names. This means that the name is  of the artificial origin.
The family book of the Tver region  mentions the name of Putyanin – a clan of Russian princes. This clan gave a lot of outstanding military leaders to Russia,  as well as artists, politicians and priests. This is one of the oldest clans in the Russian history. If President Putin  is a descendant  of the Putyatins clan, this means that Vladimir Putin  has a relation to  all royal families of Europe.
Gennady Klimov
Maria Orlova
Based on the materials from the Tver newspaper Karava

TAP – The Rothschilds were not only the financiers of Europe’s royalty.  Queen Victoria was illegitimate, historians agree.  Her father’s identity is for some reason not as clear as it should be.  To a conspiracist, that sets off alarm bells.  She also passed hemophilia to her descendants, a gene not previously known in British Royal families.  It was a Jewish disease.  Queen Victoria’s father was Nathan Mayer Rothschild.   We need to see a family tree for Putin.  But any association with royalty puts him into the world conspiracy – acting out the role of a Hitler, fomenting war to make the powerful yet more powerful.  To David Icke he’d be a Reptilian Archon, just another agent of the New Word Order, programmed to bring war and suffering on a vast scale.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    At the moment Putin seems to be the lessor of the Evils.
    What he says and does is at least logical, and he does have a love of Russia and its people.
    Compared to our Treasonous Traitors, he is a Saint !!

  2. sovereigntea says:

    The excesses of political correctness have reached the point where people are seriously talking about registering political parties whose aim is to promote paedophilia. Vladimir Putin

  3. Anonymous says:

    Occult Phenomena


  4. Anonymous says:

    Many nationalities dropped a vowel or changed their last name for a variety of reasons. My mothers maiden name is not how it was spelled or pronounced in America.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Why is it every possible public figure is said to be a rothschild ?
    they said this about Hitler until theye did the DNA on his parents bones, they says the same about pedo Steven Fry, Gay gordon and Toerag Tony, i dont belive one word of this about Putin, judge him on his record and he is doing what Hitler did and giving back to the people what was stolen by the jews, pity we cant do that

  6. shirlz007 says:

    I would say… absurd!!! Tony Blair may be an illegitimate Rothschild (Lord Jacobs illegitimate son… the similarities are there! Tony Blair came from political obscurity)

    Even IF Putin was a Rothschild… he’d be KGB first and foremost! LMFAO 😉
    ‘once KGB, always KGB’

  7. shirlz007 says:

    Vladmir Putin went about dismantling The Rothschild cabal in Russia in late 90’s/early 00’s… primarily Mikhail Khodorkovsky (known Jacob Rothschild associate, through UKOS), Derepraska (known Nat Rothschild associate through RUSSAL, ‘Felcher’ Peter Mandelson, Berezovsky…

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