Should Farage’s normal love life have any bearing at all on Britain’s future?

With UKIP surging in the polls, and the European elections approaching, the kitchen sink is being hurled at the party leader, Nigel Farage.  Old enemies like Richard North of
are surfacing to add their voices to the doubts about Farage’s suitability to lead Britain’s eurosceptics into Parliamentary seats next year.

The more the media tries to sink Farage, the more we should back him.  It’s a sure sign he’s not the establishment’s man.  I took a few potshots at Richard North on Facebook, where we are friends.  I have a lot of respect for Richard North’s abilities as a researcher, although you have to say he never goes the whole way into a subject, and stays within safe limits, which won’t offend his paymasters.  His  non-conspiratorial view of Britain’s wars would find favour in wealthy circles.  He talks of the ‘gentlemen’ he works for as a researcher, not providing any names.

I’m with Farage on this one.  He’s the only British political leader I would suggest who is not a pedophile, or pedophile-sympathiser.  He speaks out against Britain’s endless involvement in unnecessary wars, and the whittling away of our independent defence capabilities.   He slates EU leaders to their faces in the Euro Parliament.  He’s a very brave man, whichever way you look at it.

  • Henry Curteis So clearly a chip on both shoulders as regards UKIP, Richard. You will never derive enough revenge for them rejecting you as an MEP.
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  • Robin Willow I am interested in knowing and understanding what you want to achieve, Richard North

  • Richard North What I want to achieve and what I expect to achieve are probably different. What I want is an effective anti-EU movement with UKIP as an active part. On the other hand, I expect to achieve very little. That puts me primarily in the role of obsever and analyst.

  • Richard North Henry … I might have once wanted to be a UKIP MEP but, after the Kilroy Silk debacle, I regarded not becoming one as a lucky escape. Sadly, therefore, you are going to have to invent another motivation for me, or perhaps get used to the idea that I See More

  • Luise Hemmer Pihl You cannot base the Out Campaign on a single party. You have to have a cross-party movement that leaves out all other issues, as these are to be decided by your parliament

  • Richard North Luise – that is certainly the way the successful Norwegian and Icelandic campaigns have been managed. And here, any referendum campaign will have to be fought on a cross-party basis. UKIP will not own that campaign. Therefore, you are right. We need a strong, non-party infrastructure.

  • Henry Curteis ‘sexually incontinent sociopath who can’t keep his dick in his pants’…..I always take the view that anyone’s sex life is their own affair barring illegal activity. I’m surprised that you see sex as an issue. Many men would indulge given such opportunity. Surely it’s his wife’s business to declare if there’s problem, not yours. It weakens your political arguments that you go into your hostility with Farage on such a personal level.
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16 Responses to “Should Farage’s normal love life have any bearing at all on Britain’s future?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Henry the percieved idea is that if a man is dishonest in his sex life then this dishonesty will also show in his political life, surveys have shown that voters want clean living people with wives and families, and if you look at the recent past in all cases of extreme dishonesty they were also involed in untraditional sex habits

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you….well put .people accept this crap and pedophiles …UKIP ..LOL are no different from all other scum Bags …and you know what… the same sort of Scumbags vote them in …just speaking the Truth ..don’t cha know !!!!!

  2. Tapestry says:

    He had a relationship with an assistant. Are there many men who haven’t made one ‘error’ or two in life? This is a normal way to behave. Many politicians who appear normal have media created normality – Brown, Blair, Hague being obvious cases. Farage is just normal. Move on.

  3. Anonymous says:

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  4. Anonymous says:

    In a letter to Farage, obtained by the Observer, David Gale, interim chief executive of Kids for Cash UK, a charity that campaigns against paedophiles, said he had no choice but to resign from the party after becoming frustrated that his fears about a registered sex offender and Ukip supporter were not being taken seriously. The issue was also raised by other
    members of Ukip, according to emails sent to its chairman, Steve Crowther, seen by the Observer.

    Letter from David Gale (Kids for Cash Charity) to Farage.

    One Paragraph reads

    On the first couple of points, I am mindful that mywritten offers to provide you with professional
    management skills have been ignored. The candidate list’s swing to the right is a betrayal of the membership and our voters.
    On the third item, conclusions around alleged criminality within the party must await the outcome of ongoing police investigations.
    On the fourth item, the issue of the party leadership’s response
    to the activities of a convicted paedophile within its midst is not
    something that I can overlook. My work as Interim Chief Executive for Kids for Cash UK leaves me no
    room for association with a party that cannot deliver the requisite
    level of organisational rigour and
    competence required to protect its
    brand and its members.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I think its absolutely downright disgusting that a heterosexual male with a taste in females over the age of consent should be allowed anywhere near politics.

    Doesnt he know that its the preserve of homosexual paedophile dual nationals????

  6. Tapestry says:

    Politics. Only pedophiles need apply for the top jobs. Farage threatens the cabal by being so successful. Expect the lot and more to be hurled his way the further he climbs.

  7. Farage’s private life is his business until…he then uses taxpayers’ money to keep his mistress and his wife quiet. Then it most certainly is in the public interest and is damaging. It makes Farage exactly the same as all the other MPs…

  8. Tapestry says:

    UKIP has suffered extensive penetration by MI5. Farage might choose to trust his wife and or mistress above all others with good reason. Let him be the judge, Frog.

  9. Tapestry says:

    You might add ‘with friends like Richard North, who needs enemies?’ Interestingly Robin Cook another anti-Iraq/Afghanistan politician was criticised for having a normal life, prior to his poisoning and assassination.

  10. TMWKTMBNE says:

    The attack on UKIP from TPTB via corporate media is at full power!

    The Metro was interesting last week, letters from academics and a rock band (British Sea Power) emploring voters NOT to support UKIP, due to their extremist racist stance – and then another letter describing New Labour as a ‘ray of hope’ !!

    The trouble is that lazy people who don’t think too deeply about anything believe and go around repeating this stuff as their own opinion, in a ‘holier than thou’ way i.e. ‘I’m not a racist – like you?’

    I had this conversation with a someone recently, lecturing me on the ‘dangers of extremism’.

    This person has no education at all, and has probably has never read an entire book in his life. It turned out that he thought the Jesuits and the Jews were one in the same – he thought Jesuit was another name for Jew..! I tried to explain…

    Lazy thinkers believe everything that appears in corporate newspapers and on TV. They are just too lazy to find out for themselves, or don’t care enough.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Farage has lost Ukip a lot of votes.
    Nothing wrong with what you do in private life, however office life,is not private.
    Office life is what we the public are paying for, I would like work to be conducted in the office not bonking.
    Farage has been told to shoot himself in the foot, just another Freemason doing what he has been told to do.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Farage has made a bid for the heterosexual vote. How homophobic of him 🙁


  13. Anonymous says:

    was tony in israel at the same time as david cameron


  14. Anonymous says:

    Farage supports fracking in the UK – an immense fail.

  15. pippakin says:

    I’m only thankful his fling was with someone over the age of consent.

    As long as there is a party like UKIP the Tory vote is split how can there be a downside to that…

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