Top Tory donor killed in helicopter crash. Debris widespread.

BBC –  Ch Insp Stuart Armes of Norfolk Police said the crash scene covered “a considerable area” and there were road closures in place in case of debris.

“It is very early to assess what’s happened,” he said. “Our primary objective is to establish the investigation and to support the family.”

Hi Tap, 

Lord Ballyedmond Top Tory donor worth £500million ‘among four killed’ after helicopter crashes in thick fog near his Norfolk stately home

Lord Ballyedmond, also known as Dr Edward Haughey, is reported to have been on board the civilian helicopter Read more:

Lord Ballyedmond: Chairman of pharmaceutical company Norbrook Laboratories.
Worth Looking up the others also. 
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NHS reforms D-day: 40 peers have “financial interest” in NHS privatisation, Mirror investigation shows

DAVID Cameron’s bid to dismantle the NHS and open it up to greedy profiteers faces its final hurdle today with a House of Lords vote.

DAVID Cameron’s bid to dismantle the NHS and open it up to greedy profiteers faces its final hurdle today with a House of Lords vote.

But as a worried nation puts its faith in peers they hope will bring the PM’s dangerous reforms to a shuddering halt, it was claimed yesterday 40 members of the chamber have a vested interest in seeing hospitals privatised.

People hoping for a fair and objective vote based on what is best for patients could be in for a ­disappointment over the ­revelations that lords and baronesses carry out a variety of work for health firms that could cash in on the changes.

Just Look at the list of the others, feeding from the NHS TROUGH.

Should be of interest in view of the latest NHS negotiations.


TAP – so many people in Cameron’s circle don’t survive very long.

Police said only a limited investigation of the crash site had been possible in the dark and foggy conditions last night and a more detailed forensic examination will take place today.…#ixzz2w0s4csXl

No named witnesses to the crash

[IMG]One of the victims was Declan Small, 42, from Mayobridge, County Down.

So, no further info from an event early on Thursday evening. Now it’s Saturday.

I’d look a bit more deeply into this….amazing how all that info about a law suit emerged so quickly. 

Be very suspicious.

It is not known what caused the crash but witnesses reported fog in the area at the time and said the helicopter came down very soon after taking off at about 19:30 GMT.[/IMG]


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8 Responses to “Top Tory donor killed in helicopter crash. Debris widespread.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    thanks wasp this is interesting, there were rumours he was going to stop funding the tories and was flirting with UKIP, this would mean like christopher Shale and Robin cook he would have to go- if its true of course

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think there was heavy Chemtrailing in that area during the week.
    The Elite might start to take notice now, Chemtrails and Haarp = fog, fog = Danger.
    So the Elite are on the hit list as well, be warned !

  3. Tapestry says:

    Paul Sykes is false friend of UKIP, always promising funds which never arrive until the elections are over. There’s no time to plan, plus he wants his name plastered all over the place.

  4. sovereigntea says:

    Chile Thatcher Pinochet ?

    According to commenters here Haughey has upset a lot of people.

    Edward Haughey ( Lord Ballyedmond) targetted by 70lb bomb

    Multi millionaire businessman Edward Haughey ( honoured by Britian with the title “Lord Ballyedmond”) has been targetted in a bomb attack in Co Louth close to the border with South Armagh . A farm labourer discovered a 70lb device attached to a command wire at a house owned by the controversial pharmaceutical giant renowned for his aggressive stance against trade union “interference” in his business affairs , a high handed and bullying manner towards his employees and riding roughshod over the local ccommunities in which his homes and businesses are located . A former 26 county senator aligned with Fianna Fail in the early 80s he then switched formal allegiance to the British conservative party and later the Ulster Unionist party whom he represents in the British House of Lords .

  5. sovereigntea says:

    A Top banker who helped set up secret bank accounts where Charles Haughey’s cash gifts from Ben Dunne were stashed has died.

    John Furze was the off-shore link used by Haughey’s accountant to salt away the former Taoiseach’s cash.

    The multi-millionaire banker, who worked in the Cayman Islands, died of a heart attack during a visit to Miami. He was in his mid-fifties.

  6. sovereigntea says:

    Although Freemasons speak fervently about how moralistic their organisation is, that does not mean it is immune to a few bad apples. The late John Furze, the senior figure at the Cayman Islands end of the secretive Ansbacher Deposits operation (used to defraud the Irish Revenue of millions of pounds from the 1970s to the mid 1990s), was a Freemason.

  7. sovereigntea says:

    He was particularly interested in aviation and had his own helicopter company, Haughey Air. He bought Carlisle airport, and sold it six years later. He also served for a time as a director with Shorts Bombardier Aerospace in Belfast.

    Generally he did not court publicity and could be deeply cautious in his dealings with journalists. Norbrook’s status as a private company was closely guarded as were its many diverse operations. On the few occasions when the press were invited to his Newry HQ, security was tight and he was known to be particularly concerned by commercial espionage.

    In 2004, he was ennobled and took the title of Baron Ballyedmond of Mourne, sitting firstly as an Ulster Unionist and later as a Conservative – a party he backed financially. He was not a born parliamentarian nor was he a serial contributor to debates in either of the upper houses in Dublin or London. His voting record at Westminster shows his opposition to further EU integration and a somewhat mixed approach to issues ranging from climate change, hunting and autonomy for schools.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Debris was NOT widespread. The crash scene was NOT considerable. Go and have a look at the aerial photos. Does this look like a crash scene? Ordinarily, in a road accident, police take measurements, assess damage to vehicles, skid marks, etc to get some insight into how the crash happened. Try doing that here, reconciling what you see with what you’ve been told.

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