Head of Ukrainian Navy appointed only yesterday defects to Russia

Russian state-owned news agency RIA Novosti reports that Ukrainian navy chief Denys 

Berezovsky, who was appointed by acting President Turchynov yesterday, has “taken an

 oath of allegiance to the people to Crimea”, which suggests that he has joined forces with 

the pro-Russian authorities there. Speaking at a news conference in Sevastopol, Rear Adm

 Denys Berezovskyy reportedly vowed to “defend” the people of Crimea.

Yesterday Ukraine’s naval flagship refused to obey orders from illegal government in Kiev.


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One Response to “Head of Ukrainian Navy appointed only yesterday defects to Russia”

  1. WMWKTMBNE says:

    An interesting comment was left earlier about the BIS which I think must be correct.
    If Putin rejects the BIS cabal and goes it alone, then we will know he’s for real.
    Otherwise this is just another sham, all controlled from behind the scenes and if that’s the case, who knows where they are taking us now…
    The Rothschild Vatican Jesuit BIS take no prisoners. We will see what occurs…

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