Has Britain’s most ‘beloved’ popstar been arrested on child-abuse charges

Has Britain’s most ‘beloved’ popstar been arrested on child-abuse charges yet?

Filthy celebs
In February 2014, the Mail reported on the police investigation into claims that a 10 year-old boy was sexually abused by a ‘beloved’ popstar.
Since the article there have been no further media updates nor any information from police sources detailing whether the singer has been arrested or not.
This is highly unusual and seems to suggest the singer has friends in very high-places who don’t want the allegations to be publicised.
According to the Mail:
‘ Beloved pop star ‘abused 10-year-old boy’: Alleged victim and witness have  spoken to Savile police officers
  • Accuser claims he was abused when he was just 10, it has been reported
  • A witness to the alleged attack has also spoken to police officers
  • The famous singer has not been identified for legal reasons
One of the world’s most famous pop stars is being investigated by police over claims that he sexually abused a ten-year-old  boy.
The music legend is said to be terrified of arrest after a witness came forward to report an alleged attack on a schoolboy said to have taken place decades ago.
Detectives from Operation Yewtree, the Scotland Yard investigation set up to examine historical sex abuse claims in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal, are understood to have taken a statement from the victim last year.
But in recent weeks police have also spoken to a witness who apparently backs up the claims by the man.

Surely not……
The pop star is accused of abuse dating back several decades. Police are examining a number of witness statements alleging  historical sex assaults by him, it was claimed yesterday.
The musician, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is said to be petrified of being arrested by detectives and has recently held a number of frantic meetings with his lawyers.
Yesterday a source close to the inquiry said:  ‘This is huge, and detectives are examining more than one witness statement. The  alleged victim was very young at the time, which makes it a more serious  allegation. This inquiry is not going to go away, and police will make arrests  when they feel they have enough to do so.’
A spokesman for the veteran artist, who has  had a number of hit records, declined to comment yesterday.
Operation Yewtree was launched in October  2012 after Savile, who died aged 84 in 2011, was exposed as a predatory  paedophile who abused hundreds of victims. It has three strands – one looking at  Savile, another focusing on ‘Savile and others’ and a third concentrating on  those not linked to the former BBC DJ and TV presenter.
The operation has cost £2.7million so far, of  which £490,000 has been paid out in overtime to the 30-strong detective team. It  has led to 16 arrests, with four people charged and five suspects remaining on  bail.
Among the stars arrested as part of the  inquiry are 83-year-old entertainer Rolf Harris, who denies 12 charges of  indecent assault and four counts of making indecent images of  children.
PR guru Max Clifford, 70, has pleaded not  guilty to 11 indecent assaults. Others arrested include pop paedophile Gary  Glitter, 69, and radio presenter Paul Gambaccini, 64. Comedian Freddie Starr,  71, has been arrested three times over abuse claims.
Former Radio One DJ Chris Denning, 72, a  colleague of Savile, has also been held three times over alleged sexual  offences. All deny the allegations.
A Metropolitan Police spokesman refused to comment on the investigation last night.’
In January 2013, the Mirror carried an article about police investigations into an alleged high-level paedophile ring that operated at the Elm guest house in Barnes.
“A list of names seized by police probing allegations of child abuse includes ministers, members of the royal household and a world-famous pop star, the Sunday People can reveal.
All were recorded as visitors to a suburban guest house that operated as a gay brothel.
Now some could be suspects in an investigation into a network of powerful people who were secret paedophiles for years.”
The following anonymous comment was made on a political blog which was discussing the list:
” Could this be the same quite famous singer who in the early days of his career also used to hang out in Morocco with Krays, Coward etc, and now lives in Surrey?
Is he the same singer the local police went to see before news of the So-vile scandal broke and warned that he should stop attending certain parties in the county held by rich business men who were shipping in pre-teen male children from South America for weekend-long orgies and then promptly shipping them out again – allegedly?
If so, unthinkable to even imagine that the police might have given him a bit of ‘friendly’, and why?
Because it came from on high, and though the local plod were disgusted and wanted to act, those on high felt the nations psyche wouldn’t benefit from such news – the singer being a good ……… and all.”
How very, very strange indeed.
The clock is ticking on Britain’s dirty secrets…..
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21 Responses to “Has Britain’s most ‘beloved’ popstar been arrested on child-abuse charges”

  1. Anonymous says:

    i used to go aftera night out for a kebeb house which was open 24/7 on the corner of Lea Bridhe and Markhouse rd East London, rays territory, the man there in broken English said he would see on the other corner taxis with pop stars and well known DJs arriving with very young boys, he claimed that the boys often looked
    intoxicated, i never knew what to think of this, but in recent developments i think its true

  2. Anonymous says:

    Is this article saying that Cliff stopped abusing boys twenty or thirty years ago.
    I cannot believe that Paedophiles can switch on and off.
    Paedophiles do not change their spots, they are what they are.
    Paedophiles are a danger to children and to the Country.
    Since the Elite Freemasons run just about every Country they leave themselves open to Blackmail and Treason.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Clif Richards car was well known for hanging around outside a boys school up to 5 years back i dont know about now, his car was aslo a regular visitor outside chelsea barracks where he would constantly try to talk to young soldiers. Those who know him say that after Lord Boothby demanded the krays send him cliff for a dirty weekend, cliff was so brutalised he had to wear a colostomy bag, his fan club have admitted for some years he is a pevert

  4. Anonymous says:

    This sounds like Clif Richard who was a guest at Nimrod house and Elm house, witnesses claim he often arrrived with a black footballer.
    When Hermaphrodite singer boy george was arrested for kidnapping raping and beating a young rent boy, he told of Paul Gambacini Danny La Rue Farnkie Howard and Allan Freeman being at boy parties with other homosexuals who would abuse the boys ferried in from several care homes.
    In a report dated October 2009 Margaret Hodge childrens minister read all this and much more and binned it witha gagging order saying
    “we dont want to go there do we ? “

  5. Anonymous says:

    brian p

  6. Anonymous says:

    I no longer put my name on comments since we learnt that there are people trying to trace the names for rupert murdoch,
    please be mindful of this.
    many years ago Cliff Richard made a pass at another pop star at the granada cinema nightspot, and he got punched in the mouth, my mother had to give him first aid.
    Cliff is a well known pervert.
    BTW Paul Gambacini gave queens evidence against saville which wa swhy the police searched the grounds of his scottish home witha body detector, gambacinni was promised immunity for the information but he now claims the police are going back on their word and want him for attending boysex parties

  7. Anonymous says:

    My elder bother now in his late seventies remembers the incident at the granada cinema, and says the man who beat cliff to a pulp was Marty Wllde.
    He said he was often sked to drive pop stars places, and said no mention has been made of other homosexual boy abusers such as long john baldry, freddie mercury
    elton john geirge michael boy george and a well known actor dirke bogarde his memory is failing now but said boys from care homes were always available

  8. This sounds like Clif Richard who was a bedfellow at Nimrod abode and Elm house, assemblage affirmation he generally arrrived with a atramentous footballer.

    ghost mannequin | background remove glamour retouching

  9. Anonymous says:

    when other performers were boycotting israel, Cliff was told he had to go, he was not happy about this. Most DJs and agents were homosexual in the 60s and 70s
    and if you came across you were taken on, otherwise no.
    Jonathan Kings statement to police implicated a whole host of homosexuals using these boys,
    how many have been brought to book ? Michael funnylegs, thats about it
    brian p

  10. Anonymous says:

    So, it’s obvious that they had to legalise homosexuality asap in order to bring about the public acceptance of paedophilia that much quicker before legislation was made to stop men abusing boys.

    It’s always men abusing boys. That’s homosexuality. And yet we are continually told that it’s girls these men are abusing. Guaranteed, although a small number of girls are abused by men, compared to boys, they’ll be sodomising them that’s for sure.


  11. Jason H. Smith says:

    Paedophilia, child sacrifice and chemical extracts from a child’s pineal gland is the glue that binds them in the most evil and disgusting Satanic rituals you could ever imagine! They might not all be practising these murderous rituals; but one thing is for sure, everyone, who is an established public figure, is aware of what is going on, and are therefore guilty of the huge conspiracy of silence that permeates every aspect of public life. It is not so much a climate of fear, but a climate of sheer terror that stops them from talking. Plus the fact, you can never become an established public figure, unless the powers of darkness facilitate your career, in some way. And yes, they will let you know, by the most subtle and insidious means, that by their patronage, you may continue to clown around as one of their puppets for as long as they feel you are an asset with a purpose.

  12. sovereigntea says:

    Cliff Richard | Don’t Forget To Catch Me 1969


    “people trying to trace the names for rupert murdoch”

    Fuck war whore chickenhawk infiltrator propagandist spymaster Rupert Murdoch close friend of Alex the wet cod Salmond.

    Name & address supplied if you can prove you work for the scumbag master of traitors.

  13. Anonymous says:

    @anon 7.29am You are probably right. I found this from another forum Dec 2012. Anonymous said…

    “This reminded me when i was first married worked evenings at a kebab shop on the corner of lea bridge road and markhouse road, the owner told me watch the shop over the road on the corner, he said little boys were being smuggled in there at night for dirty parties with old men, i thought i had misheard him as his English was not good,
    but it was true, it was some sort of big music shop, and some one said recently it were a den of peadophiles there, how disgusting. ann.


  14. Anonymous says:

    Tap … This might confirm what anon said at 7.29am … are the police investigating it? Doubt it.

    “The DJ Allan ‘Fluff’ Freeman, brought a special blend of quick humour and colour to radio and televised pop music shows. He owned a large corner shop in Lea Bridge Rd. London, and this was the venue for many kinky parties where young boys from several care homes would be brought in by taxis for the night. Jimmy Saville, Jonathan King, Joe Meeks and on occasion Brian Epstein, all Jewish pop mogul homosexuals would party and ply drugs and alcohol to young boys. The local police chief was horrified to find Liberal party leader Jeremy Thorpe and other top politicians also attended these parties, and a boozy lunchtime in the policemen’s pub the Windmill, made sure the kinky parties quickly came to an end.


  15. Anonymous says:



    why is this word not used “BUGGERY”

    whats changed ?

    Wasn’t BUGGERY Illegal ?

    Goes way back, although serious, many used it all too loosely,
    eg:- you little bugger you

    These REAL buggers need EXPOSING now.

    my wishes (as a loving parent) were always to allow our children to stay innocent for as long as possible as once their childhood spell has been broken / DESTROYED By those BUGGERS it can never return. so heart breaking.



    “BUGGERY” just seems to have the correct ring about it wouldn’t you say?

  16. Anonymous says:

    I can say Harbinger and Jason H smith are totally correct in their comments, i studied thes ethings for many year and yes it comes from the talmud
    thankyou ( no name )

  17. Anonymous says:

    so they are now putting cliff out to dry! hahaha have knew he was a nonce from time didn’t like him or his shit music ….The police ..what a ffff. joke…Go knock on ya Queens Door yr find more…..don’t cha know ….and people ..where the ffff are ya ..letting pedophiles rule over ya and ya children ….Stand together .. lets all meet at number 10……and Tell them..FS…

  18. Anonymous says:

    it might interest people to know that a link to this story on the colemanexperience site was posted on the david icke forums, but was quickly removed by the forum’s ‘moderators’ – says everything anyone needs to know about the icke forums, and of the powerful forces at work who dont want the sordid truth about this vile individual getting out.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Cliff, Tony Blair’s pal?

  20. shirlz007 says:

    Who gives a fuck about Rupert Murdoch!!! 😀 The guys a clown! … I think it’s GCHQ and NSA you have to worry about!

  21. mark says:

    Jewish Pop Culture will eat itself…after stoopid Goyim, for starters.

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