Formal religions deal in fear and hope. Theism focuses on beauty and understanding

Religion, Atheism and Dogmatic Thinking

I probably am one of the few who contribute to your Blog Tap, who would consider, Theism as the Purest form of Religion. I probably also know more about The Occult than the majority of contributers. The Occult answers the questions that Science can’t.

Whilst Western philosophy has influenced, & defined parameters between, Chistianity, & Judaism, Islam has also had some influence. The Orthodox form of all three religions have embraced THEISM. Each religion, however, has also yielded a wide range of other views.

Hume’s Aesthetic Theism
Although popular religion is driven by our ignorance of the causes of the
events we observe, pure theism is driven by our understanding of them. The
more we understand the causes, the more we are drawn toward pure theism.

Bacon’s observation that “a little philosophy
… makes men atheists: A great deal reconciles them to religion’‘ (DNR 329).
Hume interprets this to mean that as people learn more about the workings of the
universe, their commitment to popular religion decreases, but their ac-
ceptance of pure theism increases.

Pure theism is also based on an emotion; in pure theism the relevant
passion is the sense of beauty rather than hope or fear, & haven’t the Eathly Bound Religions emphasised this to keep them under control.

That is why The Vatican, have always tried to control, the masses, & consider all
those who embrace Orthodox Forms of Religion as Heretics, whom they must Exterminate.

This is what has shaped our History, & is still doing so, very few will accept this as they wish to stay within the safety of their Fragile Shells, & chose to interpret everything from their own religious viewpoint, interjected with their preconcied false theories & idealism, & will vigourously attack all who shake the Cage.

I will show you in due course that as I have previously stated, The contest is between Orthodox & Non-Orthodox Forms of Religions.



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10 Responses to “Formal religions deal in fear and hope. Theism focuses on beauty and understanding”

  1. yes2truth says:

    Carnal intellectual nonsense of the most erroneous kind.

    The Truth is not theism.

    The Truth is not philosophy.

    The Truth is not theology.

    The Truth is not religion.

    The Truth is not the Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religion in all its satanic guises – Catholicism – Eastern Orthodoxy – Protestantism – all are counterfeits.

    Therefore there is no such thing as a pure religion. Religion is a lie – period, so it can never be pure. The term ‘pure religion’ is therefore an oxymoron.

    The same applies to pure theism.

    Yashua Messiah is The Truth and there is no other.

  2. Anonymous says:

    the above is the truth ,the way and the life.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wasp says “That is why The Vatican, have always tried to control, the masses, & consider all those who embrace Orthodox Forms of Religion as Heretics, whom they must Exterminate.”

    Disinformation agent. I thought Harbinger exposed Wasp, but the Tap keeps on posting his crap. The Jews are trying to control religion NOW.

    Rabbi Michael J. Broyde. Jewish Law and American Public Policy

    Jewish law presupposes that there is just one God, and that such a deity is the sole God in the heavens and the earth, unmatched and omniscient. Jewish Law expects that all people, Jews and Gentiles, will accept this one God as ‘the God’ and worship him appropriately, Jews according to Jewish law and everyone else according to Noahide law. (Noahide law is that area of Jewish law that discusses what Jewish law THINKS GENTILES SHOULD BE DOING!!!! and is, in the eyes of Jewish law as binding as Jewish law itself).


    Diplomats, delegates and rabbi’s gather at UN Headquarters for “One People, One World Conference”. United Nations, New York June 10th, 2013. On the heels of 3 Tammuz, members of the UN Diplomatic corps, UN Press Officers and other officials gathered at the UN headquarters in New York to learn how the Seven Noahide Laws must play a key role in international efforts for world peace. “On this day, people from all over the world gathered on behalf of the Laws of Noah”, said Rabbi Yakov D. Cohen, head of the Institute of Noahide Code, which sponsored the conference. “Their observance is required, so that the vision of the United Nations to have a settled and civilized world, filled with economic justice and righteousness will prevail”.
    Titled ‘One People, One World’, the conference brought together journalists, diplomats and delegates from countries across the globe, including Egypt and Israel. Guests of honour from the UN Diplomatic Corps also signed a ‘Declaration of the Seven Laws of Noah’, which emphasized the importance of the Seven Noahide Laws in maintaining peace, justice and harmony among peoples and nations. In his remarks at the event, Rabbi Cohen discussed how monotheism, uniting the world under the one true God, is essential for breaking down barriers between cultures. Looking around the room, filled with faces reflecting the diversity of the United Nations itself, Rabbi Cohen insisted that we must work together in bringing the international community to a higher level of spiritual understanding of man’s place in the universe.
    Other speakers at the event included Cartell Gore, President of the Booker T. Washington Business League and Richard Dawson, Director of Dawson Associates International, who insisted that all Jews are obligated to teach the Seven Noahide Laws. In addition to prohibiting idolatry, the Noahide code also forbids blasphemy, forbidden sexual relationships, murder, theft, and cruelty to animals. It also commands its followers to implement orderly processes of justice. The Institute of Noahide Code is a UN accredited NGO dedicated to spreading awareness of the Seven Noahide Laws, which all peoples of the world are OBLIGATED to follow. It takes its guidance from the inspiring vision of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, who understood the inherent power of these laws to unite the nations of the world.

  4. Anonymous says:

    One World Government and One World religion – JUDAISM with Talmudic Law through the Noahide Law for gentiles … coming to your screens real soon form the Jewish mafia in Hollywood “NOAH” the latest blockbuster released on 28 March 2014 with Russel Crowe. Can’t wait for those subliminal messages to the Goyim.

  5. Nollidge says:

    Rabbi Michael J. Broyde was exposed as setting up sockpuppets online who supported & reinforced his arguments.This was exposed on
    It has a search function.

  6. wasp says:

    @-Anon 2.23 pm, & those of similar Ilk.

    It’s only ‘crap’ if you don’t have the intellect to understand it. It would appear you fall into this category, by your own admission, referring to it as ‘crap’.

    Harbinger would be incapable of exposing the relationship, between Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, & Walt Disney.

    The great mistake many of you ‘Smart Arses’ make is you think I am a Fool, well so be it.

    “The Greatest Fools Are Ofen Cleaverer Than The Fools Who Laugh At Them.”

    The definition of God entails some very interesting and unavoidable logical contradictions. With respect to other sorts of Gods , but typically the term God for many people does mean that ‘most perfect being’ that is free of evil and has power over all things, since if it wasn’t perfect in every way, why even call it God, or worship it at all.

    “I have examined all the known superstitions of the world, and I do not find in our particular superstition of Christianity one redeeming feature. They are all alike founded on fables and mythology. Millions of innocent men, women and children, since the introduction of Christianity, have been burnt, tortured, fined and imprisoned. What has been the effect of this coercion? To make one half the world fools and the other half hypocrites; to support roguery and error all over the earth.”
    Thomas Jefferson

    The Ultimate is Energy, because there is no way it can be created or DESTROYED & may be described as PERFECT, so only a complete idiot, or “BRAIN DEAD” MORON would disagree with the statement that ‘G’ = Energy, or perhaps you would like to be the first?

    My View Of God, Is That Of Being Energy, The Ultimate Source Of Every Thing!

    “The Greatest Obstacle to discovery is not ignorance – it is the illusion of knowledge”




  7. Tapestry says:

    No source is perfect. You can learn from a fool. You can learn from your enemy. I will post anyone who writes interesting material. Those who demand others be censored will meet with disappointment.

  8. yes2truth says:

    Wasp said:

    “The great mistake many of you ‘Smart Arses’ make is you think I am a Fool, well so be it.”

    I wouldn’t call you a fool, just a man of error. A man who voices uninformed half-baked opinions which I have exposed numerous times.

    Until you have separated The Truth from religion you will continue on your slippery error filled downward path.

    You then quote what is allegedly a statement from Jefferson which is also erroneous.

    Far more people have been killed by Bolshevik Marxist tyrants and other secular barbarians than those by the Christian religion, not that I am defending the Christian religion, because it is guilty of thousands of murderous satanic crimes. Jefferson’s comment was therefore both exagerated and plain wrong as is Wasp once more.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Here we go again! The evil behaviour of the spawn of Cain is yet again blamed on believers in Christ. In the early days of Christianity Satans children murdered many Christians in the cruellest of ways. When the rotten race realised they were failing in their attempt to stop the spread of Christianity, TheY started Organised Religion. Anyone who cares to do some research can see how filthy the early Catholic churches Edomite clergy was. Now that these children of satan were in charge of the sheep they began their cancerous corruption from within. Preventing people from reading the Bible and murdering dissidents. When some communities broke away from the Catholic church these evil maggots sneakily infiltrated these new communities. There is nothing new under the sun and we see this happening in a similar manner today, where, like a virus these satanic psychopaths will infiltrate and use any organisation to further their own ends. Fortunately true believers in Yahweh who are familiar with His Word Yashua are able to distinguish between truth and lies! We are not meant to just Love this disgusting spawn of satan as these Edomites and thieves of our heritage would have us believe. In Malachi 1:2 Yahweh says to his children, (those ones being the sheep who hear his voice); “I have loved you, saith Yahweh. Yet ye say, ‘Wherein hast Thou loved us?’ Was not Esau Jacobs brother? saith Yahweh: Yet I LOVED JACOB, AND I HATED ESAU, …. On this earth there are children of Yashua and children of lucifer. The children of Yahweh recognises their Fathers voice, and the children of lucifer recognise their own fathers voice.

  10. Anonymous says:

    God give me strength ……after reading this ….Please !!!!!!!!!!

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