Farage Clegg highlights for those that missed it

Farage won. Clegg’s approach is interesting. Badly chaired, allowing too many interruptions by Clegg while Farage is speaking.  Whoever doubts these two can’t stand each other further than they can spit?  Go Farage.


Farage responds to Clegg: 
“I’m sick to death of this country getting involved in foreign wars”

I agree and as Gerald Celente says over and over again: 
No more to war!

Political parties/gangs are the past. Direct democracy / direct voting on any issue is an option forward. In the immediate short term, UKIP offer at least a withdrawal from the EU superstate plan while maintaining or renewing trade deals with Europe as one would do with any trade partner.

Carry on Tap 

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17 Responses to “Farage Clegg highlights for those that missed it”

  1. Anonymous says:

    OK but the thing is whistleblowers know when they give out info on government crimes, that there will be reprisals, sometimes these are physical in nature some are character assassinations such as those with Chris Spivey being a secret queer pro jew socialist fraud , we all know its bullshit.
    Look at Maud Dib Be Fellowes etc all forced from their homes,
    The authorities can use your next door neighbours under the neighbour hood watch scemes to spy on your home and they will if they think you could whistleblow.
    Beware neew people who are too freindly and ask questions for they could be collaborators
    thanks tap
    Susan Foster truthjiuce

  2. Anonymous says:

    It looks like Nigel Farage is making fast headway with the British people and the government are worried.
    It’s about time someone got the government on their toes, lets see if he can get them on the run

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well just look at chris cooper. hes the latest in a long line of whistleblowers to be closed down, his youtube vids all gone
    and hes now forced to move home, there is talk he will be back on radio very soon, persoanally i cant see it at all

  4. Anonymous says:

    This shows that jews run the west
    its all here
    ( no vatican jesuit bullshit we expect from wasp )
    its time he was excluded from the website please

  5. Anonymous says:

    Yes Tap “Go Farage” GO AWAY FARAGE. No more of the same Rothschild’s controlled criminal parties who serve the mafia in the Corporation of the City of London.

  6. Anonymous says:

    w3e all hope farage is as good as it says on the tin, we geta lot of USAF personell in as the base is nearby, they said there will be a lot of action today, and sure enough heavy transport planes leaving every 10 minutes, if they bomb iran, they will no longer get served in my cafe, daves fish and chip shop or markus in the pub.

  7. Anonymous says:

    They faked the entire Holocaust… most of you are probably aware of this, but just in case. 🙂


  8. Anonymous says:

    Good luck Nigel Farrage !!!
    I used to be a Chris Cooper fan
    but none of these people last long who tell the truth !!!
    my bet is that he will not be allowed another show !!
    Colin Marshall

  9. Anonymous says:

    clegg child wrangler.
    euro child pimp special discounts for bulk refugees

  10. Anonymous says:

    @ 3:06 pm

    Agreed. If voting changed anything they would make it illegal. Farage/UKIP are just more of the same NWO sham western democracy bait imho. If he was genuine, Farage would probably already be dead by now c/o the Rothschild mafia. Did the light plane crash he was in – if the plane crash actually happened – bring him to his NWO senses… or else?

  11. Anonymous says:

    I would love to believe in nigel, his arguments, proposals and for long enough, i have. However, as far as i’m concerned the elephant in the room is PEDOPHILIA! and the ongoing kidnapping and abuse/murder of children by the state and it’s officers. This has to be a “mega” industry if the recent disclosures and whistleblowers are to be believed and intriguingly not one senior politician or any royals are willing to comment or demand answers and an end to this satanic activity. It’s left to ordinary people such as the magnificent Bill Maloney, Robert Green, David Icke, Aangirfan, Coleman Experience and a few others who perpetuate the focus on this the greatest crime committed by the establishment and perpetuated to this day while we have complete silence by bbc/sky etc. The only publicity is for the aging show-biz people simply to divert our attention away from the real criminal cabal, those high level establishment persons from the royals all the way to the people involved in “care homes” etc. etc..Nothing is ever going to make us FREE and allow us to become a nation of honest people with sincere wholesome values until and unless we cleanse these evil scum from our midst, wherever and whoever they are. Forget the courts and the legal system for they are too far down the toilet to be expected to perform as they should, and for sure those historically and currently engaged in anti-family, anti-human practices will never voluntarily forego their sick enjoyment/control or the money they make. It is blatantly obvious there are NO independent (as in Govt. influence -free) parties or politicians out there. This issue is never on any agenda and if confronted they simply clam up and run away…like cleggie did when confronted by Bill Maloney. I love watching nigel take down almost everyone he meets up with in a political discussion or interviews etc. but it really is nothing more than good theatre and yet more distractions for the so-called “electorate” to contend with. If nigel is as genuine and sincere as he comes across, then why has he never denounced the war crimes of israel including the recent and very visible use of white phosphorous, the ongoing murder and displacement by the IDF, and why has he never addressed the issue of pedophilia in the establishment of this country?

    I do agree with everything he says in regard to the UK and the EU and in that at least he is voicing the opinions of the majority of people at large.

    Revolution of some sort is our hope now…


  12. Anonymous says:

    Pardon me! I should also mention and acknowledge “The Tap” as being at the forefront of propagating freedom of expression and confronting the MSM in the same way that those other genuine stalwarts mentioned in my earlier post. My previous omission was unintentional. Tap is my daily source of information and communication. It is always my first stop upon opening my laptop/phone. A forum of opportunity and a fountain of knowledge. Long may it continue and long may it continue to be the forum for Wasp, Harbinger, Gordon and all who have a point of view and something of worth to share. Let the objectors to content and/or contributors move on to some other blogs if it’s soft music and soothing comments they need. Only by reading all conjecture and opposing arguments can we formulate and assemble our own beliefs & subsequently enlighten ourselves from the burden of forced “official” propaganda and find the path to a peaceful and fulfilling future. reiverdave

  13. NPP says:

    Farage responds to Clegg:
    “I’m sick to death of this country getting involved in foreign wars”

    I agree and as Gerald Celente says over and over again:
    No more to war!

    Political parties/gangs are the past. Direct democracy / direct voting on any issue is an option forward. In the immediate short term, UKIP offer at least a withdrawal from the EU superstate plan while maintaining or renewing trade deals with Europe as one would do with any trade partner.

    Carry on Tap… er, sorry, been watching a Dad’s Army clip.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Rieverdave… I was about to say the same but you said it for me.
    I totally agree.
    Variety is what makes this blog interesting.
    One source is not responsible for all world events alone, there are many pieces to the jigsaw. Jesuits, jews, Vatican, illuminati and others they all have parts to play in the great scheme of things. No one faction rules alone and all wars have opposing sides.
    I personally am grateful to Tap, Wasp, Harbinger, Gordon and all the others who have taken the time to research and share the information they have uncovered.
    The Tap is also my first port of call when switching the pc on as it covers a variety of topics and up to date current affairs.
    Unfortunately on every blog I read there are shills who constantly try to sway peoples thinking to one idea only. They infiltrate every threads comments section and comment with the same off topic subject remark in order to re-direct the conversation matter to what they want people to be thinking and believing, we can’t get away from them but I just ignore them.
    The more commenters discredit a person the more I think that person is worth taking notice of. After all that’s how shills work – by trashing a persons credibilty and ridiculing their information.

    I have to say Tap I have learnt more from your blog and it’s contributors as well as the comments from readers than any where else. Thank you all.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Apart from the EU question, Farage is just like the rest. Controlled.

  16. sovereigntea says:

    Lynne Portues and Nathalie Veart have had their home broken into numerous times, been slandered in the local papers, and terrorised by Hartlepool police and neighbours, Lynne was sectioned but released with admission that she was sane, their ‘crime’ for showing evidence that their local vicar Fr Paul Allinson had pictures of young looking teenage boys and gay porn on his facebook page, and protesting peacefully about it in their local neighbourhood, his page is still running but now hidden from public view,



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