Ex-CIA Pilot Gives Sworn Testimony That No Planes Hit The Twin Towers

US Will Have To Rebut Or Accept Statement As Truth

By: Ron Baitley-Simens
 on 3rd March 2014 @ 9.21am
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A former CIA and civilian pilot has sworn an affidavit, stating that no planes flew into the Twin Towers as it would have been physically impossible.
John Lear, the son of Learjet inventorBill Lear, has given his expert evidence that it would have been physically impossible for Boeing 767s, like Flights AA11 and UA175 to have hit the Twin Towers on 9/11, particularly when flown by inexperienced pilots:
‘No Boeing 767 airliners hit the Twin Towers as fraudulently alleged by the government, media, NIST and its contractors’, he stated in the affidavit.
‘Such crashes did not occur because they are physically impossible as depicted, for the following reasons: in the case of UAL 175 going into the south tower, a real Boeing 767 would have begun ‘telescoping’ when the nose hit the 14 inch steel columns which are 39 inches on center.
‘The vertical and horizontal tail would have instantaneously separated from the aircraft, hit the steel box columns and fallen to the ground.
‘The engines when impacting the steel columns would havemaintained their general shape and either fallen to the ground or been recovered in the debris of the collapsed building.
‘No Boeing 767 could attain a speed of 540 mph at 1000 feet above sea level ‘parasite drag doubles with velocity’ and ‘parasite power’ cubes with velocity.
  • The fan portion of the engine is not designed to accept the volume of dense air at that altitude and speed.
  • The piece of alleged external fuselage containing 3 or 4 window cutouts is inconsistent with an airplane that hit 14 inch steel box columns, placed at over 500 mph.  It would have crumpled.
  • No significant part of the Boeing 767 or engine could have penetrated the 14 inch steel columns and 37 feet beyond the massive core of the tower without part of it falling to the ground.
‘The debris of the collapse should have contained massive sections of the Boeing 767, including 3 engine cores weighing approximately 9000 pounds apiece which could not have been hidden. Yet there is no evidence of any of these massive structural components from either 767 at the WTC. Such complete disappearance of 767s is impossible.
The affidavit, dated 28th January 2014 is part of a law suit being pursued byMorgan Reynolds in the United States District Court, Southern District, New York.
In March 2007, Reynolds, a former chief economist under the George W Bush administration filed a Request For Correction with the US National Institute of Science and Technology citing his belief that real commercial jets (Boeings) did not hit the WTC towers.
Although the 9/11 Truth movement initially rejected the ‘no-planes’ theory as too outlandish, after scientific and rational analysis, it has become a widely accepted explanation of the evidence collected.
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Unlike any other form of statement, an affidavit becomes truth in law, if it is not rebutted.  It will now be up to critics of the theory to present their evidence and analysis to rebut the statement point by point.  If they do not – or cannot – then the US government will be obliged to admit that the account given by the 9/11 Commission is wrong.
The 65 year old retired airline captain and former CIA pilot – who has over 19,000 hours of flight time — also drew attention to the inexperience of the pilots who allegedly flew the planes:
‘The alleged ‘controlled’ descent into New York on a relatively straight course by a novice pilot in unlikely in the extreme because of the difficulty of controlling heading, descent rate and descent speed within the parameters of ‘controlled’ flight.
‘It takes a highly skilled pilot to interpret the “EFIS” (Electronic Flight Instrument Display) display, with which none of the hijacker pilots would have been familiar or received training on, and use his controls, including the ailerons, rudder, elevators, spoilers and throttles to effect, control and maintain a descent.
Lear has, according to his sworn statement, flown over 100 different types of planes during his 40 years of flying and holds more FAA airman certificates than any other FAA certificated airman. He flew secret missions for the CIA in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa between 1967 and 1983 then spent 17 years working for several passenger and cargo airlines as Captain, Check Airman and Instructor.
He is a member of Pilotfor911truth.org, which has consistently shown that it was impossible for jet airliners to have hit the Twin Towers in the way the 9/11 Commission has suggested.



Look carefully at this ‘graphic’.  have you ever seen a plane with the lump sticking out of one side of its fuselage ever before or since?  There’s your first clue.  There are plenty of others.  Click link above ‘planes hitting twin towers…’.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    writing in retirement here from Florida, myself and my brother in law were both military intelligence before joining the CIA, we know a lot about this
    but are afraid, as soon as any whistleblower speaks out some nobhead will creep out from the woodwork and scream liar fake etc
    we are talking it over as loyal americans, not to the government but to the people, our people

  2. mz says:

    Then what did we see on TV? What did New Yorkers see? Very curious, not attacking this article. Have doubted the fall of the towers since watched it that day. How was it pulled off?

    • Neal Hayes says:

      I can’t be certain…but if you watched New Years Eve 1999-2000… The large NBC symbol in Time Square was on and bright….but if you flipped the channel to CBS, Their symbol was where the NBC symbol should be…they were changing a life feed that night….I don’t know for sure…but I guess it could be along these lines.

    • davmc69 says:

      Remember the mistake with the olympic rings in the opening ceremony? The russian people don’t remember it because they never saw it. The practice lighting of the rings was layered over the live feed and the russian people never knew that the fifth ring failed.

  3. Obli Recor says:

    To answer your questions, and if you are eager for knowledge, you should read the book: “911tholgy Third Truth 911” written by “Dimitri Khalezov” and visit our site: “obligatoriorecordar.blogspot.com”

  4. sovereigntea says:

    mz said… Then what did we see on TV? What did New Yorkers see?



  5. Anonymous says:

    jews were given the day off from work, then the ziobastards bombed amaerica and the 5 dancing israelis walked away,
    and no one could do zilch

  6. Lokis says:

    loose cannons like this continue to be planted – this chap remains on the CIA payroll – crazy assertions like this fall into the poison pill well like the DEW garbage. Fool me once….

  7. Tapestry says:

    check out 911 on The Tap. The planes were computer graphics overlaid over anti-gravity vehicles. Excellent videos of how it was done.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The 8 plane theory makes the most sense to me.. it explains why there’s a bump on the fuselage .. and why both planes were still on radar after they hit the towers

  9. Anonymous says:

    An explanation of the towers being controlled demolition using thermite


  10. Anonymous says:

    “thanks yesman – I had to check to see what I wrote – what are you trying to say? – do you support this foolishness? Even a child could see thru this sophistry.”

    How on earth can this be a false argument?

    The obvious facts surround the case that have never been properly questioned:

    1. A group of rookies with a few hours of biplane lessons, are able to drive a commercial passenger plane. Seriously?

    2. The plane that hit the Pentagon WAS NOT a plane. Why? Well, Are you trying to tell me that the headquarters of American defense had only one camera’s film footage of the event and even that was a terrible recording? This is laughable, although the film evidence clearly showed a missile and not any plane, which were it a plane, those hijackers would never have been able to have flown it into the pentagon at that angle with their lack of flight training.

    3. No bodies recovered from the plane that ‘got away’ and was diverted before it could do damage? Was it a Marie Celeste plane by any chance?

    4. Many of the hijackers weren’t even on the planes and turned up safe and sound all over the world.

    5. A group of men armed with boxcutters can take over a plane and tell the pilot to fly them into those big towers over there. Seriously?

    The evidence that there were no hijackers continues to prove far more plausible that the official story, itself a bunch of lies.

    I suggest you do some research on a one Rabbi Dov Zackheim, very much involved in 9/11. And when you do you’ll be very interested in finding out just what sort of work he did.

    Anyone who truly believes in the official story is either working for those behind it or utterly bereft of any intelligence and logic whatsoever.


  11. sovereigntea says:

    pointless argument over detail – classic trolling techniques how many shills are amongst us ?

    Norad stand down 3 towers two planes –demo charges- BBC Thompson Reuters Canary Wharf feed read the WTC7 script too early LOL = 911 Tavistock psyop. Cte of 300 & usual suspects the merchants of death Dragos ! Zios & Bush & media whores all called Al Quada too early –another givaway All roads lead where ?

    $3trillion Criminals Too big for smartass psyop boots “bold & brilliant” Tavistock piss takers.FU Hange em High. Song for the day “your time is gonna come.” Lead Zeppelin

  12. yes2truth says:

    Hey Tap, you spoiled my fun by deleting his comment!!

  13. yes2truth says:

    And my comments too, you really are trigger happy so and so Tap.

  14. Tapestry says:

    Don’t encourage them…..

  15. Tapestry says:

    I’ve added the link back to the source for those who want to dig deeper.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Something that is rarely mentioned is the fact, recorded by the Bureau of Traffic Statistics, that flight 11 did not leave the ground that day. It was scheduled to take off at 07:45, but the flight was cancelled, presumably because there were not enough people booked on it. There is therefore no possibility that this plane hit anything.

    To see a screenshot of the BTS records, take a look at:


    You posted this article, Tap, from the original website, a while ago, but I don’t think that this piece of information was picked up on.

    • Dave Eboch says:

      Excellent comment my friend and it matches the initial FBI reports that only two flights UA 175 and 93 were involved. Report also states that a passenger named Peter Hanson called emergency services and stated his plane was hijacked and he witnessed a stewardess being shot but the plane was still on the ground. Initial FBI report for 2001 also calls it the Twin Tower bombings and they were not referring to 1993. Anyone can go to the FBI website and read this.

  17. Kayne Allen says:

    I’ve spoken to several demolition experts… people who regularly bring down big buildings using explosives. Every one that I asked, just during casual conversation, I’d say… “Twin Towers… planes or demolition?”
    EVERY single one just nodded their heads sadly and said “Demolition”.
    You can’t fool people who’ve been doing that kind of work for 20 or 30 years of their life. They know what they’re seeing, they know how squibs blow, how buildings crumple as they do ONLY in demolition circumstances.
    And yes, where WERE all those plane parts?

    This ex-CIA’s affidavit is exciting; it means SOMETHING is going to hit the fan soon. Sadly, he may find himself unwillingly silenced before this gets much further. I hope not.
    He looks sharp enough to take care of himself.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Holographic inserts.

  19. Anonymous says:

    No planes crashed on 911. Thermite was used but only to “unground” the buildings as much as possible. Mini nukes were not used however there were some explosives with material to distract people from the real trail of evidence.



  20. Stalls says:

    how do we account for the people lost on the planes?
    are we saying that those planes were destroyed or blown up elsewhere??

  21. Anonymous says:

    How do we account for the people lost on the planes?
    There were no people on those planes.
    It was an elaborate scam, using photographic trickery, false names and ages, and fake obituaries. It was very profitable. A lot of money was donated & shared with those who took part in the lie.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I would highly recommend reading “The Big Bamboozle” by Philip Marshall

    He details how Osama bin Laden died in 2001, the 9/11 hijackers were funded by the Saudi Government, and to an extent handled by US intelligence, and how they had extensive training, on the actual aircraft they would be hijacking, for months prior to 9/11, at a CIA airport, which was/is also used by the criminal mercenary outfit Blackwater, in the desert out west. Namely, the Pinal Airpark.

    On page 48 of his book, Marshall writes, “On December 11, 2004, Gary Webb died from two gunshot wounds to the head, shots described in media reports as self-inflicted, an unprecedented feat.” Mr. Webb wrote a series that “linked [Oliver] North’s projects to the CIA and further to the distribution of crack cocaine in the 1980s into Los Angeles, the profits having been funneled to the Contras.” Marshall actually details how at least some of the shadowy big-wigs behind Iran-Contra were the same ones behind 9/11. The clincher?

    “On February 6, 2013, the Santa Barbara View reported that Phillip Marshall, author of, The Big Bamboozle: 9/11 and the War on Terror, his two teenage children (14 year old Micalia and 17 year old Alex) and the family dog had been found inside their home all dead from gunshot wounds.”



  23. Anonymous says:

    You might try http://www.septemberclues.info to see about some of the errors they may have made in case this fellow turns out to be 100% correct!

  24. Anonymous says:

    This agrees with Dimitri Khalezov, saying that there were no planes, only CGI.

    After hearing Dimitri’s talk, the only thing I thought was a stretch was the “no plane” theory. The rest of the talk about nuclear demolition seems at least as realistic than other explanations.

    I believe it was done with a combination of thermite and other explosives. This video makes a strong case for nuclear demolition:

    Dimitri Khalezov – WTC Nuclear Demolition

  25. Lokis says:

    good point – I suspect we are witnessing here the trolls and shills – some paid for by the neocons others just spending time between welfare checks – but most are Americans with little or no perspective beside their hillbilly high school knowledge – god bless

  26. Lokis says:

    who do you work for? CIA – MI something – CSIS? you will reap the whirlwind traitor

  27. The owner of tower 7 has already gone on the record he ordered bldg 7 demolition. The old fool wants us to believe he had a team go in and wire it for demolition in just 3 hours because the fire made it unsafe. His interview did so much to confirm the deliberate destruction of all the buildings. The interview is on YT. As far as CGI- one huge problem with the theory- why not CGI real looking commercial planes instead of military looking? Such as no Windows. The CGI doesn’t address this simple detail adequately.

  28. yes2truth says:

    @ Tap,

    Well he’s back and nearly all of his comments intact.

    I think you used him as an excuse to delete my pertinent comment re the disso Fetzer

    I think you’re a devious so and so Tap – a dissembler.

  29. Tapestry says:

    Fetzer did some good stuff on the Kennedy assassination.

  30. Elise Breen says:

    What about all the dead people who were on the flights? Did the families conspire to fake their loved-ones deaths?

  31. Anonymous says:

    It was all a fake, Operation Northwoods is the blueprint – and so was the anthrax. Other fakes exist, from the Reichstagbrand to 7/7.
    Murdoch press was part of it – and the BBC was pulled in with Jane Standley telling the story of WTC7 falling 20 minutes BEFRORE it happened…they were trying to tape it first to get it right but forgot and went to broadcast then pulled it in the middle of her speech – around 10pm EST – the towers then fell around 10:20pm EST – the BBC ‘lost’ the archive but researchers found it and confroted the BBC…I talked to Richard Porter at the BBC and he told me CNN gave them the story – and was not happy about the suggestion to put Standley forward to answer questions, it was not a wise move he said.
    The truth will out and fall like lava from a volcano.
    I put up more info at http://www.hempforvictory.blogspot.com and wrote a book about it in Arabic in 2003.
    For more strange happening see http://www.cuentasdebolivia.com to see leaks on what is going on there.

    • Anonymous says:

      Very right our government let alone has been know to “Photoshop” and manipulate photos for centuries President U.S. Grant has been prove to have done this in at least one pic by taking three different pics and laying parts of each one together to make it look how he wanted and that’s just our government they have been doing this for years so no doubt the media and government did this one together

  32. Anonymous says:

    9/11 was just a Grand Media Hoax! A Hoax in which NO ONE died!

    The 3,000 body count was just a list of VICSIMs – simulated victims!

    So this was also a vast insurance scam, A fraud that wasn’t just lucky for Larry Silverstein, owner of the twin towers. All those ‘victims families’ (paid actors, spooks, etc.) also screwed the US taxpayer for billions in fake compensation payouts!

    See September Clues by Simon Shack, and the Vicsim Report by Maxeem Konrady


  33. Tapestry says:

    No one died? That’s not what the website says.

  34. Tapestry says:

    The passengers were sadly eliminated but not by crashing into the Twin Towers. One theory is that they were killed at Cleveland Airport.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Give this a rest already! ! How come this wasnt issued in the early years of 2001 ??
    It happened we can’t change time ! Even it it wasnt real we all kno the devil is working real hard … okay let this be behind us now!! We all seen what we saw .. so why now?? After a decade ?!

    • Dave Eboch says:

      You idiot this event ruined so many lives and we want the truth! My stepson died in the war that followed. A million innocent Iraqis and 600,000 thousand Afghans lost their lives as well! It affects more than just you and yours!

  36. Anonymous says:

    Yup…a pretty big drone…since many of those Saudis have been identified around the world &were allowed in the US—NO questions asked thru US/Mexican boarders. Ironic…no one desk/computer recovered…but One Saudi passport untouched by the controlled detonation of Tower 1, 2 & 4 “pull her” youTube video doesn’t lie…nor do STEELE structural engineers, chemical engineers, steele burning points, av gas burning points, the presence of excellerants in the rubble burning long after the actual day— red hot molton…& everything hauled off in trucks & destroyed-just like The compound in Waco tx under Janet Reno. both times- our gov’t was willing to torch it’s own citizens. I’m sure Cheney could have produced more yellowcake or cerifuges to invade Iraq…did you really need a new Pearl Harbor?!…yeah…and a real time Fima disaster drill at the same exact time?- with NO jets scrambled in time to “shoot down”- the aircraft. THE GREAT AMERICAN DUPPING. One single Rolls Royce jet propulsion at PENTAGON missle crash site….no fualages in the video footage. sad that our leadership still thinks that the American public is stupid.

  37. Anonymous says:

    I just want to know…how did an israeli company know to vacate & break their lease at tower 2 & loose a lot of money — before 9/11. why did the airlines stock have stop losses…why did no one collect those millions?!.where did all the Gold bars from under Tower 2 go?!(hauled away in trucks), why did fbi agents try to silence those who said that they initially heard explosions & those in the parking garsge in Tower one with skin detatched from explotions before anything enteted the bldg. not one single bone/ skeletal remain recovered from 9/11.

  38. I have been saying this from 2004 when I realized that the digital readouts (on the seat backs of all commercial airliners) showing altitude and speed had been removed. It struck me as odd, then I realized why I didn’t buy the 9/11 story. Because they don’t want the public to realize that Boeing 767s cannot fly at the speeds we saw them fly on TV on 9/11, below 30,000 feet, it’s physically impossible.

    Someone asked what did people on the ground see, holograms, the AWACs seen flying above NY and DC were controlling drones to there targets and over laid holograms along their flight path much as they would guide missiles or fighters to their intended targets. Military Holographic technology is fifty years ahead of what the public sees and can even fool radar.

    What about the bodies? No bodies were ever removed from ground zero, the field in PA or the Pentagon, no bodies, no people.

    This was the greatest hoax ever and it worked because to this day 75% of America has never heard of Building 7.

  39. Anonymous says:

    My question is why? It has to be beyond money! And I saw plane parts on the ground. How can they get so many people to lie. Thay would.be a.monumental task wouldnt it?

  40. Anonymous says:

    holographic and many other technology’s are much older than 50 years, maybe even over 100 or more ( search Egyptian glyphs and etc), search you tube for invisibility tech, like the tank they have using modified stealth tech, holograms are very sophisticated nowadays remember it’s easy to fool the eye as the brain fills in gaps that you can’t clearly understand, the evidence is all over the place.

    A few say …why can’t we just move on…because as long as the truth is hidden you will never truly be able to move on. Better to be hurt by the truth than to be fooled by a lie. The mind is easy to trick. Yes it hurts but 10 years from now will it hurt less? Not really but time will allow you to ignore a lot of the hurt. Lies need more lies to back it up. Truth stands on it’s own it doesn’t need you to believe in it. Three things cannot be hidden for long, the sun the moon and the truth. In 10-20 years from now the government will release documents or etc giving us the truth or more of the truth but by then will it make a difference? Did you forget about ruby ridge, waco, the Vietnam war? Did you even know in the first place? You don’t really care about those any more do you? Because you most likely believe the bs like Hillary Clinton said “What difference does it make now?” It makes ALL the difference, even if it is just for 1 person. Wake up people. Face the facts or don’t, they pulled this one off, what’s to stop it from happening again? Your lack to seek the truth. If all what we have been show(not what you have seen)was the truth there wouldn’t be so many questions. Stay in the Light.

  41. entity says:

    For one thing anonymous, if you’re so scared why post. You know you could be tracked down if you know anything about the CIA. I guess also all of the witnesses and hundreds of volunteers were just lying just so you could get on here and try and make a spectacle out of our government. I believe you’re just trying to advertise something in some way. I have friends who were killed there and will never believe it was a hoax. I do believe that the cause of it that costed a lot of lives and destruction was not completely truthful. Maybe conspiracy but not hoax.

  42. Anonymous says:

    The first Sandy Hook.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Oh no not our government they would never lie to us (wink wink) and Obama is not a muslim he is a christian. One day we will know the truth.

  44. Anonymous says:

    by then it could be to late.

  45. Anonymous says:

    John Lear’s beliefs must be evaluated in the context of the fact that his website uncritically hosts papers that claim there are cities on the moon, and that the Germans have been maintaining a manned lunar base since 1943.

    I can’t prove those papers are wrong, but I’m not going to spend a lot of time on them (or on him) either.

  46. Tapestry says:

    Link to John Lear’s website please. He is far from the only one saying such things. As an insider turned outsider, he could be a good source.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Obama will cause another disaster in the US as a way to postpone the presidential elections again. If that happens, he will stay ‘in power’ and will try to become the ‘Sadaam Obama’, permanent ruler of the USA. He has already bought enough guns and ammunition to fight off the American people for 15 years: 1.6 billion rounds. And they can’t be used by our military, because of UN treaties. So what’s it all for? To kill us all off. Then wants to take away our guns, so we can’t fight back.

  48. Rick says:

    Interesting information. I have some information at my site as well in the 9/11 section http://sandboxtactics.com/nine-eleven/ – just some ideas of what may have been used that tragic day.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Just look for witnesses who didn’t see a plane on Youtube, you will find some videos. Also Don Dahler, the reporter, reported that “it is just exploded”. The planes were only visible on TV. The plane witnesses were actors, just hear what they tell and ask yourself if you would say somethink like that (examples “mostly due to structural failure.. ground zero” or “it was a DC9 or a 747” or “a 747 – from north” (Many experts of plane numbers and high ability to tell the direction, instead of pointing it with the finger, sounds like learned texts). As you can track them down, they all work for TV stations or have something to do with photography or filming.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Mr Lear is a retired pilot not an engineer. He shows no knowledge of things like inertia effect or any other mechanical/physical data other than misplaced conjecture. His interpretation of the towers collapse is beyond all reason. Ask any graduate mechanical engineer.
    Old but engineering educated.

    • Dogman says:

      Yeah, but he knew about flying.
      John Lear – Retired commercial airline pilot with over 19,000+ total hours flown in over 100 different types of planes for 10 different airlines in 60 different countries around the world. Flew for over 40 years. Holds every certificate ever offered by the FAA and has 23 different FAA type ratings. Held 17 world records including speed around the world in a Lear Jet Model 24, set in 1966. He was presented with the PATCO award for outstanding airmanship in 1968, and the Symons Wave memorial. Flight experience includes Boeing 707 and 727, McDonnell Douglas DC-8, Lockheed L-1011 and many others.

      Rob Balsamo – Commercial airline pilot. Co-founder, Pilots for 9/11 Truth. 4,000+ total hours flown.

      Here’s a convo between the two:

      John Lear: Maybe if I had a couple tries to line up a few building, I could have done it. But certainly not the first time and certainly not at 500 or 600 miles an hour.

      Rob Balsamo: Yeah, as a matter of fact, one of our members, he was a 737 Check Airman. He was in the sim at the time on September 11 and right after it happened they tried to duplicate it in the simulator and they said they couldn’t do it. They were trying to hit the Towers and they couldn’t do it. …

      John Lear: Yeah, it would be an amazing feat of airmanship. …

      • Dogman says:

        Capt. Russ Wittenberg, U.S. Air Force – Retired commercial pilot. Flew for Pan Am and United Airlines for 35 years. Aircraft flown: Boeing 707, 720, 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, and 777. 30,000+ total hours flown. Had previously flown the actual two United Airlines aircraft that were hijacked on 9/11 (Flight 93, which impacted in Pennsylvania, and Flight 175, the second plane to hit the WTC). Former U.S. Air Force fighter pilot with over 100 combat missions.
        •Video interview 9/11 Ripple Effect 8/07: “I flew the two actual aircraft which were involved in 9/11; the Fight number 175 and Flight 93, the 757 that allegedly went down in Shanksville and Flight 175 is the aircraft that’s alleged to have hit the South Tower. I don’t believe it’s possible for, like I said, for a terrorist, a so-called terrorist to train on a [Cessna] 172, then jump in a cockpit of a 757-767 class cockpit, and vertical navigate the aircraft, lateral navigate the aircraft, and fly the airplane at speeds exceeding it’s design limit speed by well over 100 knots, make high-speed high-banked turns, exceeding — pulling probably 5, 6, 7 G’s. And the aircraft would literally fall out of the sky. I couldn’t do it and I’m absolutely positive they couldn’t do it.” http: //americanbuddhist.net

        •Article 7/17/05: “The government story they handed us about 9/11 is total B.S. plain and simple.” … Wittenberg convincingly argued there was absolutely no possibility that Flight 77 could have “descended 7,000 feet in two minutes, all the while performing a steep 280 degree banked turn before crashing into the Pentagon’s first floor wall without touching the lawn.”…

        “For a guy to just jump into the cockpit and fly like an ace is impossible – there is not one chance in a thousand,” said Wittenberg, recalling that when he made the jump from Boeing 727’s to the highly sophisticated computerized characteristics of the 737’s through 767’s it took him considerable time to feel comfortable flying.” http: //www.arcticbeacon.com

        •Audio Interview 9/16/04: Regarding Flight 77, which allegedly hit the Pentagon. “The airplane could not have flown at those speeds which they said it did without going into what they call a high speed stall. The airplane won’t go that fast if you start pulling those high G maneuvers at those bank angles. … To expect this alleged airplane to run these maneuvers with a total amateur at the controls is simply ludicrous…

        It’s roughly a 100 ton airplane. And an airplane that weighs 100 tons all assembled is still going to have 100 tons of disassembled trash and parts after it hits a building. There was no wreckage from a 757 at the Pentagon. … The vehicle that hit the Pentagon was not Flight 77. We think, as you may have heard before, it was a cruise missile.” http: //911underground.com

  51. Anonymous says:

    Most eye witnesses said that the flying objects that hit the WTC towers were small, possibly about the size of a trainer.
    Some eye witnesses said that the flying object that hit WTC2 made a very sharp change of
    direction shortly before impact.

    Almost all the eye witnesses are agreed that the flying objects flew straight into the buildings without experiencing catastrophic deceleration or changing speed or direction or being smashed into
    pieces on the outside wall of the building. The fireball appears to start about half a second after impact inside the building rather than than on the outside surface of the building as fuel from ruptured fuel tanks ignited.

    No airplane can fly through a lattice of 14″ steel box columns set some 16″ apart and braced in groups of three by 1″ thick steel spandrel plates that are bolted together. Such an impact would smash any airplane to pieces and the wings would snap off and the fuel tanks located inside the wings would rupture upon impact with the wall.

    Although 757 and 767 aircraft are capable of speeds circa 550 to 600 mph at their operational service ceilings of some 30,000 feet where air density is approximately a quarter of sea level air density, at 1,200 feet it would be like flying through treacle and at 550 mph the control surfaces would fail to function and the wings would snap off. At 1200 feet, a maximum safe speed might be as low as 275 mph or thereabouts.

    A missile such as the AGM158A JASSM fitted with a bunker buster warhead can make very sharp changes of direction and fly straight through thick reinforced concrete with rebars without being deformed. Such missiles
    have similar proportions and wing geometry to 757 and 767 aircraft and could easily be adorned with
    colored stripes and stick on logos and livery. But since they are only about 15 feet long, the films of the aircraft that were broadcast on TV must be digital images of large aircraft that were superimposed during a short delay before transmission.

  52. Anonymous says:

    9/11 was a military psyop facilitated by a collusive media. If you saw planes, they were CGI/SFX inserted into the TV broadcasts.

    Please watch:


  53. Anonymous says:

    DUMB ASSES. Dozens of people video planes going into towers from dozen different angle. WTF do you get out of doing this? Respect the dead jerks.

  54. Anonymous says:

    Well if this is true and I say if, what does that say about the administration of George W Bush? If the administration did not know about it, the level of ineptitude would have to be considered taken to a far greater height. And considering how inept he was saying that Iraq was making nukes, acquiring yellow cake uranium and started an unfunded war that is estimated to now cost the US over $10 trillion dollars, that is saying a ton. If his administration did know about it or was behind it, well that is just plain traitorous and treasonous. These people were elected to lead this country and protect its citizens not randomly or selectively decide to murder any of them.

  55. Anonymous says:

    The latter is the most likely. And not just for 9/11. We the people have some serious work to do. Our lives mean nothing to our Government, especially if we are Christian. Sitting around waiting to see what happens next is NOT a plan of action!

  56. Anonymous says:

    Hundreds of jews died in the twin tower’s on 9/11. Who states otherwise is an ignorant bigot.

  57. 98ZJUSMC says:

    Like the other commentors, I saw the second plane hit, on the news. OK, I will grant you that, somehow, that could be faked(I guess). It would take an enormous conspiracy that would be impossible to contain, but what about the people on the ground who witnessed it? You can’t CGI that.

  58. Tapestry says:

    A main part of pulling off a stunt like this is the elimination or silencing of contrary witnesses. Another is the planting of witnesses. I saw people interviewed on YOutube not long after the event. One eyewitness said he saw something fly into the towers which wasn’t a plane, and he didn’t know what it was. This was years before the analysis came out showing it to be a n anti-gravity vehicle of some kind.

  59. letitbe says:

    the planes were holographic in nature

  60. Anonymous says:

    If it is all a hoax or scam the only question i want to know the answer to is WHY did they do it? For what reason. I do not get why they done it

    • Sean Minton says:

      They did it to scare the American people into giving up more of their rights and privacy to have more control. Also to take sadaam hussein out of power in Iraq for oil. And to boost heroine and opiate production in Afghanistan because with the tali ban in control drug growing and production dropped dramatically. Among multiple other reasons mostly based on money and control of people.

  61. Anonymous says:

    It doesn’t make any sense. It is obvious, factions of our government were in on this. People were killed in the buildings. Even if there weren’t any people on the planes, it could have been remote controlled planes. There were too many witnesses. You can’t silence ALL of the hundreds of witnesses. There were multiple views of the planes, videotaped from different angles from New York to New Jersey. If it was a hologram, they certainly would have released a holographic image of a plane flying into the Pentagon, instead of saying they only had one camera in operation which basically showed nothing but an explosion.
    If the government wanted to bring down the towers, they wouldn’t need holographic images

  62. Anonymous says:

    You truth ears are mentally deranged clowns! Anti-Semite deuchebags who blame all your problems on Jews. Go back to your basements and STFU!

  63. Anonymous says:

    It took me 10 years and thousands of hours to realize most in the so called Truth Movement are shills, with Dr. Steven Jones leading the way. Dr. Jones 25 years ago lead the smearing and cover up of “Pons & Fleishman’s” revolutionary work on Cold-Fusion or low energy nuclear reactions aka FREE Energy!

    911 is all about Free energy, bc the technology was weaponized (instead of used for free energy), and is what turned the towers to dust! THE TOWERS TURNED TO DUST by a Directed Energy Weapon. Read Dr. Judy Woods book Where did the Towers go if u choose to talk about the evidence that is being hidden from us.

    Thermite is a smokescreen…as is mini-nukes. ALL WE NEED TO FIND OUT IS WHAT IN THE HELL CAN TURN STEEL INTO DUST!

    Beware of the name-calling trolls who refuse to address evidence, and talk as if one is nuts to make truthful assertions. They are everywhere…woe to them when they meet their maker!

  64. pablo says:

    so if you couldn’t tell by the current reputation of corruption that the united states holds, we are 91 out of 177 and are notorious for our money laundering system.. easy insurance fraud for many groups and a reason to start a war.. yay propaganda machine Nazi America!

  65. David Marino says:

    Wow, look at all the conspiracy theorists doing what they do best. I think it was little green men from Mercury who flew their space ships into the buildings and teleported out prior to hitting. That explains why there was no wreckage.

  66. The planes were remote controlled – the plane that crashed in Pensylvania was shot down by a jet fighter going against orders and was supposed to be remote controlled into WTC7. the pentagon was hit by a missile into the accounts section to get rid of accountants and evidence about the missing $2.3 trillion

  67. Tapestry says:

    There were no planes.

  68. Anonymous says:

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  69. Anonymous said the following and he is correct:

    “It took me 10 years and thousands of hours to realize most in the so called Truth Movement are shills, with Dr. Steven Jones leading the way. Dr. Jones 25 years ago lead the smearing and cover up of “Pons & Fleishman’s” revolutionary work on Cold-Fusion or low energy nuclear reactions aka FREE Energy!”

    In fact these are some of the extremely well protected people (needless to say Zionist agents) in the so called “Truth Movement” namely:

    Mark Glenn, Michael Collins Piper, Gordon Duff

    When you speak the truth about these people they become very hateful especially Mark Glenn and Michael Collins Piper and I just a while ago received a beautiful New year card with the following message inside:

    “For your years of harassment and smears I am going to file a multi-million dollar lawsuit against you.

    Your home, your savings – all of it will soon be mine!”

  70. How many people in the “Truth Movement” are telling the truth about this?


  71. There were no real planes that hit the towers!

    And here is another trustworthy website:

    “No Planes on 911 Isn’t a Theory – It’s a Fact”


  72. Did you know this?

    AJ MacDonald Jr has done a tremendous job here exposing few more shills in the “Truth Movement”:


  73. Anonymous says:

    President George Bush on September 11, 2001 being told the second World Trade Center tower had been hit and the five minutes that followed:


  74. Calvin says:

    It is a well established fact that that the government dropped hallucinogens into New York City’s drinking water in the days before 9/11. The mentally impaired populace were then brainwashed by the Zio media to believe what they were hearing on the news about planes hitting the towers. No planes ever hit the towers. This was simply government sponsored mind control. Wake up people for Obama and the Zionists are contaminating your food and water with mind altering drugs in their scheme to confiscate your guns!

  75. Rick A Hyatt says:

    The reason for the pancaking is obvious. If the towers fell to the side, then would have taken out many other innocent apartments completely impossible to have vacated in advance. Buildings held 50k people, but 3k “Died?” They said that about Pearl Harbor, too.

  76. Steve says:

    good work keep it up

  77. The Dark Minds of the 911 Conspirators” By Dr Preston James and Mike Harris

    “We now have the names and roles of the 911 Conspirators. A significant number of these men are starting to have substantial worries about being exposed and brought to justice since this truth is rapidly diffusing to the American Masses. The Top Perps are now taking major diversionary actions which include more False-Flags. These reckless actions are actually speeding up the very process of public discovery of who did the Attack on America on 9-11-01 which these Perps are trying desperately to prevent….”


  78. Kathryn says:

    As we have discovered during the recent Malaysian Airlines downings, planes can be fown by wire. As we discovered through Sandy Hook, there are plenty of actors for hire. How many people get hired on to the security services to participate once or twice in a false flag and then disappear? I don’t know. Look at young Noah from Sandy Hook being reused in the school shooting n Pakistan. Read and learn.

  79. Kathryn says:

    As we have discovered during the recent Malaysian Airlines downings, planes can be flown by wire. As we discovered through Sandy Hook, there are plenty of actors for hire. How many people get hired on to the security services to participate once or twice in a false flag and then disappear? I don’t know. Look at young Noah from Sandy Hook being reused in the school shooting n Pakistan. Read and learn.

  80. salty says:

    I believe they were real aircraft, under drone-control.

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