EU should extend further into former Soviet Union, says David Cameron

Speaking in Kazakhstan, British PM says European Union should stretch from the Atlantic to the Urals

TAP – He’s echoing Cecil Rhodes comment that the British Empire in Africa should stretch from The Cape of Good Hope to Cairo, paying homage to the great conspiracy and secret cabal that created the First World War, and later wars.  It’s as good as saying who he really is, a Jewish banker who gets great power and wealth from warfare.  His mother’s family own Standard Chartered Bank, in an earlier manifestation.  They funded the militarization of Japan prior to the 1906 war with Russia, and the Second World War.  David Cameron now hopes to start a war with Russia and bring more territory into his control, and that of the high cabal.

David Cameron arrives in Kazakhstan, where he said: ‘We have a wide vision of Europe and we have always encouraged countries that want to join.’ Photograph: Leon Neal/PA
David Cameron has said the EU should extend its membership deeper into the former Soviet Union, calling for its borders to run from the Atlantic to the Urals.
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But the prime minister made clear that he hoped the enlargement of the EU would go further and extend beyond the three Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia – the only former members of the USSR in the EU.
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7 Responses to “EU should extend further into former Soviet Union, says David Cameron”

  1. Anonymous says:

    cameron is common purpose, jewish and has no allegiance to Uk whatsoever. His loyalty to israel and to the eu makes him guilty of treason against the British people and the UK.

    We the People have never rescinded the death penalty for Treason….. although tony the liar did, but that act was not sanctioned by Common Law under the Bill of Rights of 1689 so the death penalty still stands.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Then clearly you have no chance of a EU referendum in UK.

  3. Anonymous says:

    There was never any chance of an EU referendum in the UK. That is a Tory scam

  4. Anonymous says:

    So the wall came down and Common Purpose Communism came to the west, its been refined to such an extent its going back to its roots.

    I think the endgame is quite obvious here isnt it?

    One whole landmass with tokenistic borders from Calais to China under zionist Marxist rule.

    With Leons Brittain as the cherry atop the turd.

  5. Anonymous says:

    CaMORON is clearly living up to his name….the man is an idiot, living out him and his Bullingdon Bully Boy fantasies like they are still whispering under the covers in their dorms at night! In any ‘normal’ country him and his cohorts would either be in prison for the rest of their blood sucking, miserable little lives or doped up on a liquid cosh in a secure mental health unit, sadly in this now dump of a country most of the brain washed, dumbed down and mind controlled populace bow and scrape to him and his gang of murderous thieves. If it is true and history is written by the victor then the truth will out and right shall be the winner. Then morons like CaMORON, B LIAR, Gideon ‘show me the money’ Osborne, Iain ‘never had a proper job-but I love killing the sick and ill’ Duncan Smith and the rest of the gmng will be seen for the thieving, murderous shower of scum that they are…….!

  6. John Bull says:

    This article is disinformation. Cecil Rhodes was an agent for The Money Empire, NOT The British Empire.

    The British Empire was hijacked by The Money Empire.

    The British people did not benefit from the British Empire, all the wealth was stolen by the Jew Banksters.

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