Do we want life or Monsanto? Owen Paterson – Minister of Death.

The Plight of the Monarchs

A recent article in the World Post,3 written by Mexican environmental activist Homero Aridjis, sheds further light on just how dire the situation is. Having spent every childhood winter in Contepec, Michoacan admiring the arriving flocks of monarchs, he has personally noticed the dramatic decline in the gorgeous orange and black butterflies.
In 1986, Aridjis petitioned the Mexican President to protect monarch habitats, which resulted in the creation of the Monarch Butterfly Special Biosphere Reserve. In 2000, the reserve was enlarged, and additional protection was added for other butterfly colonies as well. Mexico has also set limitations on logging in and around the butterfly reserve, to help preserve the butterfly population. Alas, such measures are not enough.
As Aridjis notes, excessive use of toxic agricultural chemicals across America’s Corn Belt plays an absolutely critical role in the declining numbers of these beautiful creatures, as each year the butterflies migrate through this area of the US.
Milkweed,4 a perennial plant that used to be common across American prairies, is the only plant on which the adult monarch will lay its eggs. Once the larvae hatches, the caterpillar will eat the plant. Without milkweed along its migratory path, the monarch cannot reproduce. Aridjis writes:5
“I was born in 1940 and grew up with (and wrote about) the monarchs, but it was only in 1975 that their overwintering forests in central Mexico’s Transvolcanic Belt were ‘discovered’ by Canadian scientists.
On Jan. 29, news was released of a dramatic plunge in the monarch butterfly population that overwinters in Mexico after flying thousands of miles south from the northern and eastern United States and southern Canada.
This season’s population, calculated by measuring the area of occupied trees, covers a tiny 0.67 hectares — the smallest ever since these measurements began 20 years ago — and a huge drop from the 1996 high of 21 hectares. The population has plummeted from an estimated 1 billion in 1996 to 33 million this year, scattered over seven sites. There have been no monarchs in Contepec for years.”

Monarch Decline and Changes in U.S. Agriculture Figures from EH Williams Feb 7. 2014. Decline in monarch overwintering area compared to rise in US acreage planted in corn and rise is usage of glyphosate herbicide. To compare these on a similar scale, the monarch hectares have been multiplied by 5, and the glyphosate usage has been divided by 2 data

Glyphosate Destroys More Than Just Monarch Breeding Grounds

The environmental destruction caused by glyphosate certainly does not end with the eradication of milkweed, which are critical for monarch breeding and feeding. This chemical, the toxicity of which has been vastly underestimated since its introduction into agriculture, absolutely devastates the soil microbiome. Killing microorganisms is in fact one of glyphosate’s primary mechanisms of action, as it is patented as an antibiotic. Glyphosate is also a potent chelator that sequesters valuable minerals, rendering them inaccessible and unusable for the plant. It ties up minerals like manganese, zinc, and iron, which are essential for the plant’s immune system and growth.
These minerals are also important for human health. Another problem, which applies to both genetically engineered (GE) and conventional hybridized plants, is that when a plant is altered it may lose its ability to emit the correct signals to warn its neighbors about impending attacks. Hence, they become more vulnerable to infestations.
Then there’s the issue of rapid resistance developing among weeds… In some areas, highly invasive and crop-destroying superweeds are taking over valuable farm land. This was yet another possibility that was initially pooh-pooh’d by Monsanto. Industry assurances aside, glyphosate resistance has now become an undisputable fact.
But rather than acknowledging its role in creating the problem, Monsanto and other chemical producers have simply started working on herbicide formulations that are even MORE toxic, and developing new crops that are resistant to a different set of chemicals, including 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D), which is one of the primary ingredients in Agent Orange!

How Glyphosate Affects Your Health

Just as glyphosate decimates soil bacteria that are critical for plant health and nutrient uptake, the chemical also destroys the microbiome found in the gut of animals and humans. This effect appears to be the missing link that explains the detrimental health effects associated with genetically engineered foods. Recent research even suggests that glyphosate may be the most important factor in the development of multiple chronic diseases and conditions that have become prevalent in Westernized societies. This includes but is not limited to:
Autism Gastrointestinal diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease, chronic diarrhea, colitis, and Crohn’s disease Obesity
Allergies Cardiovascular disease Depression
Cancer Infertility Alzheimer’s disease
Parkinson’s disease Multiple sclerosis ALS and more
The impact of gut bacteria on your health is becoming widely known. And here, we see how your gut bacteria once again play a crucial role in explaining why and how glyphosate causes health problems in both animals and humans. According to this revealing study, published in the journal Entropy6 last year:
“Glyphosate’s claimed mechanism of action in plants is the disruption of the shikimate pathway, which is involved with the synthesis of the essential aromatic amino acids, phenylalanine, tyrosine, and tryptophan. The currently accepted dogma is that glyphosate is not harmful to humans or to any mammals because the shikimate pathway is absent in all animals.
However, this pathway is present in gut bacteria, which play an important and heretofore largely overlooked role in human physiology through an integrated biosemiotic relationship with the human host. In addition to aiding digestion, the gut microbiota synthesize vitamins, detoxify xenobiotics, and participitate in immune system homeostasis and gastrointestinal tract permeability. Furthermore, dietary factors modulate the microbial composition of the gut.” 

The Minister of Death – Owen Paterson, Environment UK.
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  1. Unknown says:

    Glyphosate interacts with metalic salts to form far more persistent and damaging chemicals. It also removes trace metals from the soil leaving the food produced deficient.

    Geoengineering + Roundup = Genocide

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just checked on the ‘ Petition to ban Geo Engineering from our UK skies’, Owen Patterson has not replied to any of the requests.
    Is he on Holiday or what !!
    Be sure to sign the petition if you have not signed already.
    The target is 200,000.

  3. Anonymous says:

    14 year old girl picks fight with bully TV host – and WINS!
    Kids’ Right to Know


  4. Anonymous says:

    Strange! I was just reading about Owen Paterson from his constituency website and was drawn to his article, Owen Praises Local Farmer’s Environmental Work, posted 4th June which states “Secretary of State for the Environment Owen Paterson praised a North Shropshire farmer earlier this week for his outstanding voluntary efforts in conserving the environment.”

    Just a pity Owen didn’t practice what he preached.

    The article then goes on to state that “Mr Griffiths has additionally made six metre margins for pollen-nectar mix on all his fields, planted three acres of woodland, re-established six ponds, has 88 bird boxes – 62 of which are in use – and has eight beehives.”

    Personally, I think it absurd that Owen should commend farmer Paul Griffiths for his beehives when Owen endorses the use of chemicals which is killing off all our bees.
    So far this year I could count on one hand the number of bees I’ve seen in my garden whereas just a few years ago I had literally hundreds.


  5. How’s can we get Owen Paterson out of office. This man is evil.
    Google GMO OMG

  6. Crisis actors for more hoaxes!

    Could it be from the same group who are poisoning the planet with Monsanto, nuclear waste, vaccines and other lethal substances?

    Heads Up! Private Defense Agency Needs ‘Crisis Actors’ for Emergency Drill In Texas

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