Confirmed – IBM Engineer dials out from prison. asks is whole MH370 story a fake.

UPDATE – What’s the real agenda here?
Has Jim Stone’s channel been taken over, and is being manipulated?  His analysis technically makes sense as per usual, but the characters in the script dont add up.  ‘Phillip Wood’ seems a wooden character, and his totally emtionless and politicised girlfriend seems like a front for a political campaign.  Click link above.  Stone talked of being pursued closely by government/CIA a few months ago, and he didnt know what their game was, although he emphasised he had no intention of suicide.  Have these agencies decided to keep him alive but use him to get the alternative media to follow a false trail about MH370?  When you listen to Sarah talking on the BBC, you start to get a picture of what the real news agenda is, and what this MH370 merrygoround is all about 

 earlier update from ‘Jim Stone’:




The blindfold:

The man claimed to be blindfolded when he sent the message. When the American military blindfolds someone, it is accomplished by putting a bag over the head that is locked so you can’t get it off. This left the engineers hands free. This would have made it possible for him to pull his Iphone 5 (a fact confirmed by the Exif data) out of his butt as stated, and use the voice command ability of the Iphone to just talk to it to log in and post the message. This explains why he sent a black photo, he could not see what he was sending, he just knew he snapped a photo and sent whatever got taken.

The coordinates:When the coordinates are added to the fact that the photo’s exif data does not match the Google coordinates or any other coordinates for Diego Garcia that are posted online, but is still within the boundaries of Diego Garcia, it proves that no one just pulled those coordinates off the web. It helps confirm that this was not just a hoax because the coordinates are exact to wherever on Diego Garcia the Iphone was when it took the photo.



This image, which appears black was posted as taken in a dark cell by an IBM engineer. The picture is black because the cell was too dark, but a critical piece of information was embedded in the Exif data, the coordinates to Diego Garcia, where the picture was taken. And it’s real, this is NOT a hoax. The coordinates in the picture indicate that the photo was taken within 3 miles of what Google officially gives for Diego Garcia. It is NOT EXACTLY what comes up on Google. It is off a couple miles, so NO ONE GOOGLED THIS, thus helping to confirm it’s authenticity. I don’t know how big the island is, but if it has a runway, that certainly fits.

The picture posted with the following text: “I have been held hostage by unknown military personal after my flight was hijacked (blindfolded). I work for IBM and I have managed to hide my cellphone in my ass during the hijack. I have been separated from the rest of the passengers and I am in a cell. My name is Philip Wood. I think I have been drugged as well and cannot think clearly.”


Alternative view from
Could it be the case that there never was a Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 that day?
Then, this would mean that the passengers were fakes as well as the relatives. It would imply that the passenger list was artificially crafted by the espionage services with the full cooperation of those named.
Relatives/loved ones can either be fake or real. If real, then, they will act to fabricate their roles, including any grief, on behalf of the hoax. This is precisely what occurred in the Paul Walker death hoax, where various relatives, as well as a previous girlfriend, helped stage the fraud.
Regarding Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 the evidence is accumulating to indicate that this, too, is a fabrication. In other words, it was a complete hoax with fake passengers, passenger lists, and fake relatives (as well as real relatives) and loved ones. The relatives and loved ones, through false testimony, acted out their grief as a means of supporting the scam.
Proving this is not difficult and is always revealed by the behavior and actions of the involved individuals as well as any photography. Regardless, if there is even one passenger deemed as real is determined to be a fake, then, this is actually hard proof, that is proof that it is a hoax.
What about the family members? If they, too, are determined to be frauds, faking their grief and their roles, in other words, playing the role of mere crisis actors, the hoax is confirmed, absolutely.
To determine this let us begin by analyzing the Americans listed as passengers, purportedly dying in the crash. These are Phillip Wood and two children of Oriental descent, Nicole Meng and Yan Zhang. Incredibly, regarding the named Oriental children these are not associated with any parent of American origin. This is hardly believable. Who were they traveling with? What parent would ship off their 2- and 4-year-old children to a far, distant land without a close relative as a guardian? Yet, according to the DailyMail, “It isn’t known with whom the other two Americans, Nicole Meng, 4, and Yan Zhang, 2, were traveling.”
Most suspect of all, though,is the purported American and foreign-stationed IBM executive Phillip Wood. By this name is he even a real person? Or, is this merely an alias to disguise his real identity?
This handout photo provided by the Wood family shows Philip Wood, an IBM executive who had been working in Beijing over the past two years at Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia during July 2013. The family of Wood, who was aboard the Malaysia Airlines flight that went missing over the South China Sea is leaning on their faith as they wait for news about the man they last saw about a week ago, said Woods brother, James Wood. Photo: Courtesy Of The Wood Family, AP / Wood Family
DailyMail Caption: This handout photo provided by the Wood family shows Philip Wood, an IBM executive who had been working in Beijing over the past two years at Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia during July 2013. The family of Wood, who was aboard the Malaysia Airlines flight that went missing over the South China Sea is leaning on their faith as they wait for news about the man they last saw about a week ago, said Woods brother, James Wood.
It’s the same story. Put up a few pictures, create romantic imagery – make it seem real and personal – in order to eat into the people’s consciousness. Yet, it is all a grand hoax.
How can he be working in Beijing AT the Kuala Lumpur Petronas Towers? This is obvious a blunder by the espionage moles who created this false story line.
This handout photo provided by the Wood family shows Philip Wood, an IBM executive who had been working in Beijing over the past two years at Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia during July 2013. The family of Wood, who was aboard the Malaysia Airlines flight that went missing over the South China Sea is leaning on their faith as they wait for news about the man they last saw about a week ago, said Woods brother, James Wood. Photo: Courtesy Of The Wood Family, AP / Wood Family
The above picture is provided as a kind of proof for such claims. It represents the standard Zionist style of making a person – a purported victim – appear bigger than life.
It appears to be a fairly well-crafted Photoshop corruption.

DM Caption: Family: Wood is pictured with his two sons, Chris and Nick, who said ‘odds are’ they won’t see him again
They likely never saw him in the first place. The picture showing them together is possibly a fabrication. The image of  Wood has been simply installed into the frame, the hands placed in the position through cut-and-paste. Notice in particular the length of the fingers of Wood’s left hand. The light source is different for the two ‘brothers,’ the one, right screen, having his forehead fully illuminated while there is no such light on the image, left screen.
Wood's sonWood's son
Our caption: Good Christians relying on the Holy Spirit or Zionist moles?
These men, and the purported father, are faking it. They know fully well that no one by the name of Phillip Wood died went missing or died in a plane crash.
There is no reason to fake family members, a wife, and/or a girlfriend for a person who supposedly died in a plane crash (or disappearance), that is unless the entire claim for such a crash is false. Clearly, the fabrication of any such relationship(s) is proof of a plot.
Waiting for news: Sarah Bajc, left, was at home in Beijing when she learned that the plane flying her boyfriend Philip Wood, right, back to her was missing. She can now do nothing but wait for information
Notice the clearer nature of the image of Wood’s face versus the woman.
Here is one of the typical quotes given by Bajc to media sources:
I want some answers, but I also don’t want an answer, because an answer is the end, right?” said Sarah Bajc, Philip Wood’s girlfriend.
Bajc said Wood has been working in Beijing. She said he was running late and almost missed flight 370.
No distress signals were sent from the plane, but radar indicates the plane may have turned back before losing contact with air traffic control.
“My son had to tell me to turn my computer off,” said Bajc. “He put me on a schedule, you know? You can only look at the news so often – it makes you crazy!”
“Look at the news? and “turn off” the computer? Who talks like this in the midst of the shock and grief associated with a real loss, especially a violent plane crash? The woman talks in riddles. None of what she says makes any sense.
Their relationship is fake. They are not boyfriend and girlfriend. Nothing about this is real.
This is clearly a fabricated identity/relationship. Notice the softness of the features of Bajc’s face, especially the teeth and eyes. Too, there appears to be a V-shaped cut line on her neck, where the head was artificially installed. One breast is noticeably larger than the other.
Regarding Wood, the glasses are hanging at an impossible angle; gravity would cause them to rest centrally. There is a mark, possibly a residue of the Photoshop blur tool, on his right mid-forehead. A cut line appears to be evident as a white line, 40-degree angle, across the chin.
That is clearly  a cut-line on the neck. It follows the top edge of the jacket downward. The cut lines extend down the front edge of this jacket on the front. The most incriminating evidence, though, is in the resolution or screening. These are see-through images. That’s right, it is possible to see right through the faces into the background. In other words, the image of the lines in the waves are visible through their faces, especially evident in the foreheads.
Note the hard lines over the bridge of Bajc’s nose and also following the lips as falsely applied to the face and also around the edge of the chin and neck. The light source is also different in both images, where light falls on the forehead for Wood, it doesn’t on the left side of the forehead for Bajc. Who in the world could believe this to be a normal photograph?
These are clearly two separate images matched together. The woman’s skin and facial features are clear and distinct, while the man’s features and skin are less distinct, blurrier. Regardless, no one would find, upon close inspection, such a photo believable. According to Bajc:
‘Then I looked at the online news, and there was the news that the plane was missing. The lack of consistency of information has been incredibly frustrating and confusing.’
She persevered and found a press release saying the airport had lost contact with the plane and that loved ones should call a number, which she tried ‘on and off for several hours’.
‘Finally they contacted me since I was listed as next of kin, and they were able to tell me nothing other than the fact that they lost contact,’ she continued.
‘I queried them about the various news reports that I’d seen online, first there was a reported landing, then there was a reported wreckage, then the oil spill and the passports, and they literally cannot confirm any of it.’
None of this commentary makes any sense, and surely this is not the way a loved one would behave in the event of a real loss or suspected loss, especially in relation to an airline crash.
Regardless, according to research by investigators on this site Bajc is not dating the non-existent Phillip Wood, as is clear from the phony images. If they were a real couple, what would be the purpose of photoshopping the images? He exists only as a pseudonym and/or alias, a complete fake on-hire for financial gain.
Rather than the girlfriend of the man pictured in the images Sarah is married to Stephen Bajc. Both have numerous aliases, along with multiple residences in both the US and China. They both have what appear to be high-level leadership roles with Israeli- and Zionist-controlled companies. These companies are involved with the transfer advanced technology to China and the Israeli entity.
The two moles are listed as operating through multiple jobs and titles not only in China but also in the Atlanta area. Their children are named Noah, Ryan, and Madison.
The Bajc’s are hard-core Mossad agents, associated with the most rabid, extremist Zionists known, the Chabad Lubavitchers. They operate as Zionist spies for purposes of undermining the sovereignty of the United States, while maintaining the power-base of that wretched, Satanic entity, the Israeli regime. Their role as Mossad moles is clearly demonstrated by the fact that, simultaneously, they hold a diversity of jobs, titles, and residencies. Sarah also goes by Sarah Jane Hamil, Jane Hamil, along with less identifiable aliases, Bajczoller, Zoller, Bajac, and Bajec.
Stephen is chief financial officer at certain of the shell companies, along with administrative technology chief of various Israel/Chinese firms. A Financial officer at Western Beijing University, his wife is listed as a teacher there. His wife teaches there. It is believed, too, that she is an Israeli operative for selling stolen/Israeli technology to China. Yet, one issue is certain: she is not the girlfriend of Phillip Wood, as demonstrated by the need to fabricate her image into frames.
Both Stephen (Steve) Bajc and Sarah Bajc are Zionist operatives working within China:
From LinkedIn:

Steve Bajc

Beijing City, China 
Computer Software
Clearly, all three of these individuals, the man pictured as Phillip Wood, Sarah Bajc, and Stephen Bajc, are agents of the Mossad.
Therefore, the Malaysian Airlines MH370 disappearance is, in fact, a fake, with no real crash or sabotage occurring. Unlike the ill-fated Pan Am Flight 103, where over 250 people were senselessly slaughtered, the Mossad didn’t blow this one up. Instead, they faked it.
Updated information:
In hoaxes, such as Sandy Hook and the Boston smoke bombing fraud, there is a pattern, a kind of scheme, used by the hoax generators to distribute information. One aspect of that scheme is to create a barrier for certain of the participants, like supposed grieving family members. In Sandy Hoax actual real-life guards, state troopers and others, were relied upon as protective agents. Such agents were assigned to each of the hoaxing familes.
Another method is to use spokes-people, so called friends and associates, who communicate to the media on behalf of the (phony) aggrieved. This is precisely what is being applied in the case of Phillip Wood:
Can’t the father speak on his own? Why would the media be contactin – 

TAP –  plenty more at nodisinfo.  The people look entirely plastic just like Sandy Hook victims.  Jim Stone is a great technical analyst, and his instincts are telling him to believe the story.  Yet the whole thing doesn’t quite add up.  Why would they fake this, unless the whole MH730 thing is a fake.


Is the whole Flight MH370 story a fake? Nodisinfo is running with that. The real attack could be the millions of passengers being irradiated worldwide on a daily basis, taking out the intellectual more informed classes , by giving them high doses which are bound to lead on to cancers. 

They need stories to keep the sheeple flocking through the irradiators, and not to question what’s being done to ‘protect’ us.  Fear is their weapon of choice, and their target is us.  The psyops would be aimed at keeping everyone compliant with airport demands to be irradiated.  I waas told last week it’s not X-Ray radiation, but sound waves.  How many airport operatives are being affected with cancers worldwide?  That is the story that needs to get out.  Not quite so exciting as this thriller, but probably what this is all about.

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25 Responses to “Confirmed – IBM Engineer dials out from prison. asks is whole MH370 story a fake.”

  1. Stroppy Me says:

    It will be hard to convince people that this was a fake after the amount of coverage this incident has had to date. My wife said she saw the kids of the Aussie passenger (Weeks) on TV last night and they struck her as being genuine. (Well worth the money you may say).
    In the end no one will ever know.
    And we will need more than one whistleblower to get the attention of the MSM.
    Are there really fleets of aircraft and ships picking up litter off Perth?

  2. Stroppy Me says:

    How annoying!

    JimStone article up to date, Nodisinfo article from 11 March and is not there current line.

    Get your act together TAP!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thius is the problem as soon a some one whistleblows, the creeps come out of the shadows to discredit him, the one thing which must not be mentioned is the holocuast.
    The February edition of the mag given away free in health shops
    “on the dge ” started mainly with health conspiracies but gradually beca,e mpre mainstream as it got more popular, but this February edition shoed several photos taken in Auschwitz and smuggled out bya catholic preist, the small groups of people smiling for the camera were not important but the small hospital, laundry and swimming pool and excersie facilities were very important indeed, immediately legal action was threatned by jewish groups becuase of all the inmates in the photos very few had the star of david on the work uniforms, this showed that there were more “others” there than jews,
    and there was no next issues of On the edge mag after the threats to sue for defamation

  4. Anonymous says:

    The picture of the couple on the beach sitting on lawn chairs drew my attention. Look at Phillip’s right elbow, and how sharp the angle is where it connects to the woman’s leg. I’ve seen a lot of photoshopped pictures and honestly I could have done a better fake than this one.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, This new theory fits in with an early statement by myself.
    On Planefinder the flight **370 flew out on the 12th at 1900hours, it went missing at an earlier date.
    Thought readers would have confirmed this, but they never.
    The transponder cut out near a Lake.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Obama’s Birth cert is coming back to haunt him


  7. Anonymous says:

    I don’t agree the photo’s are fake. I think someone there is clutching at straws on that one.
    I agree with Jim Stones report.
    Ocams Razor…less is more

  8. Anonymous says:

    The edge magazine you mention was the February 1980 edition the last before before it was closed down.
    The photos taken inside Aushwitz
    were confiscated by a Polish Guard but other photos taken by a catholic preist did show the camp hospital laundry swimminig poool and exercise yard.
    You will see comments on here from BRIAN P this is Brian Parker who was assistant editor, Brian tracked down the photos by writing to Peter Wright the author of spycather who put him onto Trevor Stokes who at his central london flat, showed him some of the photos but said he would have to ask permission from Graham Mitchell who was the intelligence chief in charge of domestic subversion, stokes was refused permission to show what he had, but suggested Brian speak with a wartime operative called Millicent who gave even better copies to Brian for publication. Stokes told Brian that he had jewish freinds he did not want upset, but that MI5 had a branch of specialists who would break into peoples homes and steal photos that could cause embarrassment.
    Brian published the photos and alas the magazine was closed down after legal threats and was no more.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Obama has just made it legal to seixe the assets and family of any whistelblowers, in the UK they to mainly just trashing their reputations, you should see what happenes here, you are lucky if you come out alive

  10. Anonymous says:

    Diego Garcia – look at it on google maps and you see a hany military airstip with aircraft, and some blured purple patches in the ocean and on land they don’t want you to see. look how close this is to malaysia. interesting.

  11. Anonymous says:

    The photos don’t look right they look made up superimposed onto the background, also an iphone 5 is fairly wide and long it would be no easy feat to quickly hide it up your ass i’m not sure it would even fit. Also iphone fives a notorious for having 1 day battery life. also how was it receiving a signal they are also notorious for bad reception.Also the camera phone pic is totally black, even in pitch black the picture should show grains etc.

    It seems fake to me.

  12. Tapestry says:

    I apologise about nodisinfo being old hat, but very relevant to latest developments as they went into detail about Phillip Wood who is now central to the Jim Stone analysis. What is their latest line?

  13. Anonymous says:

    The “girlfriend” of Phillip Wood has to be suspect. Look at her history: 3 YEARS ON THE ADVISORY BOARD FOR THE US GOVERNMENT TECHNOLOGY COUNSEL as well as working for Microsoft in Beijing and four of her own un-named companies and more.

    Business Director, Strategic Partnerships Group, Microsoft China R&D (Beijing).

    Sarah is the Business Director of the Strategic Partnership Group (SPG) of Microsoft China Research and Development in Beijing.

    SPG is responsible for driving the development of a robust technology ecosystem in China. This includes five different initiatives encompassing several hundred partners in the areas of software development outsourcing, hardware and device manufacturing, digital entertainment systems, systems integrators, independent software developers and the venture capital community.

    A key additional component to her role is launching the China Business Innovation Center, which will focus on nurturing emerging companies in the Chinese technology industry. This will include: Intellectual Property Licensing and Ventures, MoU Commercialization and Emerging Business Consulting. Microsoft is committed to combining the investment of both mature and emerging technologies with the provision of guidance on strategy, business development, partnerships and financing. Our goal is to have a sustainable impact on the ability of Chinese entrepreneurs to cultivate their innovative business models into thriving enterprises, potentially with a path towards acquisition, merger or IPO.

    Prior to joining Microsoft, Sarah ran the North American operations of a global software quality firm, where she also drove the evaluation of outsourcing options in China. Before that, she founded four companies: a manufacturer of specialty textiles, a venture backed software company, an employment process consultancy, and a corporate research firm. Sarah began her career in Management Consulting.

    Sarah is a sought after speaker on technology and human capital in high growth environments. She is a regular presenter at VC Forums held throughout China by the China Venture Capital Research Institute. She is an Executive Member for the International Council for GlobalEXECWomen, and was the Chair of the Annual “International Women of Influence Awards” held in December 2007 in Beijing. She was an Executive Delegate on the AEA trade mission to China in 2006, and is a Founding Ambassador for the Georgia China Alliance. She also serves as Vice Chair for Strategic Branding for the Zhongguancun Software Association. Sarah was the 2005 President for Women in Technology, served four years on the Board of Directors for the Technology Association of Georgia, and three years on the Advisory Board for the US Government Technology Counsel.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I forgot to add the link to the above about Sarah Bajc

  15. Anonymous says:

    HET have you ever thought about ‘Keeping to topic’.
    I’ve noticed on many occasion that you go off at a 90 degree tangent to the topic being discussed.
    Your comments would be more accepted in the correct place.

  16. Anonymous says:

    The two son’s are the same person.
    If you look at the ears and the philtrum they are same.
    There is makeup under the nose to make the philtrum seem longer, it’s not shadow, the shade should all be in the same angle.
    Just sayin.

  17. Nollidge says:

    Dear Anon @ 6.38.It is often the case that some comments are “off topic”.So what?.That is what this site is all about.”Did you hear about this”?.Thank you for providing this platform Tap.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Nollidge, do some research before making silly comments.
    Bet you were one of the Geordies in University.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I believe nododisinfo this is fake.

  20. Anonymous says:

    USTAZ’s dream met with passengers mh370, they are injected by US with TOLUENA.

  21. He hid it in his CAP not his AAS, predictive text….Philip Wood wears a CAP!!!

  22. Anonymous says:

    There are several different possibilities about the PLANE — if there was a PLANE for sure, which I doubt it ever left KL Airport. Then INMARSAT deliberately sent the world to “Search” for the large bird in the South Indian Ocean, which is am impossible journey the plane could have undertaken for several hours after the “Missing” information came out. What if, this is all about US-NATO-BRITS placing some hidden MISSILES targeting CHINA-RUSSIA in that same area and all these countries are playing it our together as if the real thing is a “Search” with a Pinger Locator, that has sponsored CNN for the entire year now?

  23. Anonymous says:

    They are NOT searching for a PLANE, don’t buy that idea. They are in that zone, either to locate something highly VALUABLE than humans and Passengers, plane etc. Boeing doesn’t want that plane to be found either. This SEARCH nonsense is about “Something to do with the in coming IRANIAN conflict about to start, after SYRIA has been taken out of the equation”, the Russian President Putin also in all this, that’s why he has chosen to annex Crimea, will also take Ukraine, thus paving the way for US-NATO to get through SYRIA. MORE STUPID wars, MORE Trillions for the Rothschild and Rockefeller Empires!

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