Check out Diego Garcia for flight 370

My bet would be; if Diego Garcia is within eight hours flying time of Kuala Lumpur, that’s where it is. Stedra Rulz

Gordon adds –

Plausible reason for Flight MH370 going off radar. It’s called tit-for-tat.

China’s recent test of a new ultra-high speed strike vehicle highlights growing concerns that Chinese military advances will overtake those of the United States in as few as five years, a senior Pentagon official told Congress Tuesday. Frank Kendall, the Pentagon’s chief weapons buyer, told lawmakers that when it comes to “technological superiority, the Department of Defence is being challenged in ways that I have not seen for decades, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region.”

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Budget plan: Pentagon panics over possibly losing tech edge to Russia, China

The Pentagon is in fear of losing its edge in technology it has held onto for so long and is now factoring this important aspect into its budget. Worry over significant cuts in defense spending might wear down the US military, making its technological edge over Russia and China a fact of the past.

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US laser weapon taking only seconds to take out plane.

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5 Responses to “Check out Diego Garcia for flight 370”

  1. Anonymous says:

    scummy jews sue french railways for billions for taking jews to work camps, this is 70 years ago, will they never stop the money grasping ?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Think I’m going to have to agree with the comment an Diego Garcia. It would explain a lot. Haven’t found flight time from KLIA to DG, but Singapore is just 5 hours.

  3. The Boeing 777-200ER has a range of 14,000 km and a max airspeed of 950kph.

    Diego Garcia to Malaysia Kuala Lumpur is 3100km. So you would have a flight time of 3-5 hours, depending on if it plane was flying max airspeed the whole way or not.

  4. Anonymous says:

    What about the last message from the cockpit “Alright! Good night” ?
    If the cockpit was compromised, isn’t the angle of an encoded message sent by one of the pilots/co-pilots worth investigating ?

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