Bring back the Bradbury Pound Sterling

Hi Tap, we are doing a big push to try and get people in the streets on budget day. The debt free Bradbury pound is the UK equivalent of the US Greenback dollar. As you can see we have managed to gain some rare political support. 

Take a butchers at the Feb newsletter attached.  Your assistance would be appreciated.
regards  Ade ( sovereigntea )

Early day motion 748


That this House notes that the hundredth anniversary of the Bradbury Pound on 7 August 2014 is a welcome reminder of the historic precedent for public credit as the sound basis for debt-and interest-free Treasury money and therefore the sound alternative to the national debt and interest-bearing bank money; congratulates the Forum for Stable Currencies for having promoted the public credit since 2002; and urges HM Treasury to follow John Bradbury’s model and address social, economic and political issues across party lines in one fell swoop and avoid wholly unnecessary austerity cuts.

TAP – 5 MPs on board.   Only another 320 to go.  What chance?

Call To Action – Budget Day, 19th March

The 19th March is Budget Day, and we will be gathering in London to promote the Bradbury Pound. Our purpose will not be to protest, but to educate – the public, mainstream journalists, the police and any MPs or Lords brave enough to come and speak to us. So, what is the Bradbury Pound all about? Read on …
Article | March 5, 2014 – 7:28pm | By Mike Robinson
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    Busted! Trayvon Martin’s Father is “Illuminati Grand Master Mason” of the Boule Society!


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