Be wise. Leave your wisdom teeth well alone.

A young Hawaiian mother is in a coma today following yet another failed wisdom teeth extraction procedure by a dentist.

It turns out that people keep dying from wisdom teeth surgery, and the procedure is almost always medically unjustified in the first place.

It’s done by conventional dentists to increase their billings, putting patients at extreme risk for pure profit:
Scientists studying radiation in Japan are now subjected to extreme oppression and censorship. The scientific truth can never be allowed to go public:
Canadian parents are outraged today after government-run schools vaccinate children without parental consent:
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4 Responses to “Be wise. Leave your wisdom teeth well alone.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I had my wisdom teeth taken out 30 years ago, best thing I ever did. Four less teeth to look after, I don’t miss them at all. The biggest evil is the beverage industry, they have destroyed more good teeth than anything else. Some one going onto a coma though, are you sure they went to a real dentist. The dentist drill actually does more harm to are teeth than we know, maybe laser works better.

  2. Tapestry says:

    The more teeth you keep the better your memory.

  3. sovereigntea says:

    All very well except one of mine grew in such a manner as to crack the tooth in front in 1/2 … fkin agony. At that point advice is a moot point. I wish I had had it out earlier instead of losing two teeth. That said extraction was a brutal affair dentist knee on chest & “you pull the other way” ah the good old days.

  4. Jason Knight says:

    I am just happy that when I got my wisdom teeth out they had already grown in. They didn’t even need to put me under to pull the teeth out. It took about 20 minutes and I ended up alright, but it is always sad when things don’t go according to plan for some people.


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