Be Prepared, the Sampson Option is on the table.

Flight 370 – they got what they wanted

ALL of Israel’s diplomatic workers have gone on strike everywhere and will therefore be returning home. This is an indication that whatever is about to happen is not going to be localized to a specific region, and there will be no political negotiations anywhere while it is happening.

Let’s just hope this is the most odd of coincidences, but I would bet that they got what they wanted from flight 370 – they cracked the Chinese engineers and have breached Chinese data security. Having flight 370 vanish when it did is all too coincidental with this Israeli diplomatic strike, and I would bet that the Sampson option which was always on the stove has been pushed to a full boil.

Just days before this diplomatic strike, Israel was preparing for a full scale strike on Iran. Though they have done this repeatedly in the past, it has never coincided with a mysterious disappearance of a jet, and full diplomatic strike.
While all eyes have been on Russia’s actions in Ukraine, Israel has been preparing and given the IDF orders to to continue readying for a possible independent strike on Iran. But as anyone knows from history, especially those aware of what happened during the Yom Kippur war, Israel acts about as independently as a three year old with a hand full of stones, always depending upon an American daddy to do all the dirty work. Israel truthfully cannot defend itself in a real conventional battle, and history proves it.

The Sampson option

The sampson option is Israel’s Nuclear Blackmail option brought to full reality. The Sampson option states that Israel will nuke the world to oblivion and destroy everything before accepting significant losses on the Israeli mainland. And it’s an arrogant policy, which means that Israel will destroy all nations with a nuclear attack even if the nations being attacked by Israel never attacked Israel and only stated that Israel was guilty of war crimes, or voted for sanctions via the U.N. This means that Germany, France, and many other similar nations will be nuked if the Sampson option is ever put into effect, Israel is the friend of NO ONE, don’t just count on the Arab world going down.

The calling of all diplomats home to Israel from all corners of the globe is a strong indicator that the Sampson option is indeed on the table.

This image to the left was taken at the Negev Nuclear Research Center near the desert town of Dimona (Israel’s nuclear weapons producing facility) by Mordechai Vanunu, a defector from the Israeli nuclear weapons program. Vanunu blew the lid off of the Israeli nuclear weapons program with over 60 clear photographs covering all aspects of weapons production. 

The picture to the left is a mock up of a highly efficient implosion nuke which uses plutonium, that was in a walk through area of the Dimona facility (obviously a real weapon core cannot be out in the open to be photographed). In 1987 Israel had 180 such weapons already made, and that was 25 years ago. Older weapons such as Magna BSP’s owl are also abundant, but these cannot be loaded onto ICBM’s because they are too large, heavy, and don’t pack enough punch. Since it is estimated that Israel has only 500 really good nuclear weapons that can be loaded onto ICBM’s, obviously lesser versions are used for jobs like Fukushima and accomplishing nuclear blackmail.

But 500 nukes are enough to do a lot of dirty work, and who knows how many American nukes Israel has at it’s disposal? for all we know, with the NSA hacking everything, Israel could probably even launch Russian and Chinese nukes now. A nuclear world war 3 could likely be fought on behalf of China and Russia without them even wanting it or knowing it will happen.

If Israel strikes Iran, the US and NATO, under agreements would be forced to defend Israel in case of retaliation, and once again enter Russia who sides with Iran, battle lines have been drawn and all it will take is one spark before all out world war is being fought. Israel’s sampson option, hatched in arrogance and the delusion that their little patch of earth is worth more than the entire world, will definitely drive world war 3 to the farthest extent faster than anyone could imagine, and with the Jews valuing their lives 1,000 times more than ours, don’t put the most arrogant and obscene destruction of non Jewish people and assets beneath Israel with the sampson option, we really are worth nothing to them.
Many people quote the million non jews not worth a Jewish finger nail zealotry of the extremists, official policy is that their lives are worth more than ours 1,000:1
The events happening, from the Malaysia Flight 370 disappearance to the closing of the Israeli embassies under the guise of a “strike,” to Ukraine, Russia, US, EU tensions almost seem to have been planned, organized and scripted to lead the entire global community in a massive nuclear World War III. And IF Israel really does have a hack on the world’s nuclear arsenals, it could all happen without any participation of those who “launched”, with Israel’s 500 or so implosion nukes remaining in the end to enforce world tyranny and /or finish the job.
Jim Stone
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7 Responses to “Be Prepared, the Sampson Option is on the table.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why hasnt humanity woken up to the serpent in our midst?.

    I suspect they are now that powerful that even if humanity did try to evict the parasite it would be unsuccesfull.

    With decades of redirecting our taxes & fines via foreign banks into their own defence capabilities I would imagine they have every contingency covered, including a global awakening.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If they manage to wipe out all the humans on Earth, they will have no more slaves to do the work. If they replace us with machines, that won’t be as much fun as having a dumb human to kick around. If they are producing hybrid humans, they run the risk of be out smarted. I think their plan is to keep the human slave population, but mutate us, so we are uglier and dumber than before.

  3. Nollidge says:

    “Why hasnt humanity woken up to the serpent in our midst?”.Because the serpent gradually & cleverly took control of ALL our media.Radio,television,films,newspapers,books,libraries,Reuters.AP,etc,etc.Oh,& our banking & of course,our highly blackmailable & corruptible “politicians”.Th serpents love democracy,where poor people fight for political office & are so emimnetly buyable.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Just when we were getting the Paedophiles on the run, the house of cards is ready to blow down.
    We have been side-tracked again by the very people who are the puppeteers.
    It matters not about the flight MH370, or the Russian counter attack.
    The opportunity is being missed to have the Paedophiles in Court, it’s sad, because they are the ones who have created this War distraction.
    Get the Paedophiles and the War stops.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I told my GP some of my theories on MH370 and he prescribed me chlorpromazine. It’s great stuff. Have you guys tried it?

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