Any war in Ukraine could be of a new kind

I’ve heard from a source I can’t identify (but he’s in a position to know a lot more than most of us about such things) for the past 10 years while Uncle Sam has been distracted by pointless local wars Russia, China and Iran have been busy developing the weapons envisaged by Nikola Tesla when he proposed his scalar wave technologies.

If true his takes the scale of a possible conflict into unenvisioned dimensions. 

From a regular commenter

TAP – The US also has directed energy weapons as took down The Twin Towers on 911 powdering the steel frame of the building, and as have been used in Iraq, visible on Youtube videos.  Russia clearly can bring down US drones and is already doing so in Crimea.  A stealth bomber was brought down over Kosovo years ago, using some kind of advanced technology.   If there is to be a war, it could be a very strange one, with people saying something’s happened, but what?  A bit like with the disappearance of MH370. 

Conventional weapon systems could provide easy targets for the more advanced weapons.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Teslas papers like that of the inventor of the deisel engine have never been found, but if you look through the Patents office at names of those who patented these documents and also some stolen from edison, you see a name
    which is one of the front companies for rothschild.
    didnt we just guess that ?

  2. sovereigntea says:

    Chemtrails – RAF Chief of Staff Recieves 2014 Chocolate Teapot Award

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