Will they succeed in starting war in Ukraine where they failed in Syria?

TAP – The banking cabal is desperate to get a major war started, to justify casting the world quickly into a totalitarian state.   They want billions to be killed, and then to enslave the remainder.  They hoped to start this war in Syria, but were stopped by the British Parliament voting against.  In Ukraine they have more chance of bringing Putin out into the open.  Will they now succeed?

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Sleepwalking Again

By Paul Craig RobertsFebruary 23, 2014 “Information Clearing House –  On the 100th Anniversary of World War 1, the Western powers are again sleepwalking into destructive conflict. Hegemonic ambition has Washington interfering in the internal affairs of Ukraine, but developments seem to be moving beyond Washington’s control.

Regime change in Ukraine for a mere $5 billion dollars would be a bargain compared to the massive sums squandered in Iraq ($3,000 billion), Afghanistan ($3,000 billion), Somalia, and Libya, or the money Washington is wasting murdering people with drones in Pakistan and Yemen, or the money Washington has spent supporting al Qaeda in Syria, or the massive sums Washington has wasted surrounding Iran with 40 military bases and several fleets in the Persian Gulf in an effort to terrorize Iran into submission.

So far, in Washington’s attempt at regime change in Ukraine large numbers of Americans are not being killed and maimed. Only Ukrainians are dying, all the better for Washington as the deaths are blamed on the Ukrainian government that the US has targeted for overthrow.

(map borrowed from www.aangirfan.blogspot.com)

The problem with Washington’s plot to overthrow the elected government of Ukraine and install its minions is twofold: The chosen US puppets have lost control of the protests to armed radical elements with historical links to nazism (That’s no different to the EU), and Russia regards an EU/NATO takeover of Ukraine as a strategic threat to Russian independence.

Washington overlooked that the financially viable part of today’s Ukraine consists of historical Russian provinces in the east and south that the Soviet leadership merged into Ukraine in order to dilute the fascist elements in western Ukraine that fought for Adolf Hitler against the Soviet Union. It is these ultra-nationalist elements with nazi roots, not Washington’s chosen puppets, who are now in charge of the armed rebellion in Western Ukraine.

If the democratically elected Ukraine government is overthrown, the eastern and southern parts would rejoin Russia. The western part would be looted by Western bankers and corporations, and the NATO Ukraine bases would be targeted by Russian Iskander missiles.

It would be a defeat for Washington and their gullible Ukrainian dupes to see half of the country return to Russia. To save face, Washington might provoke a great power confrontation, which could be the end of all of us.

My series of articles on the situation in Ukraine resulted in a number of interviews from Canada to Russia, with more scheduled. It also produced emotional rants from people of Ukrainian descent whose delusions are impenetrable by facts. Deranged Russophobes dismissed as propaganda the easily verifiable report of Assistant Secretary of State Nuland’s public address last December, in which she boasted that Washington had spent $5 billion preparing Ukraine to be aligned with Washington’s interests. Protest sympathizers claim that the intercepted telephone call between Nuland and the US Ambassador in Ukraine, in which the two US officials chose the government that would be installed following the coup, is a fake.

One person actually suggested that my position should be aligned with the “sincerity of the Kiev students,” not with the facts.

Some Trekkers and Trekkies were more concerned that I used an improper title for Spock than they were with the prospect of great power confrontation. The point of my article flew off into space and missed planet Earth.

Spock’s mental powers were the best weapon that Starship Enterprise had. Among my graduate school friends, Spock was known as Dr. Spock, because he was the cool, calm, and unemotional member of the crew who could diagnose the problem and save the situation.

There are no Spocks in the US or any Western government and certainly not among the Ukrainian protesters.

I have often wondered if Spock’s Vulcan ancestry was Gene Roddenberry’s way of underlining by contrast the fragility of human reason. In the context of modern military technology, is it possible for life to survive humanity’s penchant for emotion to trump reason and for self-delusion to prevail over factual reality?

TAP –  Can they patch the current situation up?  (BBC copies and pastes don’t shrink!)

image of David SternDavid SternBBC News, Kiev
One day after a string of events that would have been sufficient for a year’s worth of activity in most countries, Ukrainians have awoken today to two fundamental questions: Who is in charge of the country? And what next?
Technically speaking, President Viktor Yanukovych has been deposed, after the country’s parliament voted to dismiss him by a legally-binding constitutional majority.
Oleksandr Turchynov of the Fatherland Party, and a close ally of the recently-freed Yulia Tymoshenko, is in charge.
But Mr Yanukovych claims he is still president. The next days will show whether he can mobilise enough followers in the country’s east and south to mount a challenge.
However, Ukraine’s new government may also have a short time to win public support. Many on Independence Square are sceptical of Ukraine’s entire political class, Ms Tymoshenko included, and may start searching soon for an entirely new set of leaders.

Is it all about gas?


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7 Responses to “Will they succeed in starting war in Ukraine where they failed in Syria?”

  1. Joe Daniels says:

    I wonder if we’ll find out about covert EU aid to Ukraine in the coming months, perhaps through another Snwoden-like figure? The EU appears to have shed all pretence of being a “common market” and is now a power-centre embarked on the Neitszchean exercise of gathering yet more power.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Ukraine problems are a CIA/Mossad attack to weaken Russia
    the mention of Spock was interesting because about 10 years ago i attended a talk by T Stokes who was getting old and his voice was failing, and he asked “any trekkies here ” ?
    a good show of hands and he went on to explain that Gene Roddenderry worked in a jewish industry and they kept taking his ideas and screwing him, so he did something very subtle, the Ferengi
    those cunning little beggars who were obsessed by money and only lent at huge interest were a piss take on the jews that surounded hollywood, and the Dr Spock character wa sbased on Dr Spock the psychologst who advocated feeding babies but given no love, he said the captain Kirk character
    in fact each one was cleverly designed to show what Roddenderry really thought, clever stuff eh ?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I often wondered about hidden imagery in star trek, so rodenderry got his revenege from beyond the grave ? thats quite funny actually
    Rose Crawley.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I should imagine the Rothschilds are livid with the Russians yet again for throwing a spanner in the works of their Jewish World Order. The first time around was the Congress of Vienna (1814 -1815) their first League of Nations and attempt at a world government. However Alexander the 1st of Russia saw the threat and torpedoed any chances of this happening. The Rothschilds. livid, vowed revenge and we all know shat happened in Russia at the turn of the 20th century and more importantly the Romanovs.

    Britain may have decided to not back a campaign in Syria, but the main reason the USA stayed out was because they and the UK, knew that Russia would kick both their arses all over the place and we haven’t even brought China in yet – lol.

    The destabalising of the Ukraine is led by the west and Israel. Guaranteed, it’s another of Soros’ ‘colour’ revolutions. The feminist, homosexual and dyke agent provocateurs will be out in force demanding a more westernised (and part of the west) Ukraine while the majority will want to stay with Russia.

    Israel can’t attack Syria and Iran while Russia’s watching. Russia’s blocking the destruction of Islam and the creation of a greater Israel, but more importantly world government.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Harbinger I have to say you have posted some excellent comments. I am in full agreement with you here.

  6. Anonymous says:


    Jeremy Hunt is trying to sneak through a law which will give him the power to quickly close any local hospital without listening to local people. No hospital is safe.

    He’s changing the rules after losing twice in court trying to close Lewisham Hospital against the wishes of local people, doctors and nurses. The sweeping new law – the ‘hospital closure clause’ of the Care Bill – will give the government the power to shut down any hospital, in as little as 40 days, regardless of how well the hospital is performing. [1]

    Jeremy Hunt is hell-bent on pushing this through. And time’s not on our side. It could be as little as one week before MPs vote this sinister threat into a reality.

    If we’re going to have a chance of stopping Jeremy Hunt we need to throw the kitchen sink at this. And we need to move fast. Vote now to decide whether or not we should launch a big campaign. Yes or No?
    Our NHS is precious. And it’s important that we know hospitals, accident and emergency and maternity services are there for us in moments of crisis and joy. It’s terrifying to imagine the government having the power to close any hospital without hearing the wishes of the local community.

    It’s going to be tough to stop Jeremy Hunt. But we’ve done it before – twice in Lewisham alone. And if enough of us are keen, there are exciting possibilities for next steps. And new tactics we could try which would take even Jeremy Hunt by surprise!

    The 38 Degrees staff team sit down on Monday morning to plan out the week ahead and decide on how we split up staff resources. The most important factor when making those decisions is what 38 Degrees members think.

    Should trying to stop the hospital closure clause be 38 Degrees’ top priority over the next few weeks? Please vote now to help decide whether to launch a big campaign by clicking on the buttons below.

  7. Anonymous says:

    “shat happened in Russia at the turn of the 20th century”

    I’ll say.

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