Why heroin kills recreational drug users

(NaturalNews) Street heroin is devastating America today. The heroin overdose death of creative genius Philip Seymour Hoffman — found dead today with a needle in his arm and “Ace of Spaces” heroin in his hotel room — underscores the urgent need for radical reforms that would decriminalize, regulate and assert strict quality control requirements over recreational street drugs.

It wasn’t the heroin itself that killed Philip Seymour Hoffman, you see: it was the unpredictability of the potency of heroin that’s manufactured, distributed and retailed in an unregulated underground economy which has no quality standards and no accountability to its customers and users.
The War on Drugs is an absolute failure
At first glance to the simple minded, the heroin-induced death of a beloved actor might seem justification for an urgent call to escalate the War on Drugs with an even greater degree of police intervention, state surveillance and expansion of the world’s largest prison system. Yet such decades-long efforts did nothing to prevent to death of Hoffman, and in many ways they undoubtedly contributed to it. When an in-demand chemical product cannot be legally regulated, controlled and distributed alongside medical treatment protocols for addiction, it inevitably falls into the hands of underground operators who, almost by definition, exhibit zero quality control standards and are steeped in a culture of violence and criminality.

And that means the heroin which people like Hoffman are able to acquire is unpredictable: it may be contaminated with toxic substances, combined with physiological multipliers that enhance toxicity, cut with deadly fillers, or dosed with dangerously wide variability to the point where users have no idea how much of the drug they’re really getting with each injection. Every dose is a roll of the dice, and far too frequently that gamble ends in tragedy.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The ‘health’ ranger, Mike Adams, speaking of decriminalising heroin on America’s streets…..
    Am I missing something here? A website that attacks unhealthy living advocating the legalising, control and manufacture of heroin???

    What would be far better for Mr Adams to write about and voice his concerns on, other than taking action on heroin use because some A list media whore drowns in ‘golden brown’, not as if hundreds of thousands of non celebrity junkies haven’t been dying already in the USA, is WHERE, HOW and BY WHOSE WISHES, this deadly drug is coming into the USA from?

    Anyone awake of late will know the Taliban almost eradicated poppy cultivation in Afghanistan. Since the west invaded, its cultivation has grown to astronomical levels. And it’s the military and secret services who are shipping it in.

    But who’s behind it?

    Well, a trip into history will tell you – Opium War & the Rothschilds.

    Nothing changes.

    These uber elites have been fucking up the world for centuries, creating wars, revolutions and genocides, complete untouchables when it comes to the law. It shows how all of you are nothing but a commodity of the Rothschild banking empire. They ‘own’ you as G.Carlin liked to say and they most certainly do.


  2. Anonymous says:

    http://loveforlife.com.au/content/14/01/24/image-power-nefarious-tactics-used-disguise-truth-distract-us-remedy-arthur-fiona-c explains why they are having no effect and why they are just maintaining and perpetuating “The System” despite their good intentions. The distraction of all our problems are such that they render us incapable of focusing on a remedy that gets rid of all our problems with “one” fatal blow.

    We don’t need any of these movements. There is a remedy that gets us all out of “The System” and, so far, no one has been able to show us a reason why it will not work. All we need to do is stop putting all our life FORCE energy into “The System” and start putting it into learning to live without “The System” and ONLY temporarily using “The System” where required to get completely out of it, in this life. Our true freedom exists in NO SYSTEM, not a “changed system”, a “new” system, another man-made system under another guise.

    To us, “The System” of man-made darkness is a tunnel and though we see the light of NO SYSTEM at the end of the tunnel, we live to step out of this tunnel to merge completely with this light in this life.” cont;d at the link

  3. Tapestry says:

    I am sure they all use pure versions of the drugs that are destroyed by the mess at street level of drugs distributed by gangs, to enhance their health and lives, not to mention their rituals summoning forth evil spirits.

    I agree with many of the negative comments about Chris Everard/Enigma TV but at least he’s a source. I always take the view that no source is perfect, and it’s best to work with all sources knowing their failings and their foibles. I find his graphical work excellent, while his knowledge is partial, and his analysis not the best, but he’s been down roads that I haven’t so I can learn from him.

  4. sovereigntea says:

    It is said that – Afghanistan growing & heroin manufacturing plants supply -> Camp Bondsteel -> Distribution. See veteranstoday.

    Ahghan war fought for opium !


    We are dealing with what is the least worst option with the slaves of the poppy. The reduction of harm by stifling the illiegal trade both big & small. The difference between a good hit and death is very small variable quality vastly increases the risks and adulterants the harm & medical cost long and short term. It should be seen as an economic problem. Our governments despite the public pretence to the opposite do not give a hoot about our health. Drugs are illiegal in order that a product that costs pennies to produce can be sold at a vast profit no taxes paid producing a vast illicit fund with which to fund black ( covert ) operations. Such as buying elections and governments. The banks have been proven to be complicit. Like it or not the way out is to legalise the trade. Smack has such a bad press even amongst avid drug users that it is unlikely that sales would increase. Note that Illicit purchases are generally funded by crime and that opium was widely on openly on sale up until about 100 yrs ago .. mankind made it through all of history without such restrictions. Taxes could be made to treat addicts who wanted to quit. Each addict is a one man crime spree – shoplifting vehicle crime and burglary.

    One might also question the real motives of the Daily Mail who are vehemently anti legalisation against all “drugs” which will result in a perpetual problem.

    Vietnam = Golden triangle shifted to Iran but Iran Contra shut that down & then Afghanistan opened up.

    Richard Holbrooke irrigation schemes. Extraordanry rendition flights – Poppy Bush – Go figure

    BCCI / Midland Bank = HSBC + Others Today

    In a world of legalised supply the only victims are the users.

    If you want a better world legalise the lot.

    Making the same “mistake” over and over again is just dumb ! Who gains.

    A “moral” stance founded on ignorance will not resolve the probems associated with an amoral trade.

  5. Anonymous says:


    “Our governments despite the public pretence to the opposite do not give a hoot about our health.”

    Of course.

    “Drugs are illegal in order that a product that costs pennies to produce can be sold at a vast profit no taxes paid producing a vast illicit fund with which to fund black ( covert ) operations. Such as buying elections and governments. The banks have been proven to be complicit.”

    Agreed. But….
    There’s a huge difference between the intake of cannabis and the poppy. Not all plantlife on this planet is good for us and regular deaths occur within the heroin using fraternity.

    “Like it or not the way out is to legalise the trade.”

    I agree, but, my point was about the irony of the health ranger not only advocating this, but not getting down to the nitty gritty of the drug trade as you and I have in our replies above.

    As an anarchist I do not believe in any laws or restrictions, but saying that it does not mean I am a moral relativist. Far from it. I see many things within society that are wrong but no one has any right whatsoever to enforce restriction to a member of the public, of anything. I have a moral compass, but it gives me no right to restrict the freedom of another to do as they choose too, that is unless it affects myself or a loved one in a negative way.

    I wouldn’t take heroin. I have no need to take heroin. Why do others take it knowing it’s incredibly bad for them, which of course they will become addicted to and most certainly spend all of their moneys obtaining as well as others, when theirs runs out? (“Each addict is a one man crime spree – shoplifting vehicle crime and burglary.”)

    One of the many questions in life I can’t understand.


  6. sovereigntea says:

    @ Harbinger

    Apologies if it looked like I was having a pop at you.

    Too many Daily Mail readers out there.

    New years Eve Y2k I sat atop the DM HQ Derry St Kensington( behind the lines as it were ) smoking a fat one I was not alone LOL.

    “there is no authority but yourself”


    Re smack many seek oblivion some just get sucked in.

    I once knew a robber/carthief/hardman very very strong willed. His Missus was on the brown he got sick of it and to prove it getting off was a matter of willpower did smack for a week to prove she could stop. last time I heard he was still on it. Sov’

    Re adulteration As noted by Raw Story, law enforcement agencies have spent the last month pursuing batches of heroin laced with fentanyl – a powerful painkiller – that have been deemed responsible for dozens of deaths in multiple states. The deadly drug cocktail has made its way east from Pennsylvania, and has been detected in states such as Maryland, New York and Rhode Island.

    Fentanyl is approximately 80 times more powerful than morphine and “hundreds of times more potent than heroin,” according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. When combined with heroin, the drug could potentially lead to a severe and lethal attack on the human respiratory system.

    According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, fentanyl-laced heroin is believed to be responsible for as many as 22 deaths in four Pennsylvania counties. Meanwhile, heroin overdose took the lives of another 22 individuals in Rhode Island in less than two weeks, about half of which were found with fentanyl in their systems. source http://rt.com/usa/lethal-heroin-seymour-hoffman-592/

  7. Anonymous says:

    Simpler still; just say no…
    Get over it.
    If you really need to ‘create’ smoke some pot or opium you grew in your back yard. Or go find some arcacia bark.

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