Who have we become? Fear of the outside – xenophobia – replaced with fear of the inside – oikophobia.


Another good interview here with Gilad Atzmon. Quote:

“But it goes even further. In the past, the Left was concerned with
the rise of xenophobia – animosity towards the stranger, the
foreigner, the ‘Other’.  But what we see in contemporary France is the
complete opposite, namely Oikophobia –  an emerging hatred and fear of
the Oikos, i.e. the home, the indigenous, the host, the rooted, the

In order to combat xenophobia, the New Left, dominated by Frankfurt
Yeshiva graduates, introduced us to identity politics  – a manifest
attempt to break society up into multiple marginal sectors. The
outcome was a swift metamorphosis of Left culture. Traditional working
class politics was replaced by a fake notion of diversity that was
translated, in practice, into a manifold of meaningless sectarian

Threatened by nationalism and patriotism, the Jewish intelligensia
wanted to see society broken up into manifold discourses driven by
ethnicity, race and gender (e.g. LGBT). It basically re-defined the
Western ethos as a collective of godless synagogues.  The post-’68
Left joined this very dangerous political experiment in a desperate
attempt to break down the overtly cohesive, nationalist working class.
As we all know, the consequences have been devastating. Instead of
overcoming xenophobia, racism or intolerance, each of us has become a
stranger in our own home. We voluntarily Other-ised ourselves to the
point of oblivion.”

Source: http://www.gilad.co.uk/writings/from-xenophobia-to-oikophobia.html


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