What do you know about the HAARP arms race?

 TAP – I know HAARP is the push button cause of all the weather instability around the globe.  How it works exactly, I am less certain, as you need to dedicate time to reading things like this –

Weather as a force multiplier.  Owning the weather in 2025.  This is in Tap Blog books-to-read right column.  It explains how mirrors can be created in the ionosphere), or watching the above video.

The date given is 2025.  I would correct that by saying the weather is already ‘owned’ by the military, and has been since 2012 or earlier.  The weather control programme is now global and functioning non-stop.  But who is operating it?  What else is HAARP capable of doing to us?


What do you know about HAARP?

Whether you know a lot, a little or
nothing, this is going to make your
head spin.

A rational, well informed overview
of the science of HAARP.

TAP – concentrating a radio broadcast using a corkscrew technique enables huge amounts of energy to be transported accurately to targets in space or the spheres above our heads.   The ionosphere can be heated and lifted hundreds of kilometres.  This can be used to channel the jet stream and move weather around, bringing floods or droughts.  Notice how weather forecasters now talk about the jet stream all the time, where they never used to do so.  That is only one of HAARP’s potentially devastating effects.  It is very cheap to build and operate, the ultimate weapon of destruction.  HAARP capability is possessed by Russia, China, the US and NATO.



Commentary by Dr. Nick Begich

What do you know about HAARP?

The few people who know anything about it believe that there’s only one HAARP installation in Alaska.


There are HAARP installations in Canada, in Norway, in Russia and in Antarctica.

Antarctica? Yes, Antarctica. And it’s run by China.

A wide ranging discussion on the technology of HAARP and the reality of the HAARP arms race.

– See more at: http://www.brasschecktv.com/videos/government-terror/haarp-a-global-phenomenon.html#sthash.y5b3wGer.dpuf

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4 Responses to “What do you know about the HAARP arms race?”

  1. julie says:

    Sept 2013 “Russia is pushing for this week’s landmark U.N. climate science report to include support for controversial technologies to geoengineer the planet’s climate, according to documents obtained by the Guardian”.


  2. Anonymous says:

    chris cooper was once interviewed
    on conspiracy radio on this subject, he said the Brit government was well involved in this as were the USA, jewish zpies have given this to israel who plan to use weather wars on palestine to clear the land for more building

  3. julie says:

    Rumour has it, the RAF are spraying from MOD Boscombe base, near the chemical hell-hole Porton Down.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ok so how do we build one of our own perhaps then we can reverse everything they do

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