Vaccinosis means immune system collapsed by vaccination

“I would like to share the experience my sister had with her son who was vaccinated at 3 months of age, and then had all the boosters up until he was 4. When he was born, the boy was healthy, and normal. At age 3 months (the age at which babies in South Africa are vaccinated) he had his first set of vaccinations. He developed a fever and a rash within hours, and he would not stop crying. The doctor said this is a normal reaction, and that it would pass.

Up till that day, he had never been sick, but in the months and years that followed, he was never really well again. He developed chest infections every few weeks. His growth, which had been normal until the vaccines, suddenly slowed down, and he became thin and frail. He was noticeably smaller than other babies, but his head was disproportionately large. He had puffy eyes, a permanently running nose, and vomited a lot. He grew into a miserable, crying, sickly toddler and was diagnosed at age 4 with ADHD.

At this point, my sister took him to see a homeopath who examined him and told my sister that the boy had chronic vaccinosis. He said that the childs immune system was severely compromised by the vaccines.

He then proceeded to reverse the vaccinations using homeopathy. (I am sorry, but I have no idea what remedies he used!)
The change was evident within a week. His nose stopped running, and the constant coughing and breathlessness just went away.

Over the next few months, as he continued with the treatment, he gained weight, calmed down, started to sleep through the night, and his body started to catch up with his huge head. By the time he was 7 years old, he looked and behaved like a normal child.

I would advise parents who have had their children vaccinated to seek out a homeopath who has experience in this regard. There are many charlatans out there, so please, do your homework before committing your child to the care of any old homeopath. (I say this from my own bitter experience)

Contrary to what we have been told, there is a way to reverse the vaccinations that your child has had. My sisters son went on to get chicken pox, measles, mumps and rubella…. and survived them all with no ill effects whatsoever.”

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  1. Aww gee as long as Big Pharma sucks up wealth and delivers it to its owners, The Pilgrims Society, which is a money trust nearly unknown to the world, that’s the main thing. It must even be a mental illness to criticize vaccines. Our adopted dog Buddy had skin infections all his life due to being barraged by vaccines early on (before we got him). Then the GD veterinarian prescribed prednisone, which destroyed his kidneys and killed the poor dog.

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