Understand the games being played out in Ukraine

UkrToday said…
Ukraine will never be a free independent state as long as it is beholden to Presidential rule.

Ukraine has struggled to try to adopt a European style Parliamentary government. In 2002/3 it lost by 5 votes.

In 2004/5 The organ revolution ended with an agreement towards a transition from Presidential rule to a Parliamentary democracy

In 2006 Yushchenko and “Our Ukraine” refused to support the formation of an “Orange” governing coalition and the sharing of power. This triggered the collapse of the Orange Revolution and the decline of Yushchenko’s support with the Socialist party abandoning Yushenko and supporting a unity government headed by Viktor Yanukovych

In 2007 faced with the possibility of the removal of presidential power Viktor Yushchenko illegally and unconstitutionally dismissed Ukraine’s democratically elected Parliament and going so far as to illegally interfere with the independence of Ukraine’s judiciary in order to prevent it was ruling against his decree. Yushenko’s actions caused 7 months of political and civil unrest.

The EU at first condemned the action of the President but at the insistence of the US soon fell silent. The US was of the brief that it could control and influence the Ukrainian President and was mistaken in the belief that “Our Ukraine would improve its position and hold the balance of the new parliament. An assumption that proved to be false.

The result of the force Parliamentary elections further divided and destabilized Ukraine with the new government holding a slender majority of one vote. Had the Socialist Party of Ukraine received 0.3% more votes the result would have been more or less the same as in 2006.

Ukraine continued to suffer instability with an ongoing power struggle between the President and the peoples democratically elected Parliament

The EU tried to support the transition to a Parliamentary system and the US tried to maintain the Presidential system

The US was not concerned about democratic values of good governance. Its agenda was to destabilize the region.

The US should have stayed out of the internal affairs of the region. After all it was Europe not the US that Ukraine was seeking to build closer relations and membership.

In 2010 Yushchenko, whose support slumped to below 5% lost the election and he then swung his support behind Viktor Yanukovych who was subsequently elected President

Yanukovych with Yushchenko’s and the US’s support, soon after taking office, wound back the democratic reforms implemented by the Orange revolution and consolidated power in the Office of the President.

Ukraine continues in its struggle to embrace a European Parliamentary system of government as did all other former Soviet States. The US continues to destabilize the region and work against Europe’s interest and Ukraine’s democratic development

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