Ukraine’s Maidan is the struggle for gas market

Ukraine's Maidan is the struggle for gas market. 52198.jpeg
The conflict in Ukraine is a war for the redistribution of the gas market that brings billions in profits. This is not a Russian-Ukrainian conflict, but a Russian-European conflict. The European Union has missed the moment when it could have won over Viktor Yanukovych, economist Said Gafurov said in a live broadcast ofPravda.Ru.
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TAP – To which you could add that if Ukraine falls out of the Russian sphere of control, Russia as a block on the path to world government would be over.  This is a Gazprom vs Rothschild conflict.  
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4 Responses to “Ukraine’s Maidan is the struggle for gas market”

  1. Anonymous says: Ukraine captures American agent ‘assisting’ in the unrest

  2. Anonymous says:

    Henry this article shows the war between Putin and the jews who want to rob russia yet again

  3. shirlz007 says:

    I see William Hague (the giant walking talking magical warmongering Zionist dildo that he is) has vowed IMF support for the, still as of yet, ILLEGITIMATE government of Kiev… Independent Square!
    Congratulations HALF of Ukraine… you can now get yourself debted up to the eyeballs in imaginary Rothschild money!
    Many are hoping to see you join the EU in the near future! Just ask Greece, Ireland and Spain how it’s working out for them!

    The majority of industry, gas, and agriculture of Ukraine is in the South East… aswell as Russias Naval fleet… THIS FAR FROM OVER!

  4. shirlz007 says:

    Putin, The Chinese and others from the East (Bakries!) should stop mincing around… AND SUPPORT A COUP IN THE REPUBLIC OF GREAT BRITIAIN!!! 😀
    it may have more support than what you imagine!

    “The arguments we’re all having about the exploitation of security for doubtful purposes are going on inside MI5, too. It’s not monolithic, MI5. MI5 is just like the church – it’s riven by people who feel or think different things very strongly. There are people inside MI5 who think what has happened in the last 10 years is absolutely disgusting and a betrayal of what they should be doing, and a regrettable lurch into dishonourable activity. There are other people who believe that we the citizens are right to be scared of the abdication of all power to the security services – which is what’s going on.”

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