TPVTV – How the EU planned the British floods

The EU is carrying out Agenda 21 on behalf of the United Nations.  The rewilding of the countryside is a key objective, and the moving of the population into cities.  Chemtrailing of rural areas is seen as of a different type to that seen over cities, with higher toxicity and more killing power.  Depopulation and tight control of the shrinking numbers left is the plan of the New World Order, directing all law-making bodies lower down the pyramid.  The Somerset Levels and other flooding events are entirely deliberate, as Richard North describes.

David writes –

09:18 is when Richard North first appears with this latest disclosure of illegal activity by our common enemy…the eu.

Wildlife before people

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4 Responses to “TPVTV – How the EU planned the British floods”

  1. Anonymous says:

    SUSAN FOSTER says;-
    A group of somerset people are suing the ministers who allowed this to happen, bloody good job
    Anyone listen to Colin Carswell radio show last night ? he says the hate being directed against Chris Spivey is said at truthjuice to be from a guy called Ellis Tailor,
    anyone heard of him ?

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Chemtrailing of rural areas is seen as of a different type to that seen over cities, with higher toxicity and more killing power” Bit of a contradiction there if the object is to ‘rewild’ the countryside. The countryside will be too toxic for ‘rewilding’ – it will be barren and unsupportive of life. Even the useless eating elite still need to be fed (though the reason why escapes me). More of Ickie’s fear porn agenda methinks. That’s not to say what is happening currently with the weather isn’t cause for concern.

  3. John Bull says:

    When we see the creation worshiper David Attenborough hanging by his neck from a lamp post outside the BBC we will then know we have won and sense has been restored.

  4. Big Bill says:

    Surely the point of the benefit cap is to move people OUT of cities… this would appear to be in conflict with moving them in…

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