This did not happen

29 Jan nuclear warhead moved to faslane base on clyde. 

No connection to radiation leak at sell afield, 

its use for weaponising warheads and the movement of weapons happening at the same time. 

Weapons came from another base entirely, further south and bypassed sell afield. 

No connection at all. 

Weapons do not leak radiation. 

Radiation leaks do not come and go. 

This is a coincidence and the warhead movement was not covered in the news, 

only on facebook and anti nuclear weapons sites. 

Even if a convoy transporting dangerous nuclear material passed through the north of England it would not show as a leak for a short while and then subside – yes it would. 

This did not happen, delete post 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    UPDATE: Sellafield spokesman states “leak” to be naturally occurring radon gas causing measuring equipment showing false positive. Problem, Sellafield facility is not near Radon deposits. Site was chosen for this reason. Radon maps are publicly available.

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