The weather’s not weird at all. It’s responding to deliberate intervention in predictable fashion.

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TAP – I would add to the piece below written by Christopher Booker that the weather is weird.  I see chemtrails blocking out the sun this afternoon, keeping us colder than otherwise and short of vitamin D, which we need to fight off illness.  Weather forecasters take great joy in telling us our weather is stuck in its current pattern of repeating storms due to the jet stream moving to a new position.  What they don’t say is the jet stream is now a controlled device.  Using HAARP technology, the ionosphere can be heated up which lifts it, and channels the jet stream to where they want it to go.  We are in effect under continuous attack from a weather weapon as are most parts of the globe.

Ordinary newspapers cannot tell you about such things, as the editors clearly won’t allow them to be revealed.   Journalists still sometimes come up with useful insights even though working within the parameters they are set.  The combination of deliberate flooding with deliberate blocking of the drains is what we are witnessing.  Every news channel is desperate to call this proof of climate change requiring world response,  or should we say, world government overriding national government to achieve a turnaround.

The EU is playing its role in the deliberate blocking of the drains as here described.  The problem is that climate change ‘sceptics’, who don’t dare to mention HAARP, and the deliberate re-directing of the jet stream out of the fear of being labelled a ‘conspiracist’, are undermining their best case for saying ‘tosh’ to the hardliners.  I don’t think Owen Paterson even knows what goes on at jet stream level.  Perhaps he, Richard North and Christopher Booker ought to take a little risk.  If not them, then cue Mr Farage.  HAARP now, Nigel.  

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes any government who attacks or allows to be attacked its own people deserves to be thrown out next election. This kind of horrific racism we do not need,
    next they will be giving our jobs and homes to foreigners
    just as Enoch Powell predicted

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well in Derbyshire it has been a lovely day. Spring temperature and clear blue sky until lunch when the chemtrailing started with a vengeance..
    The trails weren’t blocking the sun though, on the contrary they were trailing in the northern part of the sky opposite to where the sun is at this time of year.
    There has been no wind not even a breeze and as I sat in the garden I watched the upper atmosphere with the trails hardly moving. It was if the jetstream had stopped.
    Compared to the rain and high winds yesterday which blew my fence down it’s been a complete opposite today.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The weather on the north coast of Kent has been quite unnaturally mild, all the way through this winter. We’ve had only a couple of light frosts, and not a sign of a snowflake. The wind has been from the south-west quadrant almost the whole time. This is much more typical of summer winds.

    As far as Mr. Farage is concerned, I’m not confident that he will apply his well-known outspokenness to the subject of geo-engineering. To expose the enormity of the horrors behind weather manipulation would probably be political suicide. I’ll be very pleased if he proves me wrong, though.

  4. sovereigntea says:

    Well in North Worcs it had been a lovely day. Spring temperature and clear blue sky until lunch when the chemtrailing started.

    Milky haze followed

  5. Anonymous says:

    Sovereigntea have you got complete sky white out today after the chemtrailing yesterday? We have in Derbyshire. Complete cloud cover, the sky is white.

  6. Anonymous says:

    As forecasted by the Met for the Borders, Friday last, we were to get high winds up to 70 mph and heavy snow. The reality was that wind speed was 1.6 mph with no snow. As I say, not often right and wrong again.

    We have had one flurry of snow in the first week of December and nothing since. Roses are in early bud as are the shrubs. The birds have started singing early this year and several species have already started pairing and mating.
    However, getting back to the jet stream I was thinking the other day, what if the jet stream has not moved but that the earth has tilted somewhat.
    Any ideas welcomed.


  7. John Bull says:


    It’s both Jet Stream moving and tilting.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Damn, you’re paranoid. This much research and effort into something that actually IS happening might not go amiss. I mean, chemtrails? Seriously?

  9. John Bull says:

    @ Anon 4:08 pm

    Look’s like the spook’s cages are being rattled. LOL

    The true meaning of the word ‘paranoia’ means to have the innate ability to join together disparate pieces of infornmation in order to make a coherent whole – an ability you are obviously completely devoid of.

    It would also help if you learnt how to engage your brain before researching this subject which, again, you obviously know nothing about, hence your ignorant comment.

  10. Anonymous says:

    John Bull are you a relation to WASP, you have a similar attitude to contributors.
    Not very nice.

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