The Matrix – the next generation of the internet is ready to launch. It will destroy the USA.

Since a young age, I have acquired extensive experience in computer technology, manufacturing and engineering, telecommunications, military/weaponry, surveillance, media/marketing, and within the past several years as an investigative journalist, environmental issues, mind control technology, neuro-linguistic programming, Obamacare, education and energy.  My life experiences have helped me understand what I discovered when I stumbled into the “Genesis”, or origination of the U.S. Ignite initiative.
What I discovered will shock the world, but it’s not just the controlling elements of the U.S. Ignite initiative which are startling.  The program is here, in full motion, in it’s final stages of implementation, irreversible, and has been developed since 1987.  It’s ‘The Matrix’ of the future we’ve all been fearing and waiting for, but that’s not the most shocking revelation. Since 1987/1990, the U.S. Government has been advancing the initiative unopposed and without any consideration whatsoever for it’s unconstitutionality.

Please allow me to be as succinct as I possibly can in describing U.S. Ignite:  It’s a new, secondary high-speed internet designed to replace the original internet we know today. The present day internet is the old; obsolete, slow system we inherited from the military industrial complex in the late 80′s.  The U.S. Government knew it was a beast, but in order to accomplish their goal of implementing an all-encompassing technological system of enslavement, they had to come up with a way to pay for the research and development.  The costs back then were considered enormous for what they intended to do, and their intentions are now very transparent as they reach the final stages.
Look at the Central Intelligence Agency and their methods of mind control developed over the past 50+ years.  Take a look at the NSA, their computing power of surveillance, and their total disregard for human rights.  The military industrial complex has now fully metastasized into a stage-4-cancer equivalent of a tumor attached to the entire world, and the prognosis for survival is terminal. The new techno-tronic system of enslavement we live in can be described as the military-media-medical-industrial-complex; better known as The Matrix.  Look into the history of U.S. Ignite and you will quickly discover that the U.S. government — which built and will govern The Matrix  —- gave the initiative  a fascist marketing buzzword, but the best way to accurately describe it is to call it every hyphenated industrial complex in existence.

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  1. sovereigntea says:

    How interesting that the EU have just announced that they are going to build a new NSA free internet

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