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  1. Anonymous says:

    The illustration is very good. here in the USA we looked to Britain as a country of taste and style, GIs coming home after the war spoke of beautiful anglo saxon women in the UK, but on a recent visit we were horrified to see tattooed women with metal piercings in their faces horrific hairstyles with half their heads shaved, scary lesbianoid half women and with mongraloid kids
    of all colours, have British women lost their identity and sense of self ?
    Pablo California

  2. Tapestry says:

    The cultural programming for the last hundred years has focused heavily on women. Women like to be in the crowd, and are more prone to conform, while men will often fight back against authority, and want to do their own thing. A lot of the cultural programming is aimed at making family life next to impossible so that kids are increasingly seen as the property not of their mothers or fathers but of the state.

    Also women are conned into delaying their families so that many end up unmarried and childless. The depopulation agenda has a strong cultural programming element. Stopping women from being attractive and desirable is another key part of that.

    Men are increasingly excluded from family life and their traditional roles removed. Kids grow up without fathers and end up as social delinquents. Family has to be broken down as well as community, as part of the Frankfurt school programme, until political resistance is unachievable.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The hate attacks on Anglo Saxons
    are directed from Rothschild at the top, and filter into soaps like easteneders and coronary station street, where falilies hate and fight, but at a subtle level it permeates into blond jokes, you cant make jokes about blacks or jews but blonde people ( anglo saxon ) are OK
    just look at every time you see an english man depicted in films now, they are either buffons or criminals, this affects the subconscious ata deep level

  4. Anonymous says:


    The change of woman was huge between the 50’s and the 70’s. From the 70’s to 90’s even larger. Now many are unrecognisable.

    Guaranteed the overwhelming number of teens up to 40 year olds will have tattoos, The younger girls with ‘tramp stamps’ at the base of their spines. Tattooing is big business.

    There is no pride in young women because they have no identity anymore. They are washed out hasbeens, all trying to emulate one another and many well overweight.

    The career path is the choice of many – getting into the workplace asap to be fiercely independent, going to the pub after work, knocking back pints, cocktail jugs, shots and wine, finished off with a kebab, a vomit and a drunken shag.

    Then many get to their late 30’s, the body clock’s ticking and they look for a partner to have a family with. Then again they look for a sperm donor to deliver the goods the old fashioned way, get rid of them when they’re able to go back to work, then off to the courts to get maintenance.

    Your GI’s met ladies, proud of being English, Scottish, Irish or Welsh. They sought to be different and proud while uniting to protect their culture and heritage. Today the ‘lady’ is all but extinct. In the USA, a lady is a general term for a woman, whereas here and the rest of Europe they are women with class, elegance, manners and intelligence. A lady wouldn’t be seen dead with any piercing, tattoo or exposure of naked flesh. Her partner was a gentleman.


  5. Anonymous says:

    The people are being turned into automatons, the basic attraction between men and women is being tampered with, in order to stop the birth rate, people are being turned queer, the ultimate goal is
    being just one sex in the middle

  6. Anonymous says:

    Turn that clock back and we have: Increasing Godlessness.

    I try not to link too often to conventional Christian sites as many tend to be a tad naive but I think this commentary has useful insight on the subject:


    We ought to strive for purity (not in he context of Crowley and pure evil that is).


  7. Anonymous says:

    That Pyramid looks very like the Capitalist one, in fact identical.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Very well put Tap.

    They attacked women as they are more easily coerced into conforming to the hive attitude, keeping up with the Jones’ etc

    Without a doubt our women have changed into unrecognisable shadows of their former selves, looking back to when I was a youngster the girls I grew up with arent the women they are now-ok life has a habit of changing a person, but theres something more to it, characters and personalities have been altered in individual ladies I have known all my life.

    Either that or its me lol

  9. Anonymous says:

    Like where I come from, you can see homosexuals and lesbians at just about every corner. They seem to breed by inculcating their values on the young poor and destitute. They are in show business extolling the virtues of being other. AMA used to call it a disease until the HomoLes lobby viciously opposed it.

    If the agenda is to depopulate, it will be repopulated by what are formerly known as misfits and that will become normal in the future. Children from the latest created refugee camps here are now visited by beckham and the king of a scandinavian country, possibly looking for young children as the king and football star have alleged links to child trafficking.

    Educated women here are fiercely feminist, I agree with the observation that they start scrounging for partners when their “body clock starts ticking away”

    By the way, we have only one jewish synagogue here that I know of. But their low intensity conflicts are very effective as most of the population are clueless, fighting over some petty political issues base on false dialectics.

    Our culture is almost forgotten as the way of life here is now thoroughly westernized, thanks largely to the american education system installed here when we were still a colony.

    Come to think of it, we still are.

  10. Anonymous says:

    i AGREE totally that the Jewish people are bringing down society. In many cases, they don’t even know it. It is not a complete conspiracy but rather a secretive way of life that has enabled the Jews to maintain their isolation and false ideas of being supreme beings for thousands of years. I suspect the Jews have maintained their closed society through sexual abuse of the children taught by the Babylonians and practiced on the young males. Why do you suppose so many rabbis are pedophiles – why so many Jewish men end up being homosexual and why the Jews have crammed down our throats the very ridiculous idea that a person who is born one sex but decides to be another can legally do so and the tax payers foot the bill? Today the Jewish organization – powerful and unbreakable – promotes transsexualism on a very high level. Rabbis are now transsexuals. Yet, if I woke up tomorrow and declared I was born to be a flower would I get the same treatment with money to pay for surgery and hormones? Would other flowers be offended by this? Would not matter – the Jews decide and the very evil doctors who create these monsters do so with a purpose. Money is a side issue, the focus is to bring down the society and make way for the ruling elite – with those who object finding they are facing certain death ultimately. This is all part of the Babylonian plan and it is being executed today. In addition, the Jewish men are turned into psycopaths and have no remorse whatsoever if they kill, destroy or harm the Goyim. It makes no difference to them for they have been trained and tortured to believe these nonsensical ideas. Where do you think MKULTA got their ideas?

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