Tap Blog counter measures in action again today.

There are more blank links arriving.  This time from Julie sending a story from Craig Murray about the listening post on Cyprus.   There were a couple of ‘this-page-is-not-availables’ sent yesterday from Colin and David.  It’s unusual to get these, let alone three in two days, and another that didn’t work for other reasons.

The answer must be to copy and paste the posts into the email.  By sending a link to The Tap, the pages seem to be disabled shortly afterwards, and the stories lost to the internet.  Colin and David resent their links later in the day with a new URL which worked.  Yet Google are clearly trying out a new tactic.  Colin says he’s just signed on to the New Google Chrome, and wondered if that was the reason.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    NYTimes LETTER

    Woody Allen denies abusing his daughter Dylan Farrow
    8 February 2014 Last updated at 03:33




  2. Anonymous says:

    Ya and the Mugs in peadowood helped him Vile C…

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