Sleeping rough becomes an arrestable offence

Start at 31 minutes. See a policeman lying without conscience on camera after that at the tracking demo at Barton Moss.

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3 Responses to “Sleeping rough becomes an arrestable offence”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Churchill had the French Navy sunk during the war.
    So how come we now want to be partners with defence ??
    French videographers were there at 9-11 as Britons were murdered, hardly the friends I would want.

  2. paul maleski says:

    French videographers were conveniently there! As were the dancing Israelis. The US airforce, however, was conspicuous by there absence.

  3. Anonymous says:

    As regards to the policeman lying at the fracking incident, he knows very well that he heard the man had had two cups of tea that morning.

    So why did he lie and on camera too?

    Firstly because it’s about imposing authority upon the public. Like the government people mistakenly believe that they are there to serve them. They just don’t seem to realise what govern actually means. The police continue to show that they are right and you are always wrong. This is authoritarianism, or another word tyranny.

    Secondly, he knows that he’ll just say he misheard the man and will be let off, should it go any further.

    The power that the police have shown is quite staggering. They can detain anyone at the drop of a hat and when you’re 100% innocent as this man is, regardless, you’re spending time in a cell. This is to show you that they’re in charge and have complete power over you. They can assault you, kidnap you and imprison you and nothing will happen to them. This will really piss the man off. It has me on occasion.

    This is what angers people. Imagine now all those innocent black youths in London, continually stopped by the filth to be searched, possessing nothing and having done nothing wrong?

    The reality here is that the police are out of control. There is no control upon them. They do what they will and their freemason buddies in the force will lie for them, along with their freemason comrades in the judiciary. Heads they win, tails we lose.

    There’s only one answer on how to deal with the filth. They have proved time and time again that they DO NOT work for the people and are very much against them. They were created by the elites to protect the elites from the public. The more control the elites create, the more heavy handed the police are in enforcing it.

    There will come a choice one day – you or them. It’s that simple. I have no love, nor respect for the filth. Never have nor ever will.


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