She won’t go quietly. This video will not last long. Watch it now.

UPDATE – to watch full documentary anonymously, go to The Pirate Bay and download.  Everyone interested in knowing the real world we live in, as opposed to the media false world, should watch it.

Part 1.

Part 2.

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13 Responses to “She won’t go quietly. This video will not last long. Watch it now.”

  1. shirlz007 says:

    Rothschild family: Rare media articles reveal their wealth, influence

    The Rothschild family is considered by many with knowledge of deep politics to be one of the most, if not the most, influential families on our planet over the last few centuries. Yet the Rothschilds have consistently tried to keep their incredible power and influence secret over these years.

    If Sam Mendes had any balls, the plot for Bond 24 would have ‘The House of Blofeld’! A 300 year old European banking dynasty, headed by Lord Ernst Stavro Blofeld! British financier, hardcore Zionist and supporter of Israel… head of ‘The Quantum’!

  2. The way she refers to herself as she will not go queitly, now that sounds like a very brainwashed individual that is screaming for help.
    You can not grow up in these families without it happening as the parents that offer up thier children for the process will almost certainly have had the same done to them at a young age, royal arch comes to mind, although she did seem disgusted and wanted out, imagine if she did live and underwent deprogramming, the secrets that she could reveal and lets be honest if it needs to be secret then it is usually so perverse that we would want there heads on the royal railings faster than the somerset levels flood.

  3. Anonymous says:

    She wanted to take the landmine campaign to Palestine, this and the insult to the jews by marrying a muslim, was too much.
    The only hope Britian has of breaking the monopoly is by hoping for a strong Iran, Iran is non rothschild, the wealth is for the people not the bankers
    they may be muslim but they are our only hope

  4. Anonymous says:

    Tap – know where we can get the full film at all ? Tried when first came out but deleted EVERYWHERE !!

    Cheers – keep up the great work – from Canada

  5. Tapestry says:

    we had the whole film twice. each time it got ‘taken out’. i hope people made copies while they could. it’s crucial that people see it. thanks for your supportive message from Canada.

  6. paul maleski says:

    And I was always led to believe that the present British Royal Family was predominantly kosher. This is why the Schiffs and Rothschilds and co. never bothered to murder them, as they posed no threat to worldwide jew ambitions; much unlike, the white Christian Romanovs. The rot really set in and accelerated when German jewboy Ernest Cassel’s granddaughter multi-racial loving lesboyish slut Edwina, married fig-digger Louis Battenberg. When Charlie got stuck up Dianna, he must have known that she was a jewess (mother’s maiden name Roche) and that Roche had been gutted by Goldsmith who’s old man was a jew. As for Kate, well let us be honest, her mother looks more jewish than Edwina Currie (Cohen); all I can say about the Cambridges’, is that the Mohel is already sucking his well paid blue lips and the Rabbi is always on the end of the phone. BBC Royal correspondent Jenny Bond told me all this. Ask her or Danny Cohen?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Sir Anthony Blunt claimed that the reason the royals were left in place is that they are jews, amusing when you think they are head of the C of E, but then when did the C of E ever criticise the israeli genocide in palestine etc ?

  8. yes2truth says:

    Diana is NOT DEAD – period.

    The whole thing was a fake, just as Woolwich was a fake and 9/11 was a fake.

    If Piers Morgan or any of those other lying bastards is on there telling us she was murdered then we know she is still alive.

    The videos you should be watching are those with William and Harry grinning and smirking whilst following their ‘mother’s coffin’.

    Wake up peeps you have been had yet again.

  9. Anonymous says:

    The film can be downloaded from Pirate Bay.

  10. paul maleski says:

    yes2truth. Have you got Di’s phone number by any chance? She might like the taste of plain vanilla for a change.

  11. yes2truth says:

    Ask William or Harry, they have her number and no doubt they’ll also know the name of her plastic surgeon.

    On second thoughts Piers Morgan will have it. Let’s face it, anyone who looks so convincing on video must receive a reward of some kind for doing such a great job.

    I expect he holidays with her in the West Indies.

  12. paul maleski says:

    Yes2truth–I am off to Barbados for a holiday, and all those effing taxis and nobody working in the fields; I tragically digress, in a few weeksmqsachg. Please keep me informed on Diana’s whereabouts.
    PS– I’ve got plenty of vanilla. Cheers Paul Maleski.

  13. yes2truth says:

    Will do, but you do realise that any real info will obviously be wasted on someone who believes Piers Morgan. That level of brainwashing is very deep.

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