Raw juiced cannabis is exponentially healthier than smoked cannabis

Raw juiced cannabis is exponentially
healthier than smoked cannabis 

-and it does not have a drug effect.

Here’s the science behind this true
medical miracle.



– Brasscheck


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4 Responses to “Raw juiced cannabis is exponentially healthier than smoked cannabis”

  1. Anonymous says:

    British Police caught framing citizen journalist article on Alex Jones Infowars website, see FB, link has been shared

  2. Anonymous says:

    Peter Tosh. Bob Marley ..many Rastafarian told this years ago ……..

  3. Anonymous says:

    I smoked a lot of pot in high school and it definitely is not a healthy habit (addiction?) oral ingestion of marijuana on the other hand seems to have much different effect. One day if these corporate drug pushers could ever be kept at bay, I think cannabis would be great for seniors, ingested rather than smoked. Lot’s of natural oils could be used to alleviate symptoms of older people who are starting to slow down a little. Things that would be easier on the liver, kidneys, pancreas etc. Smoking hash is much different then burning marijuana as well. Alcohol and marijuana are not the best things for young people below forty really, alcohol especially. Hemp itself also would be a very fine supplementary fiber, many uses. It is a shame MONSANTO is modifying marijuana. These people are maniacs with too much power over others. It makes me sad because they feel that it is their god given right to hurt the mass meanwhile most of them have not been so rich for more than a few hundred years and they are by no means right to do what they do.

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