Paterson gets one thing right – solving the Somerset floods. Don’t tell the media.

I first wrote about this three weeks ago, when I searched out the true local experts who could explain why this was happening and what needed to be done – none more knowledgeably than a group of senior members of the Royal Bath & West of England Agricultural Society, who have long been trying to attract government attention to a “disaster waiting to happen”….
Their message could not have been clearer. The prime reason for this disaster has been the deliberate refusal of the Environment Agency – since it took overall control of drainage and flooding policy in 1995 – to dredge the rivers that for centuries carried flood water from the Levels safely down to the sea. What was needed was, first, a resumption of dredging; then for the agency to get off the backs of the local drainage boards and farmers who, until 1995, had long kept the Levels properly drained as productive farmland with abundant wildlife.
So compelling was their message, I managed to convey to Mr Paterson that he needed urgently to meet these experts – which is precisely what happened behind closed doors last Sunday evening. One present said: “We were very impressed by how he asked all the right questions and came to all the right conclusions.” But none of this percolated through to the media….
Mr Paterson gave the relevant bodies six weeks to come up with an agreed action plan, based essentially on a return to the system that had kept the Levels drained for hundreds of years.
Christopher Booker

TAP – why is Paterson unable to realise that GMOs will cause millions of people around the world to contract cancer?  That’s a type of flood he doesn’t seem able to get.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    you wont see it on the news but norfolk somerset and especially lincolnshire are at severe risk of flooding, boston which is now almost alll russians is under grade one risk and people have been adviced if they can to leave.
    this is no accident, weather control is a reality its is by design. the farmlands will be useless for decades, the thinking is
    that then the people will have to buy in GM frankenfoods from abroad, the country is sick
    Rothschild owns the weather
    rothschild owns GM foods
    rothschild wants the UK flooded with foreign people

  2. Anonymous says:

    Heard on the news all the specialised dredging equipment was sold off on the cheap.scrap many years ago by some sneaky little shit.


    Heard in Australia GM farm land waste slury is draining into the sea over the “natures miracle” coral reef which apparently is now doomed.

    cant find any links right now sorry


  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Often there are mentions of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire being Chemtrailed, Anon 7:44am.
    Yesterday I only spotted two chemtrailers over Doncaster.
    Just looked out of the window, there are 4 planes Chemtrailing out the Sun.
    You are correct Anon it never happened by chance.
    Checked with ‘ planefinder ‘ and all the air traffic was to the West. The planefinder application is free and can go back in time to see what caused the weather.

  4. Anonymous says:

    USAF members stationed in the UK have told us quite freely about chemtrails, they all say its top secret but they think its wrong and unnecessary, close the bases and send them home

  5. Anonymous says:

    You know, Somerset gets very little from central government and asks for very little. As a rule, there is a pride in self-sufficiency, of being not ‘mainstream’, and where does it get us? For years Notting Hill Carnival has had unlimited amounts of money pumped into it as its advertsied as “multicultural ” e g not British
    (with money thrown at it as have other inner city deprived areas, etc.) but Somerset (until 3 years ago) got diddly squat (the lottery fund gave a one-off grant to the carnival committee.) But here for our generations these carnivals have been completely funded by local people, a real labour of love and pride which has raised millions for local charities. Our Somerset carnivals knock anything that the likes of Notting Hill can do into a cocked hat – you must come and see one next November – amazing experience! We have some very poor communities here, Bridgwater in particular; there is real hardship and high unemployment, yet as far as I know, our communities have not had much help from central government. Our children rely on ‘mum’s taxi’ to get to their activities and meet their friends. People are now cut off from school, work and meeting their friends. Most kids are not in easy reach of cinemas, arenas etc, yet it is always the frequent bleat of the inner city kids that get heard, the ubiquitous, ‘There is nothing for us to do.’ Right kiddos, try being a teenager here. The kids I have met a courteous, interesting and helpful and are keen to help out with community projects. Our local youth club has recently built an adobe pizza oven up at the Forest School (local people chipped in and gave a grant), the kids took part in Somerset Arts week (did a mural in the loos of the hall, and the adults welcomed their efforts) The kids are next going to tackle athe overgrown garden of a local pensioner. Thoughtfulness is very much evident here. When I was still a visitor here and whilst walking the cycle path managed to walk into a willow branch and slamming a piece of wood 1″ into my face two lads raced off and bought me a bottle of mineral water, retuning to look for me to make sure I was ok. Now that is true community spirit. It breaks my heart to know that there is a drugs and alcohol problem in this area and that young people who feel cut off for long enough and without hope for long enough often turn to these ‘releases’.

    I find it ironic that the amphibious vehicle that gets sent out on Red Cross missions to disaster zones across the world is kept in Bristol. We have had pensioners trapped in their homes since before Christmas and yet only last week did someone think to send the vehicle to us. (Before Bristol became its own authority it was in the county of Somerset.) RNAS Yeovilton is right next door to us, helicopters fly over daily, yet only now has it been deemed a bright idea to use them to help us. Sure, the navy has taken pretty pictures of the plight of ‘The Levellers’, sending pictures on for the press to feast on, but what more can they have done! It is a peculiar fact that if we had been in another country that the British people would have raised a fighting fund to have helped Somerset and areas like us, but, because we are only an hour and a half away from London, we don’t merit help. Classic case of ‘shoemaker’s shoes are always worse shod’. The strange truth is that Joe Public seems to equate visually pretty areas with perceived affluence

  6. Anonymous says:

    Seems a strange snow has fallen in Atlanta.
    The snow won’t melt with a burning flame.
    Would somebody in Scotland UK do a test on the falling snow.

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