It’s On!!!! Nigel Farage accepts Nick Clegg’s offer of a TV debate on Britain and the EU

  • He tweetsAccepted Nick Clegg’s offer of a debate, hope the others join in too. Ed’s been particularly quiet

    UPDATE TAP –   Cameron says he’s too busy!  Running scared will not look good.

    Farage’s next tweet

    #‎thingsthatDavidCameronmightbedoing‬ as he’s ‘too busy’ to take part in the debates’?

    TAP – No doubt there will be many suggestions.  I posited that he would be attending so many Satanic child sacrifice rituals.  What’s your best idea?  He’ll be in for major ridicule, I suspect..

    EARLIER tweet –  Just arriving Leicester Square to do @LBC. According to the @LibDems I’m chicken. Find out in half an hour.

    Nigel Farage ‘can hardly wait’ to debate EU with Nick Clegg

    Nigel FarageMr Farage hopes to top the polls in May’s European elections
    UKIP, which wants to leave the EU, hopes to top May’s poll while the Lib Dems say they are “the party of ‘in'”.
    The Lib Dem leader threw down the gauntlet to Mr Farage on Thursday, saying he was the right person to debate the issue of Europe with the UKIP leader.

    ‘No choice’

    In response, Mr Farage said he wanted the Conservative and Labour leaders to join a four-man debate.

    But, even if they declined, he said he would take on the Lib Dem leader in a head-to-head duel, adding “it’s on”.

    UPDATE –  Was Clegg told by Cameron he wouldn’t qualify to be included in the main debates any longer after losing deposit at Wythenshawe?  Did he then challenge Farage in a fit of peek to put one back over on Cameron and Miliband?  Or is there another game going on here?  Cameron and Miliband are now saying to Clegg that he could be excluded from main TV debate after agreeing to debate Farage.  But his exclusion probably came in front of that moment and this all happened the other way around.  Clegg in rage benefiting Farage and giving him the ‘in’ he is looking for.

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9 Responses to “It’s On!!!! Nigel Farage accepts Nick Clegg’s offer of a TV debate on Britain and the EU”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Can’t help but think that this is all something of a distraction – more controlled opposition, just a bit more spice.
    The UKIP have already come out as friends of Israel – which should be enough for anyone to make up their mind as to what they are really about.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Conservatives, Labour, Lib-dems are also all friends of Isreal so no matter who you vote for it makes no difference regarding the subject of Isreal

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Anonymous says:

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    Police keep close eye on reports of disturbing ‘knockout’ game …
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  5. Anonymous says:

    The politicans cannot show their faces in a debate with UKIP, they brought in the romanian gypsies that attackes the children in vile racist sex attacks, they should hang and the men who brought them in to appear in court for aiding and abetting
    Hey i did not know ukip were freinds of terrorists, you know the saying “those who befreind terrorists are themselves terrorists”

  6. Tapestry says:

    Nigel Farage campaigned against the war in Syria and all other foreign entanglements, for which he suffered a week wearing a Hitler moustache on BBC and Sky broadcasts. He maybe tipped the vote against attacking Syria by worrying Conservative MPs into abstaining. He showed he’s not an Israeli stooge at that moment.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous 6.07pm…. all the current main political parties are, as Tap said.. Nigel Farage stood up to defend Syria.
    I personally have seen no evidence yet that he is pro Isreal. If you have proof of what you say then please share it

  8. yes2truth says:

    Clegg is the Prime Minister, not Cameron. Cameron and Miliband are just a couple of unemployable goons, so Clegg going head to head with Farage is just telling us who is in charge of the circus.

    If you check out the Clegg Clan history you will find that they were often minders for Royalty with the Griffin (Half lion; half eagle) on their Coat of Arms.

    Clegg is head of the Privy Council – go figure.

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