NHS to sell your medical records to anyone who wants them

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Jeremy Hunt MP has agreed to let our medical records be sold, without our consent, by the NHS, to basically anyone who wants them. As usual, this is being sold to us as ‘improving patient care’. Unless people withdraw their consent for this to happen, it will take place within a matter of weeks, without their knowledge.
What most people don’t know is that unless they specifically request their GP to maintain the confidentiality of these records, they are consenting to letting all of their records, conversations etc. be released to whoever.
Anyone wishing to inform their GP should visit the following website. 

There, they will find a letter written by a concerned GP to download, print and complete, sign and deliver to their GP. If people feel strongly, as I do, that this is wrong, then they should consider signing the petition at
Qui Tacet Consentire Videtur

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Thanks for posting the links. I’ve noticed one the links I sent is broken. Please can people try this one?


Alternatively just search medconfidential
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6 Responses to “NHS to sell your medical records to anyone who wants them”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The link for the letter doesn’t work.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ya it doesn’t work… ???? any i tell GP. to FO as i won’t be needing them ..bloody vile NHS …liers murders. drug dealing scum ….how many people die and suffer ..all they will tell u is how good they. are ..so u buy into this mind set ..oh and you have to thank them for doing such a great job even tho you have paid into it and for it ….Oh thank you NHS ……Abuse. us all .and feel no way …

  3. Anonymous says:

    Near me a couple gave birth to a severely handicapped boy, both parents had to give up work to give him round the clock care, for 19 whole years the NHS denied responsibility for the botched birth, after this time in another court case the NHS collapsed and agreed it was responsible, but for 19 years it lied through its teeth.
    The NHS treat russian mafia trafficked eople from all over the world into the UK, african war criminals, but cheat its own people like this

  4. Anonymous says:

    medical records are kept in india where they are often sold to companies and used in internet spammimg. But the point of the medical records, along with criminal history and family background from the census, will all be put with employment factors into a tiny pellet to go under the skin, police will use a hand scanning gun at RRBs, ( this was discussed at New labour with Tony Bliar and Peter Mindyourson)
    Rothschild Road blocks- to check where you are going and to see if you are allowed into another area and you have the money to do so
    Good comment from gemma, but no one who knows Chris Spvey believed any of that stuff, i did not know Dave the Truth, but kevin was a real professional to those who phoned in and i dont believe that about him either, the similar attack on the stokes guy wa slaughable as they kept getting the wrong man, they got some unemployed plasterer from london with the same name who got hysterical on the radio, they also mixed him up with Doris stokes son of the same name at least they could get the facts right
    i say good on ya spivey and keep it up and we love ya in Coventry mate !!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thankyou Gemma,
    But dont forget digger4truth
    he had thousands of followers daily but due to various insidious attacks such as his blog being smashed and similar being said e g a liar fraud and all the rest, Digger can no longer blog and is in fear for hs safety

  6. Anonymous says:

    As it stands, a family member is not allowed access to another family members medical record, (Patient Confidentiality) but all else are. Now that’s what I call ODD!


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