Millions of Syrians say to West – ‘get your terrorists out of our country’

Image: Al Nusrah “Freedom Fighters”
We invite GR readers to review the video and images below and make up their own mind as to what is happening in Syria. 
There is a mass movement across the country against foreign interference.  This mass movement is not being reported by the Western media.
The Syrian population does not support the “freedom fighters” recruited and trained in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey.  
What is at stake is the sovereignty and survival of a country with a longstanding history. This movement also includes people who are opposed to the Syrian government.
The Syrian people are fully aware that Washington is supporting Al Qaeda. They know that this is a US sponsored insurgency and that the rebels who are killing civilians are mercenaries.
They are fully aware that this is a war of aggression which is intent upon destroying their country. 
Let us spread this message far and wide.
Michel Chossudovsky, GR, February 21, 2014
Report by Syria 360
Thousands of Syrians went out in massive rallies in various areas and cities on Thursday in support of Syrian national principles and staunch support to the Syrian Arab Army.
Thousands in Qudsayya show support to Syrian army, national principles
 Thousands from Qudsayya, al-Dimas and al-Sabboura areas in Damascus countryside gathered in a massive popular rally in Qudsayya area to show support to the Syrian army operations against the armed terrorist groups and national principles.
 The participants, who waved Syrian flags and held posters for President Bashar al-Assad, affirmed that ”those endowed with the spirit of Correctionism and Liberation must have a spirit of victory,” expressing confidence that Syria’s victory is imminent.
 Chairman of Damascus Countryside Council, Saleh Bakro told SANA that the rally ”is a popular referendum on the basic choices and firm principles that hold the Syrians together no matter their different affiliations.”
Najha residents voice support to national principles
 A massive rally took place in Najha area in Damascus Countryside, with the participants expressing their rejection of any foreign interference in Syria’s affairs.
 Waving the Syrian flags and posters of President Bashar al-Assad, the participants stressed that the national principles proclaimed by the delegation of the Syrian Arab Republic in Geneva express the aspirations of the Syrian people.
They chanted slogans reflecting firm national unity and voiced strong support to the Syrian army while it is performing its national duty of confronting terrorism to restore security and stability to the homeland.

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11 Responses to “Millions of Syrians say to West – ‘get your terrorists out of our country’”

  1. A10Sean says:

    Off Topic Tap but I have a few Chemtrail Questions if anyone wants to try to answer them ..

    The whole chemtrails issue still puzzles me .. On the face of it .. It does look like they are spraying .. Just look up and see .. But how many aircraft ? Where do they fly from and to ? What is the extent of coverage ? Ie just over land ? Just over populated areas ? Over the sea ? Do guys who work in oil rigs see them ? Or does the spraying guide a weather system / jet stream ? Or Do the ChemTrails create a ‘mirror ‘ effect used by HAARP ?

  2. Anonymous says:

    A10Sean, since you have so many questions, why don’t you use the archive on the right hand side of the page ??

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am proud of the Syrian Army and people.
    Even though your Country has been destroyed, you still have PRIDE.
    The Elite of the U.S. are bankrupt of ideas how to kill us all off.
    The Soros colour brigade have started on Russia, whilst the Elite are occupied, build up you reserves in Syria.

  4. A10Sean says:

    Interesting Response Anonymous.

  5. Assad is british educated, there situation is contrived, is it not?

  6. Anonymous says:

    For a10sean is a good site for info it has many links for further information.

    Also the archive on this blog has loads of info

    If you google geoenginering rather than chemtrails you will find more information.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I’m mighty impressed with the resilience of Assad, his wife and the Syrian people to stand up to the colonial empire and make their stance. Clever move by Putin and MPs put paid to troops on the ground.
    People need to realise that anything that comes out of Britain and the US is contrived not to benefit the foreign indigenous but their own greed and self interests.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Let us be blunt & straightforward about this.The weapons for these terrorist attacks on Syria have come in through Turkey-after Turkey established “friendly” trading relations with Syria.This means that the Turks are filthy treacherous back-stabbing scum.The only good Turk is a dead Turk.& no I don’;t apologise for this,because this is the truth.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Bashar was educated in England but Syria wants no foreign intervention, and never has wanted it. They have zero debt and along with Iraq and Egypt are/were the ‘bread basket” of the Middle East.(Iraq now, has been forced to use GMO seed. Egypt has it’s own problems but is sorting them out). Gazprom will also go through Northern Syria and they have found massive oil reserves, which the Israeli’s want, along with the Golan heights. BIS wants Syria and its fertile land. Don’t forget, that by taking Syria over they deny Russia a navel base in the Mediterranean.

  10. salty says:

    People of the Occupied Syrian Golan mark anniversary of the national open strike

    15 February 2016.

    Golan, SANA-

    People of the occupied Syrian Golan on Sunday held a festival in the occupied Baq’atha village on the occasion of the 34th anniversary of the national open strike staged by the Golan’s people in 1982 in rejection of Israel’s decision to annex the Golan and to impose its laws, administrative and judicial custody on it.

    Locals of the occupied villages in Golan participated in the festival, in addition to a delegation from the Palestinian cities of Galilee and Carmel.

    In speeches delivered at the festival, People of the Golan affirmed that their belonging to the homeland Syria is solid and will not be undermined.

    A number of speeches were also delivered by Palestinians from occupied Palestine who stressed that Palestine will continue to support Syria which will inevitably triumph.

    On February 14th. 1982, people of the occupied Syrian Golan declared a national open strike that lasted for six months in rejection of a decision issued by the Israeli occupation authorities on December 14, 1981 to annex the occupied Syrian Golan and impose Israel’s laws, administrative and judicial custody on it.

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