Marxism is Talmudic Judaeism

Nollidge said…
TAP:_I just came across this.I really think you should see if you can put this article on your site.It pulls together many bits I’ve read in the past & gives a new look at the Jesuit/Jew thing which has raged on here for some time.I’m going to post the link to the page &,if possible – because I don’t know how big a comment I can make – a couple of the comments thereon.

Communist infiltration of churches.

“In 1953, Bella Dodd, former Secretary of the Communist Party, USA, testified before House and
Senate Committees of how she and the Communist Party had infiltrated over 1400 Communists, many homosexuals, into the Catholic Seminaries. She also testified that thousands were infiltrated into other denomination, education, military, government, social

In 1962, Twelve Vatican Theologian/Historians, while studying documents in the Vatican Archives, in the original languages, discovered the largest conspiracy in history, still ongoing. They discovered the documentation of how thousands of “Marranos”, also known as Crypto or Secret Jews, had faked conversion, who later and now had become and are Cardinals,
Bishops, Abbots, maybe even a few Popes, who had also become Protestant Ministers, Islamic
Clerics, Pagan Priests, etc. Those in the Catholic Church were to destroy the faith, not the
organization, but the faith, but to keep the organization of the Catholic Church (and other
denominations) intact but corrupted and use its organization to “herd” the faithful. These twelve priests published a book called the “The Plot Against the Church” under the name “Maurice Pinay” in 1962 in Italy, now available in several languages. When the Vatican
discovered the books existence they attempted to stop its publication but were too late as it had already been published and was on the shelves.

This book, available from “OMNI Christian Books of California” for $20, documents and exposes
a conspiracy so big as to be near unbelievable by most, it explains all that is happening today in the world and governments, the attempt to establish a One World Satanic
Judeo-Freemasonic Dictatorship. A must for all to read. How the Jews subverted governments, education, social institutions, etc, how they practice treason as a common trait, fomented wars and revolutions, etc, and how they are behind near all that is happening today in both
our countries and Churches, how the Jews are the authors of Communism, Marxism and all the other “isms”, etc.

I would also suggest all read online the following two items:

1. The 1976 interview of Mr. Harold Rosenthal, former assistant to then Senator Jacob K.
Javits. Mr Rosenthal was ultimately killed for this arrogant interview.

2. “The Jewish Problem in Europe”, La Civilta Cattolica of 1880, (Oct, Nov, Dec) written under the authority of Pope Leo XIII. This publication has no equal in what it describes as the Jewish attempt to buy and control, media, publication houses, education, governments,
etc, must must read.”

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Nollidge said…

& here’s the 2nd comment:-

“What will it mean for churches in this country if the Cultural Marxism so prevalent in many
of them is not exposed for what it really is? Marxism. I realize most Christians today just don’t want to deal with this.”

What they really don’t want to deal with is the fact that “Marxism” is in reality Talmudic Judaism. Karl Marx was born to Herschel Levy Mordecai who “converted to “Lutheranism” in order to be able to practice law which for very good reason was at the time forbidden to

His maternal grandfather was a “Dutch” rabbi, while while his paternal line had supplied Trier’s rabbis since 1723.

Marxism/communism is 100% a Jewish invention which is proudly stated by the Jewish encyclopedia.
Furthermore, the Jews have been under the order of the Sanhedrin for 500 years now to feign
conversion to Christianity and INFILTRATE the seminaries to destroy Christianity from within.

Henry Ford warned about this over and over nearly a century ago. But since most Christians suffer under the delusion that the Jews are “God’s Chosen People,” they have never paid attention even though Titus 1:14 implores the same thing. So please…CALL A SPADE A SPADE !

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Nollidge said…

So you see TAP, it’s not the Jesuits.
It’s the “Jewsuites”.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    “You’ve been teaching the people real good but they don’t wake up do they.”


  2. SHAUN T says:

    Just google the plot against the church by maurice piny pdf and you will find 2 out of the top 3 have it . fascinating book by the way .

  3. Nollidge says:

    You might also like to try this:-

  4. salty says:

    Talmudic Liars: Masters of Mendacity

    April 17, 2016.


    This is an an extract from Arthur R. Butz: The Hoax of the Twentieth Century, Historical Review Press, 1976, pp. 245-247.

    The purport of the extract is to demonstrate that Jews throughout history have been the masters of mendacity.

    Their tendency to grotesque exaggeration, especially of statistics, is clearly set out here in one example after another.

    An interesting objection is the claim that nobody would dare invent such a tale as the six million legend; nobody has the extraordinary imagination required and, even if he did, the obvious risk in telling such gigantic lies should dissuade him.

    The argument amounts to the claim that the mere existence of the legend implies the truth of its essentials, so I suppose that we can classify it as the hoaxers’ ontological argument.


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