Listen now to Ole Dammegard on New American Dream Radio Show

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New American Dream
Radio Show
With hosts:
Chuck Gregory in Fort Lauderdale 
& Mike Palecek in Duluth 

Thursday, Feb. 6th
6 PM Eastern Time
The Revolution Radio Network

This Week’s Guests:

Tonight we welcome special guests
Ole DammegardSherwood Ross, and Mickey Z.
“Dear Friends, my name is Ole Dammegård, I’m a prize winning author, investigator, former journalist, etc. For some 30 years I have worked hard on exposing some of the biggest conspiracies around the globe, something that has turned out to be a very dangerous task. 

Sherwood Ross has worked for the Chicago News Service, also as a columnist for Reuters. He has also been a media consultant to colleges, law schools, labor unions, and to the editors of more than 100 national magazines. A civil rights activist, he was News Director for the National Urban League, a talk show host at WOL Radio, Washington, D.C., and holds an award for “best spot news coverage” for Chicago radio stations for civil rights reporting. 
Michael Zezima (known as Mickey Z) is a writer, editor, blogger and novelist living in New York City. He writes a bimonthly column, “Mickey Z. Says”, for VegNews magazine and he has also appeared on the C-SPAN network’s Book TV program. He is also a regular contributor to Planet Green, ZNetCounterPunch, and other websites.
Michael Zezima adopted the name Mickey Z after working at a gym in New York City where a friend called him Mickey. He liked the sound of it and used it as his pen name.
The Tap Blog is a collective of like-minded researchers and writers who’ve joined forces to distribute information and voice opinions avoided by the world’s media.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    please put this up henry its a new campaign

    Dear member

    This might be the last email about the gagging law for a while! After last week’s hurried message about the result of the final vote, I wanted to wrap up with a quick summary of what it means and what happens next.

    Here’s the quick summary:
    The gagging law kicks in from September 2014. At that point 38 Degrees will face big new restrictions on how we campaign. These will be lifted in May 2015, but then return a year before the next election.

    That means we now have seven months to work out what to do when the gagging period starts. Every 38 Degrees member will get a say. We’ll also need to take advice from lawyers and other experts.

    In the meantime, we can continue to campaign together as usual.

    If you have thoughts on how the campaign went, and what 38 Degrees should do next, click here to complete this short survey:
    I hope that in the next seven months, before the gagging law starts, we can achieve more together than we ever have before. The gagging law campaign showed just how determined 38 Degrees members are to stand up for principles like democracy and fairness.

    One of the most exciting things about the campaign was how much happened “offline”, in local communities across the UK. Thousands of 38 Degrees members got involved in public meetings, petition hand-ins with MPs, and local protests. I hope we can do a lot more of that.

    It was also exciting to work with so many hundreds of charities, campaigners and community groups. Let’s make sure we keep these new friends. We’re all stronger when we stick together to stand up for democracy.

    Suggestions have been flooding in for how 38 Degrees – and other campaign groups – can cope with the gagging law. Some are suggesting ways of getting around the law. Others are saying that campaign groups should simply refuse to obey it. And others are proposing ways of keeping campaigns going despite new restrictions.

    One of the successes of the campaign was to get a delay in when the gagging law starts. We now have until September to look into all our options and decide together what we do. We will need to get expert advice. But the final decision will be up to all 38 Degrees members.

    Please share your views on what we should do next by filling out this survey:

    Please add your thoughts here:

    The office team has felt a bit down in the dumps this past week. It’s really hard when a big campaign is lost, especially one as important as this. But everyone is now refocusing on the future, and we’re determined to keep going. The messages of support from 38 Degrees members have really helped. We all feel very lucky to be working for such a large and principled group of people.

    With huge thanks,

    David and the rest of the 38 Degrees team

    PS: Another way that 38 Degrees members have been showing their determination to keep standing up for what we believe in has been to start supporting 38 Degrees with a monthly donation. That really helps 38 Degrees maintain its independence and plan for the future. If you could afford to chip in monthly, you can set up a direct debit in a few minutes by clicking here:

    PPS: To see all the amazing work we did together during the gagging law campaign, check out this infographic:

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dear Tap Blog.
    I worked in social work in child protection for some years and saw some horrifying aspects of child abuse.
    This vile man Peter tachell who has admitted sex with young boys and openly campigns for it, gets sescret funding froma young peoples organisation.
    The young peoples pop festival called shambala, secretly helps fund this vile man.I am disgusted

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