Just 2 MPs support Chemtrails Project UK.

Hi Tap,

I asked Olga from Chemtrails Project UK if there are any MP’s who believe there to be Chemtrails.

Here is the reply.
Dear James,

Again sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

Julian Sturdy

Julian Sturdy MP, John Penrose MP are our supporting MP’s We thought Nadine Dorries MP was supporing us, but we have been corrected on that one unfortunately, yet we’ve not had a chance to amend our directive status page to remove her from the list of supporting MP’s

John Penrose

Please check the status page http://www.chemtrailsprojectuk.com/take-action/directive/status/

To review all correspondence from all constituents and MP’s to get an idea where MP’s stand.

It is our goal to engage our MP’s frequently on the matter to persuade them to vote with us and our campaign when the time comes, so any thing you can to to foster a positive relationship and communication, this will help the cause.

It’s important to consider some facts around the recent storms that have come to light..

“Coastal areas have so far borne the brunt of the damage, and whole communities now face the prospect of losing their homes and way of life; in line with the long term aspiration of United Nations Agenda 21, these areas will be deemed unfit for human habitation and whole communities will be forced to relocate to areas considered “safe” for human settlement

• Farming will be hit equally as hard, and flooded fields will result in poor yields and heap yet more financial misery on British agriculture.
• Poor crop yields will lead, in turn, to soaring food prices.
• The banking oligarchs, in turn, using financial wizardry known as futures derivatives, will makes millions by betting on rising food prices. In 2012 Goldman Sachs Executives did indeed hedge their bets on a spike in global food prices following months of extreme weather. They made profits to the tune of £250 million.
• With a marked decline in food production and a huge hike in global food prices, enter Monsanto, and a flood of GMO’s into the food chain. Monsanto have already developed GMO seeds which can withstand extreme weather such as flooding and drought.” Via Ruth Naylor


What is this new kind of rain? “But he said that many of the problems facing places like the Somerset Levels now were because of a changing climate and a new type of rain.

“We are experiencing a new kind of rain,” said Lord Smith. “Instead of rain sweeping in a curtain across the country, we are getting convective rain, which sits in one place and just dumps itself in a deluge over a long period of time. From the point of view of filling up the rivers and the drains, that is quite severe.”http://www.telegraph.co.uk/topics/weather/9844123/We-must-be-prepared-for-the-flooding-caused-by-a-new-kind-of-rain-says-Lord-Smith.html

“Ordinary folk are beginning to wake up to the deceptions. The “it doesn’t affect me” mentality isn’t going to wash much longer. People are starting to get angry – and quite rightly so! When the public begin screaming and shouting about injustices like this, surely it’s just a matter of time before the psychopathic politicians become absolutely answerable. In the meantime, we’ve gotta keep shouting from the rooftops!” Petra Portal
Here is a list of questions an i hope it helps your MP use his common sense with this matter.

We have started asking questions based on the MP’s responses, you may like to find a few that resonate to ask your MP and any suggestions for others are welcomed.. I like the idea of backing them into a corner with their   own information.
here are the amended questions that we will update on our status page and some etras for your perusal.

Keep up the great work and thank you for all you do!
Olga .

a) Please provide all records of  all geoengineering research that has been  done in the UK and EU to date and what programmes are  planned for any future research.

b) In what form  is there any ongoing dialogue with  the public about geoengineering and where is it taking place. What and where are any future dialogue opportunities with the public being planned. adn how can I make sure that I am notified to enable myself and other concerned citizens  to participate.

 i) Who are these “other key stakeholders” and what are they stakeholders of that relates to climate geoengineering.
   ii) does the opinion of these stakeholders take priority over the votes  of the majority of the general public who would be against it ?

 i) What regulations are presently in place to prevent climate geo-engineering from occurring now.
 ii)  If there are no regulations for climate geo-engineering in place, how do you determine that no climate geo-engineering is occurring  now.

e) What aircraft emissions tests  are in place to date in the UK and EU.

f) Who is the responsible body doing aircraft emissions tests.

g) What Department  is responsible for making aircraft jet fuel regulations.

h) What aircraft fuel and emissions regulations are in place in the UK and EU.

I) Where can aircraft fuel and fuel emissions regulations be accessed.

* The following questions have been  ammended from the status page on our  website and I add them for you to consider using as well if you so wish. 

If atmospheric conditions of temperature and humidity are favourable, the contrails can continue to spread forming persistent contrails that can last for several hours”
With reference to this image – http://cpuk.org/2-planes-1-chemtrail.jpg– and this video footage http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XUpphCLIr0 : One plane leaves a persistent trail whilst another plane does not whilst atmospheric conditions are the same for each plane
i) Please provide the papers/research done to back up the above statement made in ‘Contrails / Chemtrails – Frequently Asked Questions’.
ii) Please advise how the atmospheric conditions are favourable for one plane’s contrail but not the other plane’s contrails?
iii) What assurances can be made that the additional factor is not the aircraft, aircraft fuel or aircraft emissions?

2 : From UK Dept of Transport’s Contrails / Chemtrails – Frequently Asked Questions
 “The nuclei of some of the ice crystals in a contrail will contain minute products of
Combustion but they are essentially pure ice.”

If what looks like a contrail then becomes a cloud, it isn’t made of water vapor or pure ice crystal alone.
i) Please show evidence how a contrail can be pure ice if they contain minute products of combustion in them.
ii) What are the allowable chemicals and products in aircraft in the UK and at what quantities.
iii) What government or other inspections, rules and regulations are in place to ensure that these elements and limits are upheld by law.
 3: From UK Government’s ‘Contrails / Chemtrails‘ “Alumina-silicates (compounds of aluminium and silicon) are common in clay soils and a wide range of other minerals, therefore measurements in air and soils are dominated by the ground level sources of aluminiosilicates rather than any that might come from contrails.”
i) Please provide the papers/research done to back up the above statement made in ’Contrails / Chemtrails’
4From UK Government’s ‘Contrails / Chemtrails‘  “In the UK the Department is not aware of any other matter or aerosol being ejected from aircraft (known as chemtrails), other than the normal exhaust products from the aircraft.”

i) How can the government be sure what ‘normal exhaust products’ are being emitted ‘from the aircraft’?
ii) Please provide evidence of, or advise what routine tests are done on, aircraft emissions to back up the above statement.
5: From UK Government’s ‘Contrails / Chemtrails‘   “Aircraft often follow similar routes separated by altitude, time or lateral distance and that is why you see grid like patterns in the sky”

i) Please explain the increase in this phenomenon over the past 20 years?
ii) Please advise how these lines were not seen a few decades ago.
iii) Please advise what changes to aviation fuels i.e. additives now included, that enables this phenomenon to occur now when it did not occur 20 years ago.

iv) Please advise why some planes producing persistent trails do not appear on flightradar24.com, despite the vast majority (over 70%) of commercial planes in UK airspace being fitted with ADS-B transponders?
6: From UK Government’s ‘Contrails / Chemtrails‘    “There is no evidence that contrails cause health problemsContrails reduce the amount of sunlight reaching the earth, resulting in vitamin D deficiency and rickets.  See the Directive for details.
i) Therefore, how will the Government address these factors in order to safeguard the health of the population?

7: From UK Government’s ‘Contrails / Chemtrails‘ Current scientific understanding is that they cause an additional warming of the atmosphere

i) Please provide the papers/research done to back up the above statement.
ii) Please confirm that the Government therefore understands that 
aircraft in UK airspace are contributing to ‘global warming’
What research has been done to forecast additional problems that may arise from this?

8:  As the Government has been developing the Regulation of Geoengineering  it’s scientific techniques and intentions need understanding. I  hope that the verifiable information provided for you in the Directive has aided you in your understanding of it’s physical and environmental consequences and side effects.

A vital part of the ENMOD treaty,  http://www.sweetliberty.org/issues/weather/enmod.html 
which is  in ARTICLE III states: 

1. The provisions of this Convention shall not hinder the use of environmental modification techniques for peaceful purposes and shall be without prejudice to the generally recognized principles and applicable rules of international law concerning such use.

Until now, the Ministry of Defence has categorically denied knowledge of any cloud-seeding experiments taking place in the UK during early August 1952. But documents suggest that Operation Cumulus was going on between August 4 and August 15 1952. The scientists were based at Cranfield school of aeronautics and worked in collaboration with the RAF and the MoD’s meteorological research flight based at Farnborough. The chemicals were provided by ICI in Billingham. http://www.theguardian.com/uk/2001/aug/30/sillyseason.physicalsciences

Consequences of deployed Environmental Modification techniques for peaceful purposes can have  devastating effects on lives and livelihoods of the population. The Directive  provides evidence  via photographs and videos  the techniques described in the technology of Weather and Environmental modification in  the UK  and  we are   experiencing such extremes in weather as can be expected with it’s implementation.

 Therefore:   i) What geoengineeirng and Environmental  Modification techniques have been carried out in the UK and the EU in secrecy or any other reason,  since  the ENMOD treaty was signed into effect by the UK Govt. in Geneva on 18 May 1977.

 Some parts of this request may be easier to answer than others, and in such case please could you release available data as soon as possible rather than delay the entire request.

If you are not fully certain of what it is I am asking then I look forward to contact from you as soon as possible to clarify what it is I am requesting in order to meet your obligations under the law.

If the costs of processing this request exceed the limit in the Act, please advise on what information you are able to supply within the cost limit.

Any further help attaining evidence is appreciated, and connecting with any local scientists who may have time to help us would be appreciated. I look forward to hearing from your friend if he is interested in chatting about our project.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Only Two trustable MPS Frank Field and Tam Dalywell
    approach them

  3. Anonymous says:

    Project camelot as bad as ben fulford or wasp
    sorry tap

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have just sent Ed Miliband a request to see what he has done about Chemtrails.
    This information was lost in the article.

  5. Daisie123 says:

    USA Neuro Surgeon Dr Russell Blaylock has stated , for some time, that chemtrails affect the brain and a cause for alzheimers. In the recent BBC (Science) News it was stated that Alzheimers was on the increase in the UK!!!

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