Jews foment racial tension between blacks and whites


Have a look:

The ‘Jewish’ Southern Poverty Law Centre creates more racial tension
by stating 50% of white America hates blacks while conveniently
forgetting to mention black on white violence is second only to black
on black violence. Interesting on the race crime statistics when
whites out number blacks 6-1. Now ask the question “who really hates
who, proven by crime figures”.

The Jews are not only stirring it up in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya,
Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela (far more worldwide, just off the top of my
head of recent), but are now doing it back in the USA again. 

Like I said, It’s either the Jews or the gentiles.


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3 Responses to “Jews foment racial tension between blacks and whites”

  1. Anonymous says:

    They stir up racial tension via the media, all programming be it advert or films/dramas portray white males as losers, rapists, muggers, wife beaters the list is endless, while projecting African males as heroic and desirable to (mainly blonde) women.

    This cant be happening by chance, its so blatantly obvious, just like the breakdown ad with Jenni’s hit “Piggy Eyes”..even if you didnt have a tv, you would know that Gavin the loser boyfriend has to be white.

    Unlike heroic Mark on the Halifax ad with his preganant white wife.

    Just who is behind all this?, and why?

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