Ivan The Terrible wasn’t so terrible until the Jesuits poisoned his wife

Hi Tap, I would just like to point out that if I was not convinced of what I say, & thought that the Jews en. masse  were responsible for causing all our problems, I would be the first to vilify them, but actual evidence, concrete facts informs me otherwise. I have spent my life relying on actual factual evidence, not listening or taking notice of preconceived “Mickey Mouse Theories,”  that don’t fit into The Jig Saw, without distortion. 

It should never be forgotten that the conflict between EAST & WEST, is really one between Two Churches, which has been on going ever since the Fall of Constantinople, & the defeat of the Byzantine Eastern Roman Empire, ever since which The Vatican have been trying to unite the two Churches, by trying to eliminate the Orthodox Christians & Jews. The Inquisitions were part of this. The Eastern Roman Empire Relocated to Russia, so the Tsars, were equivalent to the pope. THE POPE DIDN’T LIKE THAT.

Ivan The Terrible wasn’t so Terrible, until The JESUITS, Poisoned his Wife!   

So here is a mixed bag for you Tap, I started several Posts but for various reasons didn’t get around to completing them. I will expand on some of this stuff when I have the time, I have stuff relating to G_L’s Coup, it’s a pity he has disappeared for the time being, we had some interesting discussions.
They might not agree with me,  I couldn’t care  less about that though, but w/r/t  Ukraine, & the Armed Insurrection, a Stage Managed  Coups d’é·ta which was always meant to lead to a Regime Change.  It is obvious that this has been organised on two levelsnothing new about that, you only have to consider how workers with good intensions, who may have a grievance, are agitated by coadjutors, who exacerbate the situation, & coerce the workers into further action, so they  decide to withdraw their labour, & call a strike, that action is then capitalised upon by the coadjutors to steer the action to their own ends, & generally POLITICALLY FINANCED, & MOTIVATED END AT THAT.  The nieve never realise that :-  

The situation in Ukraine is no different, The hand of The Vatican can be clearly seen in this situation, Steered by The Jesuits, past masters at generating Chaos.

Whilst many of the International Community were of the opinion, that as Yanukovych, didn’t go along with their plans, if he was removed, & replaced with someone who was compliant with their demands they could take over Ukraine, for a modest investment, in supporting an opposition of their choice. But theJesuits are a lot bloody smarter than that, who knew that if a small perturbation was applied, the “crystal would crack”, & their 5th Columnists, would take the Leading Role, 

I say this because, every time a compromise appeared to have been reached, it was not adhered to by the opposition, but not the Official Opposition, this meant that conrol of the situation had been taken over by the Neo-Nazi Party, 

 “All-Ukrainian Union VO“Svoboda” 

whose  ideological predecessors, the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists – extreme right wing terrorist organization, nazi collaborators during the World War II. Leaders of the “Svoboda” party – repulsive Ukrainian politicians Oleg Tyagnybok, Irina Farion, Andriy Ilienko, Igor Miroshnichenko and Yuriy Mikhalchishin – have gained popularity due to the repeated chauvinistic, anti-Semitic, racist and homophobic statements

In that Yanukovych was elected with an overall 4% lead over Yulia Tymoshenko, there was no way that he had not been democratically elected, Tymoshenko is a Papist Puppet, so they weren’t very pleased when she lost, by public opinion, & the rest is now history. But it is impossible not to notice that the U.S. was not only Backing, but were also  financing a terrorist organisation. A CROOK he might be, but just consider the record of The Gangsters, who run NATO & The EU, but as they do it on a Corporate Scale, to the extent of making vast profits, Smashing Up Countries, & Making even larger profits, building them up & stealing their Natural Resources, because the Crimes are so Large they go unnoticed. 

Lagarde is a great one to start spouting off, with her record, Barroso Draghi, Monti, & all the other Bloody Corporate Controlled Gangsters, All Papal Jews & Jesuit Coadjutors.

Some Background Reading for the “BRAIN DEAD”:-

Here is one:-  

The Jesuits Re-establish The Holy Roman Empire In Europe

Mario Monti is one of Italy’s most eminent economists, but he has never been elected by anybody. The Italian President Napolitano called him into his office and made him a senator – for life. He then asked him to form a new government to rule Italy. Nobody thought it worth the trouble of asking the people of Italy for their opinion about all this. 

Who was it who said “WE ARE ALL JESUITS?”

 — Well it was the President of the European Council. Early September, Van Rompuy spoke to the ‘Interreligious Dialogue’ in Florence.   He was referring to those prominent European leaders with whom he is developing the architecture for the future Europe. ‘It creates unbreakable ties. So there is a ‘Jesuits International”  NOTICE NO MENTION OF JEWS! 

Who are those people that Van Rompuy, himself schooled by the Jesuits at Sint-Jan Berchman College in Brussels, was talking about? First of all, there is José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission. Secondly, there is Jean-Claude JunckerPrime minister of Luxembourg and Chairman of the Euro groupVan Rompuyalso mentions the President of the European Central Bank (ECB)Mario Draghiwho was schooled in the Roman Jesuit College Instituto Massimiliano MassimoThe Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti and his Spanish collegue Mariano Rajoy have also been shaped by Jesuit collegesVan Rompuy cheerfully added. Fortunately there is Angela Merkel, the stubborn daughter of a vicar from the former DDR, to act as a counterweight.

Whilst many of this lot are Jews, any normal person would immediately say, the Jesuit Link, appears to be The Glue Binding this lot

The investment that catalyzed the process by supporting the opposition was 
essentially initiated by Victoria Nuland, Nuland is a Jew, & obviously a coadjutor, to be entrusted with such an operation. So we have the classical situation of Jews out in front, she obviously has friends in very high places, because she is still employed.

Today, Mario Draghi, Mario Monti and myself are all three alumni from the Jesuits. Back to basics” (Office of the European Council President, November 17). Those basics are “Holy” Roman basics!

Van Rompuy then alluded to his two Jesuit-educated technocrat compatriots as sharing with him “an idea of a humane market economy, an area where I have always dwelled.” What they all share is the global economic vision of Rome encapsulated in Pope Benedict’s 2009 encyclical, “Caritas in Veritate.”

This hat trick of Jesuit-trained technocrats is but the tip of the iceberg. Yet another Jesuit-educated leader, Spain’s new prime minister-elect, Mariano Rajoy, will soon be added to that list.

Nulands well known statement was America & The EU only pay lip service to Democracy.  Don’t the recent events prove that beyond any doubt?

Washington’s Cloned Female Warmongers  

America’s women diplomats? Bereft of any humanity or intelligence. Presumably, these women are supposed to represent social advance for the female gender. But, far from displaying female independence, they are just a pathetic copy of the worst traits in American male politicians – aggressive, arrogant and completely arrant in their views.

Victoria Nuland – the US Assistant Secretary of State – who was caught using obscene language in a phone call about the European Union and the political affairs of Ukraine. In her previous posting as a spokeswoman for the US State Department, Nuland had the demeanor of a robotic matron with a swivel eye.

Nuland’s foul-mouthed indiscretion, the truth is out. Washington, from her own admission, is acting like an agent provocateur in Ukraine’s political turmoil. That is an illegal breach of international rules of sovereignty. Nuland finishes her phone call like a gangster ordering a hit on a rival, referring to incompetent European interference in Ukraine with disdain – “F…k the EU.”

At this juncture I would draw your attention to:-

“International Banksters” (Per Darryl Eberhart, Editor of ETI & TTT): “‘International Banksters’ is an expression that I use to describe theJesuit-controlled financial cabal that controls the leaders and governments of many nations on this planet. Some people allege that ‘the Jews’ run international banking; however, my research has shown me that Jesuit-controlled Papal Rome is by far the number one financial entity in the world! Jesuit-controlled Papal Rome rules the financial world through the Vatican’s banking and financial interests (in Rome, throughout Europe, and in the USA), through the wealthy Jesuit-controlled Knights of Malta Order, and through many other Jesuit-controlled financial subgroups.

 As Dr. Stanley Monteith, on page 58 of his book ‘Brotherhood of Darkness’ (2000), tells us: ‘Some sincere people believe that the Jews, or the Jewish bankers, are behind the world conspiracy. There are many clues that lead people to that conclusion, but I can assure you that the evidence has been planted to divert attention away from the truth.’ (End of quote)

Indeed, some folks like to point to the Rothschild banking dynasty as proof that ‘the Jews’ run international banking; however, one of the titles of the Rothschilds, according to author F.

Tupper Saussy, is ‘Guardians of the Vatican Treasury’. Some folks would argue that the Rothschilds should be labeled as ‘Court Jews’ of Jesuit-controlled PapalRome.

Some would also argue that the Knights Templar Order was the first international banking cabal. It is worth noting that when the Knights Templar Order was suppressed (i.e., it was officially dissolved by Pope Clement V in 1312), the Knights of Malta (a Roman Catholic order controlled today by the Jesuit Order) ‘absorbed’ some of the great wealth of the Knights Templar. Many of the world’s richest bankers have been Jesuit-controlled Knights of Malta.

The Jesuit-controlled international banksters have fomented and orchestrated – and helped to finance – many of the revolutions and wars of the last three to four centuries (including two world wars) – and have profited nicely from the maiming and murder of millions of people.” 

I have at no time stated Jews aren’t involved in Orchestrating Chaos, I have, however, said that they are Specialist Jews, Catholic Jews, or better known as Papal Court Jews, most of whom are SMOMS. They are best called Puppets
as the Jesuits are Pulling The Strings

*Above the Jesuits there are two further layers of control, who are the real Illuminati, not the Pseudo Illuminati, Fritz Springmeier stated.

The Jesuits always put the Jews up front, to take the Flack, whilst the ordinary Jews get tarred with the same brush.

* This is quite complex,. which some are aware of,  I will eventually tell you about, but I am working on some of my own research at present, on other stuff I am interested in, that has nothing to do with the Illuminati, Jesuits Jews, or even History related to these
Many of you will have to sing to a different TUNE, if you are of the opinion Vladimir Putin can be equated to Adolf Hitler. for a start Hitler was an MK’ed Jesuit Catholic Puppet, who was controlled by Bormann, Himmler was the Top Nazi, second only to the Black Pope, until, quite recently I was of the opinion, that Himmler had been “Taken Out” because he knew too much, but it does appear that he went out on The Rat Run, & spent the rest of his days in South America.

His Excellency Vladimir Putin as he was addressed by The Pope, is as I have told you before, a World Class Statseman, an  Academic, & nobody’s fool. He also is not an anti semite, and appears to have strong Jewish Roots. There is much on this, but It is not possible to give you every last detail. This was in Forbes, not noted for supporting Russia.

You will also have to give up the idea that the Jews controlled Russia, they didn’t.  The Jesuits did. 

Fr, Joseph Stalin was a Jesuit, he hated Jews, but made use of them, to carry out his Genocidal Programme, exterminating JEWS & Christians. The Jesuits were never persecuted in Russia. Orthodox Churches were turned over to the Jesuits, who were never banned. When Stalin’s Jews had done their Job, they too were dispatched.  There was however, one who wasn’t, and he was termed “Stalin’s Lucky Jew” at least not straight away, his name was Kaganovitch, after a few more jobs, however, he too was disposed of, in like manner 

So get your facts straight when any of you state Russia was controlled by Jews. Because it wasn’t.

ultimately the Jesuits were to lose control in Russia, to Stalin who went his own way, He continually Purged those he suspected of being Jesuit Agents, but they ultimately got him, poisoned by his Doctor who found out he was on the next Purge List. The Rest is History.

The Jesuits slowly regained control, but the Cabal was ousted in The Moscow Coup.   The demise of Mikhail Gorbachev was when they started to lose Control.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sorry WASP,but,Stalin was a trainee priest in the Georgian Orthodox Church.It’s highly unlikely that he even knew very much about the Jesuits or the Roman Catholic church,except that they existed.And I doubt that a knowledge of the Jesuits would have been part of his
    ORTHODOX priestly education.Also,both of his wives were Jewesses & the bulk of the then Russian communist party were Jews.All the heads of the Soviet secret police in their various
    incarnations were Jews.I’m NOT saying that the Jesuits wouldn’t have been pleased with the
    extermination of possibly 60 million Orthodox Russian Christians,but that they were in any way influential in this is stretching the bounds of probability.

  2. Anonymous says:

    the communist jews or russia openly claim stalin was one of them, a jew
    look it up

  3. Tapestry says:

    Stalin was educated by the Jesuits and was said to be acstar pupil.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Zion Crime Factory.

    Those of us who name Jews as the prime mover behind the New World Order — which we have dubbed the “Jew World Order” — are ruthlessly suppressed, censored, harassed, terrorized, arrested, imprisoned, and in some extreme cases even killed. There is no “Jesuit Internet Defense League” that goes around trying to censor YouTube videos that are critical of the Jesuit Order and the Vatican; but there is a “Jewish Internet Defense Force”, a predatory gang of scheming Jews who relentlessly go around sabotaging blogs and websites critical of Jews, Israel or Zionism, and who are responsible for the removal of thousands of videos as well as the banishment of thousands of YouTube channels and users of other video sharing websites. The Vatican doesn’t have a paid army of internet trolls who roam around popular websites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, posting comments glorifying the Vatican and smearing all critics of the Vatican as “anti-Catholic bigots”. But the Israeli government — and its vast network of Zionist lobby organizations like the World Jewish Congress, Anti-Defamation League and B’nai B’rith — has on its payroll thousands of Jew zealots called “Hasbara” roaming the net spewing pro-Zionist propaganda, attacking anyone critical of anything Jewish, Israeli or Zionist, as an “antisemite” and “fascist nazi”. It’s not Catholic Jesuits who are training their pupils to manipulate Wikipedia to favor their causes and ambitions, it’s Zionist Jews who are doing that. Doesn’t that tell you something? Only criminals attempting to evade exposure and censure would have to resort to such depraved, bottom-feeding behaviour.

  5. Tapestry says:

    If you use Jews as your frontmen, then they will need continual protection. If you exert power hidden in the background, you only need to eliminate those who leak the secret.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The Conspiracy Theory Is True: Agents Infiltrate Websites Intending To “Manipulate, Deceive, And Destroy Reputations”


    “In the annals of internet conspiracy theories, none is more pervasive than the one speculating paid government plants infiltrate websites, social network sites, and comment sections with an intent to sow discord, troll, and generally manipulate, deceive and destroy reputations. Guess what: it was all true.”

    See also:


    “Guido has often wondered who the window lickers in the comments on this site are, and now he knows. GCHQ have put together plan to infiltrate social media and blogs. As the slideshow below shows, sophisticated plans have been drawn up for online disruption. Tactics include online honey-trapping, leaking, impersonation and manipulation.”

    Guido also links to Scribd: http://www.scribd.com/doc/209156412

  7. wasp says:

    @ Anon 6:37 pm
    It’s a waste of your time looking at this sort of information, particularly as you are incapable of checking. Deactivate your SAFETY FILTER, when you use a search engine, & go past the first page! Don’t tell me I am wrong unless you can prove it, conclusively from several sources.

    @ Zion Crime Factory.
    Learn a little about Psychology, with regard to REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY, & DOUBLE REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY, Who do you think SMOMS ARE? Cuddly Teddy Bears?

    You will need to read a lot of books, & Pdf’s, I have, & I am still learning. You quite obviously haven’t, & appear incapable of doing likewise.

    You are talking a “COMPLETE LOAD OF BOLLOCKS.” When Top Researcher believe the crap that people like you spout off I will give it some consideration, until then YOU ARE WRONG!



  8. Anonymous says:

    To Tap. You said,

    “If you use Jews as your frontmen, then they will need continual protection. If you exert power hidden in the background, you only need to eliminate those who leak the secret.”


  9. Anonymous says:

    To Wasp aka Tap.

    You are hysterical!

    Andrew M. Lobaczewski. ‘Political Ponerology’

    There have always been ‘society pedagogues’ who have become fascinated by their own great ideas, which might sometimes even be true, but are more often constricted or contained by the taint of some hidden pathological thought processes. Such people have always striven to impose pedagogical methods which would impoverish and deform the development of individuals’ and societies’ psychological world view. They inflict permanent harm upon societies, depriving them of universally useful values. By claiming to act in the name of a more valuable idea, such pedagogues actually undermine the values they profess and open the door for destructive ideologies.

    A hidden network of mutually ramified pathological conspiracies exists. It is a secret criminal substructure which repeatedly produces psychopaths obsessed with seizing power and imposing their will upon society. Such men, so far removed from the main social structures will always participate in the genesis of that evil which spares no nation. Relentlessly, they seek to destroy the structural forms of society worked out by human history and replace them with repressive social systems inimical to creative functioning, systems within which authority is maintained by the use of force.

  10. Anonymous says:

    TAP:+the best biography of Stalin I have yet read or heard of was written by Edvard Radzinsky,a Russian Jew,& published in English translation in europe in 1996.He had access to original Soviet records,discovered that Stalin’s birthdate was over a year & 9 days earlier than the officially accepted date,& goes into detail about his early life in Georgia.NOWHERE is there
    mention of Jesuits.I repeat again,how on earth could a boy growing up obscurely in the
    caucasus mountains EVER have come into contact with a Jesuit,let alone be singled out by them
    for indoctrination.The idea is frankly unbelievable.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Wasp needs to learn how to re-read and correctly format their writings if they expect to be taken seriously. It all sounds like the dribble of a raving psychopath off their meds. I get that each have their own opinions, but do a better job.

  12. Steed EOW says:

    Wasp seems to attack people rather than arguments – making passive insults about others not having read enough. It’s not necessary and only weakens his argument.

    Anyway… the truth is simple:

    “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” – Voltaire

  13. wasp says:

    Hi Tap, your changing the heading title, produced an interesting response.

    If I had been given that Post to read, the first thing I would have noticed about it , would have been the article on Nuland, w/r/t regime change in Ukraine , & the E. U. /. N.AT.O. Jesuit connection.

    The information relating to Stalin. Whilst perfectly correct, was only given as background for those interned,

    I will send you a link to Stalin & Tiflis,& a PDF of the other book referred to in comments.

    Why no mention, when there is much documentation relating to it?

    If it is read correctly, there is very interesting information contained within.

    It doesn’t say much for their analytic. abilities does it?


  14. Nollidge says:

    Anonymous said…

    the communist jews or russia openly claim stalin was one of them, a jew
    look it up
    6:53 pm

    I don’t need to.A while ago,a web author named Clifford Shack had an article up in which he speculated that Stalin could have been conceived by a visiting Rothschild,in that area to buy caucasian wines,which he did from time to time.He opined that said Rothschild – most likely the Viennese one – would have stayed with a wealthy local & that Stalin’s mother was a maid in that house & was seduced by said Rothschild.Now if you accepted the OFFICIAL Stalin birthday & correlated it with the Baron’s known travel schedule,it didn’t work BUT when Radvitsky came out with Stalin’s REAL birthdate,it became a strong possibility.& when you consider that the Viennese Rothschild was also alleged to be the father of Hitler’ father,the mind begins to somewhat boggle!.

  15. wasp says:

    So — What does that prove.

    He was a Papal Jew!


  16. yes2truth says:

    There is no such thing a Papal Jew, but there are many Jewish controlled Papists.

    The Jews ruled Soviet Russia.

    The Jew is an inborn Communist.

    Whoever controls the money, rules the world.

    The Rothschilds control the Vatican Treasury.

    Get yourself a Bible Wasp for without one you will remain ignorant of what is really going on.

  17. Anonymous says:



    I see WASP is up to his usual attacking those who have an alternative opinion to his own. His insult to ZCF is rather amusing because ZCF has written numerous articles on Jewish perfidy and is most certainly a knowledgeable individual.

    There’s no doubt the Jesuits are involved but to call the Jews their puppets is laughable. Again, WASP continues to ignore any reply on the letter from the Grand Satraps of Constantinople to the Chief Rabbi of Spain in 1492 that specifically states a plan of infiltration, subversion and control by Jews over their goyim hosts.

    One of the main reasons I believe the RCC and the Jesuits ARE NOT running the show is simply because there was no greater power in the world than the RCC from its creation to the 20th century. My point being, the drive for a New World Order could easily have been done long before now. The power they had, far more in the past could have most certainly created a world government through their supremacy over the monarchies. So why then has it taken until now for this drive? Simple:

    1. Entry back into the UK of exiled Jewry financing Cromwell’s war and regicide of 1649.
    2. Jewish control of the British Empire and therefore world’s resources as well as instalation of private banks throughout Europe and British owned colonies.
    3. The rest is history.

    In a nutshell, the British Empire was the launchpad to the creation of the Jewish World Order.


  18. wasp says:

    If ZCF has written numerous articles on Jewish perfidy and is most certainly a knowledgeable individual.

    He should know that Tiflis where Stalin was trained, by the Jesuits, is a Jesuit Seminary, & Stalin was a top grade student, who was part of the Russian Revolutionary Plan.

    Those who say he didn’t graduate need to explain why he was given a job as an academic in the OBSERVATORY.

    I state nothing I can’t prove!

    People who tell me I am wrong are attacking my integrity, I just STING BACK.


  19. Tapestry says:

    If the Jews ran WW2, why did they kill large numbers of Jews, work them to death etc? It makes more sense that the Jesuits had control of the levers, as Catholics didn’t get the treatment in Germany or Russia. In fact Germans believed ‘Gott Mit Uns’.

    Money is all powerful except when you’re threatened with death when it becomes worthless. The Rothschilds were The Vatican’s bankers. The relationship implies less than equal status. The Vatican killed Kennedy. The Vatican saved Hitler. They choose who lives and who dies. Money is not the most powerful piece in the jigsaw.

  20. wasp says:

    Hi Tap, you have got it in one.

    Control is the most powerful weapon, those who exercise it will always have the upper hand!

    That just happens to be The Jesuits, who are themselves controlled by the Two Upper Councils, Headed by The Godfather.


  21. Anonymous says:

    Wasp aka Tap (hasbara)
    Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish ……..

    You can have the last word, even though no-one believes it.

  22. wasp says:

    @ Anonon 3.26 pm



  23. Nollidge says:

    “If the Jews ran WW2, why did they kill large numbers of Jews, work them to death etc?”
    Because,Tap,they were a cynical necessary sacrifice.Most of the dead were ultra-orthodox anti-zionist Jews,the type that Baron Rothschild is on record as referring to as “schnorrers”,I.E.,beggars & he didn’t want them in HIS estate of Israel.All offers by Hitler to send them out of Germany in exchange for something were turned down.And after the war,who could refuse the “poor Jewish survivors” of the “Nazi horror” a new country,even if they had to murder & drive out the original inhabitants.Now do you see how it worked Tap?.It’s called “forward planning”.The American Jews,for instance,had enough power in the US to demand the US take all approx 5000,000 German Jews,but they stopped that happening.

  24. yes2truth says:

    @ Tap 2:58 pm

    The Jew Banksters through Jackie and LBJ (a Jew) killed Kennedy, not the Vatican.

    The Jews had to be sacrificed and there had to be 6m of them in order to meet the sacrificial requirement to enter the Holy Land.

    Six of the chief Rabbis were supposed to lay down their lives for the same purpose, but they, being such brave and honourable people, thought it a better idea that 6m ordinary Jews take their place on the altar.

    The fact that 6m didn’t die anyway is neither here nor there. To maintain the lie that 6m did die was good enough.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Steed said “Wasp seems to attack people rather than arguments – making passive insults about others not having read enough. It’s not necessary and only weakens his argument.
    Anyway… the truth is simple”

    I agree, and this is what JEWS do.

  26. Tapestry says:

    If interested, check the search box – JFK vatican

  27. Anonymous says:

    WASP I wish you would give us “brain dead” a chance, by making your articles a bit shorter.
    We only have the intellectual capacity of amoeba, please take this into account.

  28. Anonymous says:

    “If the Jews ran WW2, why did they kill large numbers of Jews, work them to death etc?”


    The deaths of Jews in work camps were attributed to the following:

    1. Overwork
    2. Natural death.
    3. Executions (not gassings)
    4. Typhus
    5. Starvation – courtesy of allied bombing towards the end of the war.

    If you take Auschwitz for example, all deaths were documented by the camp commandant. These ledgers were found by the Russians. Moreso, the British and Americans special services were intercepting all communications from Auschwitz as well as daily aerial photography missions. The number of recorded dead was around 60,000 people. This coincides with the amount of ‘coke’ that was shipped in from the start of the camp to its end – some 300 tonnes or so. Again all this was documented.

    More so to quote Ben Gurion, Israel’s first head of state on December 7th 1938:

    “If I knew it was possible to save all the children in Germany by taking them to England, and only half of the children by taking them to Eretz Israel, I would choose the second solution. For we must take into account not only the lives of these children but also the history of the people of Israel.”

    Now look at what Alfred Rosenberg, the chief Nazi theoretician, wrote:

    “Zionism must be vigorously backed so that a yearly contingent of German Jews shall be transported to Palestine.”


    Unlike WASP I do not believe there was a holocaust. The evidence to prove of its non existence is far more plausible than that which says it did.

    This throws the ‘extermination order’ rubbish out of the window.

    It makes no sense that the Jesuits were in control. There is no proof to this claim whatsoever. Looking back at the history of the Jesuits, they’ve been booted out of countries also, just like the Jews, who founded them. It makes far more sense that the Jesuits, created by Jews to save Jews, are the prime organisation of the Jews used to bring down the Catholic Church.

    ” The Rothschilds were The Vatican’s bankers. The relationship implies less than equal status.”

    It does not Tap. It merely proves that the Rothschilds were in control of the Vatican bank. And remember that quote by Mayer Amschel Bauer (Rothschld) on control of a nation’s wealth and laws?

    “Money is not the most powerful piece in the jigsaw.”

    On the contrary it very much is. Money buys weapons, pays soldiers and undercover operatives and buys people to remain silent.



  29. paul maleski says:

    Stalin was from the Caucasus region, Asiatic Georgia; take it from Paul Maleski, that it is no coincidence that all three of his partners were the jewess. To explain why this was the reality would be a long convoluted story. It all goes back to the last days of the Neanderthals. Arthur Koestler’s 13th. Tribe gives part of the later ‘jewish roots’ conundrum. Michael Bradley’s ‘The Iceman Cometh’ fills in many of the (inconvenient for the Israeli Ashkenazis) gaps. Paul Maleski’s development of their sound historical, anthropological analyses; concludes that the modern post 8th. Century jew are nothing other, than incestuously, chronically inbred ‘those who call themselves jews frauds); that is (Shtetl/Ghetto) Slakhtals: Slav, Khazar, and Neanderthal leftovers– which gives much credence to an extremely dynamic Darwinian evolutionary theory, that is the ‘Survival of the Shiftiest!’

  30. wasp says:

    What make you think they haven”t attempted to implement their NWO, before then Harbinger?

    Because they have!

    There is also plenty of evidence of JESUIT atrocities. q.v. Vatican Holocaust.


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